Chapter 1

Kenley turned away from him.

"I'm not finished! Now you will look at me when I speak to you!" He shoved Kenley and she hit the ground. Hard. All the papers she was carrying scattered across the tile floor. "What even are these?" He picked one up to study it. "Are these fairy tales? You are pathetic! Worthless! You waste your time reading fairy tales! They aren't real! There is no such thing as magic! Dreams don't come true! You never have, never are, and never will be worth anything!"

This had gone too far. In a fit of rage Kenley stood up.

"I don't read fairy tales, Father, I write them." With that she drove her fist into his face and sprinted up the stairs.

"Kenley! Kenley Jane Wright you get back here!" Her dad's voice rang out. She quickly rushed into her room, ensuring she locked the door. Just as she caught her breath there was a loud banging on the door.

"You let me in right this instant! I oughta…"

The words used in those next sentences would have shocked a sailor. The banging seemed like it would never cease. For what seemed like forever, Kenley held her back to the door and tried to mute out her father. Finally it stopped. She slowly crept away from the door ready to be there in seconds again if it was necessary. The suspense lingered in the silence. Her adrenaline continued to pump through her body as she listened to the beating of her own heart, quick and uneven. After about ten minutes she ran and threw herself onto her bed. She didn't cry, though. Not much of a surprise since she hadn't since the day she received news that her mother had passed. Instead of sobbing she immediately pulled out her old and well used notebook, turned to the soonest blank page, and began to write a new story. A story about herself. A story where she could literally escape reality and enter into the pages of her own story. A place where she could leave behind her alcoholic father, her poverty, and her loneliness. Soon she became so wrapped up in the story that she hadn't noticed the man who appeared next to her.

The man quietly looked over her shoulder at the story then cleared his throat to announce his presence, as the story told him to do. Kenley kept on writing. He tried it a second time, a bit louder.

"Holy-" She jumped back and smacked her head on her headboard. "Who the heck are you?"

"What? You don't recognize me?"

"No! I've never seen you before in my life! How on earth did you even get…" She looked closer at him. He had dark, shaggy hair but with strikingly blue eyes. He was definitely strong, his features were sharp and his face had stubble on it as though he needed to shave soon. As she looked over him, he did become familiar.

" couldn't be...what...what's your name?"

"Ben." He smiled. "Ben Stryker."

She looked down at her paper. The same name was scrawled out in her handwriting: Ben Stryker.

"Are know...from...are…"

"Am I from your book? Yes. Well, I think so. You should know better than anyone. You brought me here."

"I didn't bring you here!"

"Yes you did." He pointed to her paper, "It says so right here: 'Suddenly a man appeared in her room'."

"But I didn't bring you here on purpose!"

"Didn't you know your stories were real?"

"No. No I didn't as a matter of fact! I never suspected for one second that I'd find a character in my room! I have written many other books and this didn't happen with any of them!"

"But did they all involve you personally? They all came true, you just may not have known about it. Now, let's go."

"Go? Go where?"

"You have it written down right there! We are going into the book!"

"And how are we going to manage to do that?"

"I don't know, you're the author. Just think up a teleportation device or something."


"Just think like you normally do when writing a story."

Kenley concentrated as hard as she could on a teleportation device, but nothing happened.

"Any day now."

"Shut up." She kept trying until suddenly the floor began to develop into a vortex.

"I said a teleportation device, Kenley, not a vortex of sheer death and destruction!"

Everything in her room began to fly around, each being flushed down and disappearing. The force of the vortex became more powerful and they quickly grabbed something. Kenley's legs lifted off the ground as she clung to the bedpost for her dear life. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ben slip and be whisked away into nothingness. Soon her fingers could take it no longer and she let go.

For what seemed like hours she spun in circles. Flashes of green and purple swirled around her but as quickly as they had started, they were gone. Kenley dropped to the ground with a thud. Once she regained her bearings, she looked around.

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."