Author's Note: Pardon me for making the words so short. But this was going to be played by the mixed-age RCIC class I'm in, not many of my classmates are confident readers, and I didn't know who'd be playing whom. And there might be mistakes in here about the "war with Florence" (which Wikipedia calls "The War of the Eight Saints"), and about Catherine's arguments in favor of the Pope moving to Rome - though I based most of her lines on her letters to him.

NARRATOR: Catherine of Siena was a very powerful saint. It's said she even changed the mind of the Pope.

[POPE GREGORY XI comes on stage.]

NARRATOR: The Pope was living in France at that time, as had the last six popes before him. But a Pope is the Bishop of Rome, and a bishop is supposed to live with his people.

[CATHERINE OF SIENA comes on stage.]

POPE: Hello, Catherine—

NARRATOR: Actually they wrote to each other instead of talking. But anyway:

CATHERINE: Hello, Papa—

NARRATOR: —which is Latin for Pope.


NARRATOR [embarrassed]: Okay, I'll stop interrupting. I'm only the narrator. [steps back]

CATHERINE: Papa, you remember what I wrote to you about—how so many priests care only about money and palaces and not about the people they should take care of? I asked you to use your power to replace them with good and holy men as priests.

POPE [thoughtful]: Yes. But I'm not sure I can do that, with the war with Florence going on. These aren't easy times for the Church.

CATHERINE: I know. But think: if you started living at Rome again, as popes used to do, then Florence would stop thinking you were after their land, the Church would have peace, and you could use your power more easily to reform the Church.

POPE: I don't know. My health isn't very good now; people have told me I might die if I tried to make the trip.

CATHERINE: I've prayed to God about it, Papa, and He didn't mention to me death or any other danger. This is His will.

POPE: Then . . . I guess I'll try.

CATHERINE: Pardon me, father, but you still seem afraid. Trust in Christ, sweet Jesus; if you're doing His will, He is on your side, and who can fight against you?

NARRATOR: Okay, I've been good. Can I talk again now?

[CATHERINE grins and nods, and she and the POPE go off stage.]

NARRATOR: The Pope was afraid to go back to Rome, but Catherine convinced him anyway. She was a very powerful saint. But her power didn't come from herself. She loved God with her whole heart—a legend says she even switched hearts with Him. And she always tried to do what He wanted. She was on His side, so no one could fight against her.