Sato's eyes shifted into inky black ones as he launched off his feet. His fist shot into Aria's gut.

Aria was sent flying across the room before she pushed her feet against the wall. She rocketed towards Sato as a silver sphere formed in her hand.

"Illustrate: Seven-Layered Shield!" An iron shield with countless spikes formed in front of Sato's hand as it made contact with the magical sphere.

"Hm, not bad," Aria praised him before her leg smacked Sato's jaw.

Sato tumbled across the floor but quickly recovered.

Sato curled his lip as his eyes tightened, "Stop playing games…and tell me what you know about Sihalia!" Sato's fists became enshrouded in dark energy as he swung them at Aria.

A silver shield formed around the woman as she looked down at Sato with a smirk, "I'm not telling you for your own benefit. You don't want to know kid."

"Bullshit!" Sato felt his body temperature rise higher and higher as he clenched his fists. "Why would a criminal like you care about helping anyone." A ruby colored lance appeared in Sato's hand, "Gae Bulg!" He launched the lance and it pierced straight through the shield into Aria's chest.

Aria ripped out the weapon as fountain of blood followed, "Because I know just how horrid it is. Even I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone."

Sato's stomach hardened as he stared at the creaks in the dark castle floor, "No way…as if! I don't believe you for a second, why should I trust the words of someone who desecrates the dead?"

Aria chuckled as she let a hand fall to her hip, "My my, you ask me one question and then expect an answer to an entirely different one. What I know about Sihalia and why you should trust me?"

Aria's wounds retreated back into her body as she grinned with satisfaction. "What? She healed herself…"

Aria flipped her hair back, "I am a Magic Bakemono after all. But I've grown bored of you, Sato of the Heroic Four. It's too bad, Yuichi was really looking forward to fighting you, but know you'll simply become one my minions."

Suddenly hordes of zombies and skeletons rose out of the ground, surrounding Sato at every angle. "Crap, this isn't good." Sato kept his eyes focused on as many of his undead enemies as possible, "Illustrate: Bake-Cannon!" Sato's arm transformed into a cannon which matched Jiro's as he held it steady.

"Sato!" Dexter shouted from the ceiling. "Be careful!"

"Careful?" Sato cocked his eyebrows. "That went out the window when you got yourself captured.

"I didn't mean-"

"-We'll talk later. For now, just stay alive." A zombie came slashing for Sato's face before he released a blast of energy from his cannon arm. He pivoted around as he continued to shoot the zombies.

Scraps of rotten flesh fell down like rain as skeletons charged through. Sato's cannon arm divided into seven different holes, "Seven-Star Blast!"

Seven beams fired off, shattering all of the skeleton's bones to nothing but ashes. "That weapon…is just like Loose Cannon's Jiro's of Pandemonium," Aria realized with a gasp. She fixed her posture keeping her eyes locked on Sato. "Just what are you kid."

"I have the power to create any weapon," Sato answered as he walked towards Aria, zombies rising once more. "Illustrate: Bake-Bow!" A an exact replica of Nikio's bow formed in Sato's hands. He shot an arrow up into the sky, "Yajirushi Ame!" In response an array of arrows came falling, striking all of the zombies down once more.

"A power which lets you create any weapon?" Aria clicked her tongue, "How obnoxious."

"Illustrate: Iron Fists which can pierce through steel!" Sato's fits turned to iron as he lunged for Aria. She swerved avoiding his attacks before a silver blast of energy erupted from underneath Sato's feet.

"Looks like you stepped on one of my magic seals," Aria giggled, "How unfortunate."

Sato ran his hand over his bleeding arm as he smirked, "I've felt much worse pain than this. I'll make sure to knock you off that horse of yours, expired queen."

"Don't make me laugh, how do you plan on beating me when I have the power to heal my injuries?"

Sato grinned as he rose his hand in the air, "Illustrate: One-Million Blades!" A storm of swords assaulted Aria as a silver shield formed around her.

"What a childish tactic," the Magic Bakemono mocked Sato before he eyes widened in surprise.

Sato had flipped into the air and grabbed a hold of Dexter. In midair, he swung his sword from his back, "Nami Senshou!" A blue wave of energy emitted from his blade and shattered the shield into nothing but glittering pieces.

Aria's muscles tightened as sweat fell from her palms, "Please, is that all?!"

"Illustrate: A sword which can summon Dark Fire," a sword composed of black flames formed in Sato's hand. "You won't be able to heal yourself from this. Dark Fire incinerates everything, leaving absolutely nothing behind.

Sweat ran down Aria's forehead she dug her fingers into her shirt. "Ha, do your worst! You and your fancy weapons don't scare me!"

Dark flames burst out from the sword as Sato swung it. One the flames had dissolved, nothing was left in the place of where Aria had once been. Sato sighed as his sword disappeared.

"You okay, Sato?" Dexter asks his chin lowered to his chest.

"I'm starting to think you're a lot more trouble than your worth."

"But you still came to rescue me," a sly grin crept onto Dexter's face as he leaped onto Sato's shoulder.

"Don't start that with me," Sato scowled at Dexter. "None of this would've happened if you could just behave properly."

"Sato listen…" Dexter looked around carefully before gulping. "While I was captured, I heard my sister's voice.

"You have a sister?"

Dexter nodded slowly before continuing, "I think another one of them is holding her hostage as well."

"And you want me to go and save her?"

