Books were lined neatly at the side of a dusty old classroom. The clock in the front ticked, it's baby hand moving ever so slightly. Sato ran his hand through his purple hair keeping his purple eyes focused on that clock.

Sato yawned as he started doodling in his notebook. It wasn't that school was too hard or anything. Although it wasn't that easy either. It was just outright boring. Nothing but the same old dry routine, day in and day out.

"Hey Sato!" Sato lifted his head up as a voice yelled from across the room.

Sato looked up and noticed his black haired friend Kenji sitting on the edge of his desk at the front of the classroom. Sato shouted back, "Hey, Kenji! What's up?"

"So how was your summer?" Kenji asked Sato while walking towards the purple haired teen.

"It was pretty good, I guess. A little boring though." Sato sighed as he got up from his seat, "Sometimes I just wish something completely out of the ordinary would happen to me, you know?"

Kenji nodded, "Yeah, I do. But face it man, you are seriously cursed with being extra ordinary."

"Yeah tell me about it."

Kenji hooked his arm around Sato's shoulder, "Hey Sato. Can I come over your place later?"

Sato replied, "Yeah sure, of course Kenji. But I'm going to get some books at the library first."

"Okay see ya later then." Kenji waved goodbye as he headed out the door.

"Later." Sato fumbled around in his pockets until he pulled out a lighter. "I wonder if I'll ever get to use this." Sato sighed returning the lighter to his pocket.

Once Sato made it to the library he began looking around for a history book. The room full of massive walls of books gave Sato an even more massive headache. Realizing it would take forever to find the exact book he was looking for, Sato walked over to the librarian's desk, "Hey dude, do you know where the History textbooks for Class 2B are?"

The Librarian looked up from his newspaper. His eyes widened slightly when he saw Sato's face, "Yes, it's at the very back."

Sato nodded, "Right thanks." Sato made his way over to the back of the room. His face scrunched up as his eyes met up with multiple spider webs and dust bunnies. He felt like it'd do wonders if someone cleaned up the place.

Sato searched the rack for the textbook. "Ah, Here we go." He rested his hand on the book pulling it out from it's territory. "Huh? Whats this back here?" Sato grabbed an old dusty book. He blew off the dust and it scattered about in the air as a result. Some of it traveled up into his nose. He tried his best to hold it in to no avail.

"ACHOO!" Snot fired out of Sato's nose like a missile.

SHHHHHH!" The Librarian's voice traveled across the room.

Sato used his sleeve to wipe off his nose before opening the book, "Its blank," He said perplexed by the thought that a book could be completely blank.

A huge light blue circular portal opened from the book and sucked Sato in. It was impossible for Sato to think straight while spinning around in circles at such a high speed. It spiraled at a speed of light and knocked Sato outside unconscious.

Sato woke up in the middle of greenfield. An array of trees with purple foliage towered over him. He looked up at the tangerine sky littered with grayish blue clouds that seemed as if it was a watercolor painting. A silver sun accompanying the painting only served to heighten Sato's confusion.

Sato looked around frantically, "Where am I? How the heck did the sun turn silver!" Sweat started running down from Sato's pores as he tried to make sense of the situation. A task that proved to be incredibly difficult for him.

Before he could gather what was going on, a giant eagle-looking thing with silver talons and a gold beak and wings swooped down lunging at him.

"Whoa!" Sato yelped as he did a somersault to dodge the eagle monster.

"What the heck is going on here?!" I know! I'm dreaming or something!" Sato nodded doing his best to keep his sanity in tact.

The eagle made a u-turn and attacked Sato again. This time it's talons cut deep into his arm like a knife into butter.

"Aaaaaah!" Sato screamed in pain as blood poured out from his arm. He clutched his burning arm tight running at a speed he never knew he could. He hid behind a nearby tree."What on earth is that thing?! How do I get out of here without that thing killing me? Wait a minute. I have an idea." Sato slowly sneaked out from behind the tree. "Come here little birdy, come here." He jumped around like a monkey to taunt the eagle.

Sato ran and the eagle followed. He quickly climbed up a tree and the eagle soared up to the sky blocking out the silver sun. It spread out its wings as far as they could go. It glared back down at Sato who smirked with confidence. The eagle lunged to attack Sato once more. Sato pulled out a rope and lighter from his backpack. He lassoed the rope around the eagle's body lighting it on fire and sending the eagle down in bright orange flames.

Sato slid down the tree like it was a slide and proudly danced around. "Oh yeah! I won. Its my birthday! It's my birthday! Kiss my butt cheeks, you dumb mutated eagle." Sato paused as he realized he still didn't know just what was going on. Or what kind of world he was in. But after the event he just experienced. He did know one thing. Sato looked up at the silver sun, "I'm not on Earth anymore."

Sato heard loud pounding footsteps in the distance. With every step the trees rose up from the ground as did Sato. Suddenly a large blue half-goblin, half-golem creature jumped out of the sky.

"What the hell?!" Sato shouted as he saw the messed up creature. He now couldn't help but worry that this strange foreign land was full of these creepy monsters.

The golem ran towards Sato causing a massive earthquake. Once again the trees and Sato popped up from the ground like they were in a whack-a-mole-game.

"Kill Yamagata Satoshi!" The golem yelled fiercely as it charged towards the teen.

"Man not another one of these crazy looking things. And how on earth does it know my name?!"

The golem suddenly dropped down hard to the ground causing another quick but large earthquake. Sato fell down on his knees from the earthquake. He looked up at the golem creature traumatized unable to utter a single world.

A thirteen year old girl front flipped off of the golem's back landing in front of Sato. Sato noticed she was about his height as she dusted some dirt off of her pink sundress. He stared in awe at her cherry blossom pink eyes. And her pink hair flowing in the wind. She stood with her arms crossed tapping her blue tennis shoes with pink laces. She stared sternly at Sato, clearly insulted.

"I'm not sure how it knows your name. But us crazy looking things, prefer to be called Bakemono. Nice to meet you. I'm Sakura."