Chapter 3

Kenley stared at the captain trying to sort out her thoughts.

"Father?" She finally asked.

He never said anything. He simply picked up his sword and took this moment to strike. Kenley barely dodged it, she felt a sharp pain pierce her arm. She began to run again, moving quickly between the guards.

"Seize her! Seize her!" The queen continued to scream. Everyone in court was running in circles, not knowing if they should help the guards or get out of there. As one guard cornered Kenley, she reached for a candlestick. After smacking him on the head with it, she swiftly ducked between his legs and kept running with the captain right behind her. Not knowing where to go she slipped into one of the side doors that lead to a narrow hallway with stone walls and ceilings. The corridor was dark except for the bit of light provided by the torches. Armor suits lined the walls, each one looking as though they would come alive at any moment. The captain got closer and closer as she got more and more tired. Looking around she could find no escape, there were no tunnels branching off. Searching ahead she realized there was a dead end. Her mind was racing, her hand grabbed the first thing it could think of, a sword off one of the armor suits. She came to a quick stop and the captain caught up to her.

"Looks like you're in a difficult position." the captain said.

"I've had worse."

"Oh, have you?"

"It's weird. I feel like I have actually been in this situation before."

"Are you a troublemaker?"`

"No. You're just a terrible father." She swung right at his waist but he stuck his sword out to block it. The clang that occurred rang out through the corridor, echoing off the walls. The captain took the next swing right at her neck. He tried a great many other times, but she continuously dodged him.

"How are you dodging all my attacks?" He questioned.

"You have always had the same fighting style. It never was that hard to figure out."

"Why do you keep mentioning that I know you already? I have never seen you before in my life!" He kept swinging at Kenley.

"Nevermind that!" She threw the final blow at the captains head with the hilt of her sword and he collapsed to the ground. She immediately ran back down the corridor then quietly she wandered the castle, searching for the dungeons. In the distance she heard what sounded like Ben's voice along with a bunch of other guards. She continued looking until Ben came running out of nowhere.

"Kenley! You're alright!"

"How the heck did you manage to escape?"

"I have no idea! I was just yanking on the cell bars telling them I was innocent and the bars crumbled into dust! Then I just ran right out! What about you? What did the queen want?"

"My head! On a silver platter! Now...oh crap, let's go!" She sprinted right past Ben.

"Wait, what?"


More guards appeared from around the corner.

"There they are!" One of them exclaimed.

Ben and Kenley ran for their dear life. Soon they could see the castle doors.

"Close the drawbridge!"

A loud clanking noise spread across the hall as the bridge began to slowly raise up

"Hurry!" Ben yelled.

"What do you think I'm doing?"

They ran straight through the doorway and up onto the drawbridge with the guards in close pursuit.

"Jump!" Kenley said before plunging into the moat.

"What are you crazy?" The guards came closer, weapons drawn. "Alright. You talked me into it." Ben jumped in after.

Quickly the two swam over to some bushes and hid beneath those.

"Where'd they go?"

They sat in complete silence until the guards slowly retreated into the castle.

"We'll send a search party later. The queen wants no stone unturned."

Ben and Kenly breathed a sigh of relief but halfway through something appeared in the water.

"Ben, what is that?"

"Oh, man."