Dexter clasped his hands together and looked at Sato with pleading eyes, "Could you pretty please with sugar on top and a banana split?"

"Don't worry, we need to stop Pandemonium from collecting all of the Bake-Bots," Sato's eyes looked as if they were staring out into the distance before they reverted back to their purple color."

"You kind of remind me of a man I knew a long time ago," Dexter noticed as he studied Sato carefully playing with his mess hair.

"Hey quit that," Sato demanded as he swiped Dexter's hand away from his hair. "So, who is this man I remind you of?"

"Hiro! Hiro no!" Dexter screamed at the top of his lungs as Hiro forced himself up from the ground. Blood dripped from the man's wounds and splattered onto the grass.

"I'll be fine, Dexter," his eyes locked onto the green-skinned Warrior Bakemono before him. "Niji, you're finished."

"Do you need a mirror?" Niji scoffed. "You're the one who's on his last legs." He shook his head, clenching his fists, "Why are you even resisting the war in the first place? Do you want to save this unfair world so badly?!"

Hiro steadies his breathing as blood rolled down his grinning lips, "I don't care about the people I can't see. Yukiko, Ryo, Akio, Shun, Nori, and Dexter." Dark energy blew up from underneath Hiro's feet as a lance formed in his hand. "I only need to save the people right in front of me! I could care less about the lives of strangers!"


"Dexter, stay back," Hiro ordered softly yet strictly and Dexter did what he was told. "I won't let him lay a finger on you."

"But you're already beat up really badly!" Dexter cried out from behind Hiro's back.

The young adult simply cocked his head back and smirked, "So what? I've still got two arms that aren't broken. As long as I'm still breathing, I will protect the ones who matter the most to me, only them."

"Hiro…" Sato rested his head against the wall and shifted his gaze towards Dexter slightly. "Dexter, was his surname Yamagata by any chance?"

"Oh yeah" Dexter perked up. "That was it!"

Sato let his arm fall over his knee as he looked up at the ceiling. "My dad…"

"Wait what?!" Dexter shouted so loud it caused Sato's head to start banging as he clasped his hands over his ears. "So you guys are actually related! No wonder you reminded me so much of him!" Dexter wrapped his stubby little arms around Sato's neck as he glued his face to his cheek.

"Oh sure, now you want to change your attitude towards me," Sato attempted to ply Dexter off of him, "Get off, you nuisance."

Dexter let go and fell back to the floor much to Sato's surprise. "I've always liked you though. Like I said, you reminded me of Hiro. But you annoyed me and I got mad."

"I annoyed you…?" Sato groaned before letting that comment go. "Listen, if you want me to pay attention to you more, that's fine. But you can't be bothering me every second of the day, got it?"

Dexter pouted pursing his lips, "Hiro didn't mind it."

"I'm not Hiro, I'm Sato."

Dexter let out a light sigh before smiling, "Alright, fine you win. I won't bother you anymore."

"Good," Sato said as he rose to his feet and dusted off his gray jeans. "Now that that's settled, let's go find your sister.

Arashi wiped his sweaty palms over his red cloak keeping his eyes focused on every little movement Harold made, "Harold of the tier six squad. When I fought Jiro with Sakura two years ago we didn't stand a chance…" He carefully set Ren on the ground while still keeping on eye on Harold. "Meanwhile, I'm running low on energy so I won't even be able to use my Dark Fire."

"I'm ready whenever you are!" Harold cheered pumping his fists in excitement.

Harold lunged for Arashi's throat. Arashi quickly swerved to the side as he felt his heart thumped against his chest. Before he could catch his breath a lighting fueled kick sent him up into the sky.

Arashi flapped his wings as he hovered in midair, "Damn, he's even more powerful than I thought he'd be." Arashi pressed his hands together and released a blast of fire from his palms. A sharp tingle ran up his back before he found himself plummeting to the ground.

Harold landed on Arashi's back as sparks of electricity surrounded his fist. A veil of blue flames surrounded Arashi as Harold jammed his fist against the back of Arashi's skull.

Arashi skidded across the pavement before Harold's claw came flying in front of his face. Arashi's arm nearly tore as he grasped onto Harold's wrist. Sweat ran down his back, sticking his cloak to his skin as he forced a grin, "Caught you."

"Yay!" Good job, Arashi"! Harold praised his opponent before bursts of lightning shot up from underneath Arashi causing him to scream out in agony. "I'm having a really great time fighting you! I hope we can keep going!" Harold kicked Arashi in the gut as he was blown back into a building.

Arashi's back exploded with pain as he felt his body temperature rise immensely. He looked at the puddle of blood he had formed beneath him and grimaced, "I'm getting my ass kicked..."

Before he knew it Arashi was spinning in the air as lightning coursed through his entire body. He landed on the bridge as smoke seeped out from him. A massive sphere of lightning formed in Harold's hand before he chucked it at Arashi!"

Arashi quickly flew up into the sky as the sphere just barely grazed past his ankles. Arashi winched grabbing onto the bloody wound on his midsection. "I don't have a choice anymore," Arashi uttered as he stared down at Harold. "I may not be able to use it for very long after using it again so soon, but it's my only option." Arashi's eyes shifted into shining golden ones, "Corrupted Light!"

"Oooh cool!" Harold clasped his hands together as his eyes sparkled in joy. "Jiro told me about this!" Harold held out his hand, curling his fingers back, "Come on, I want to see how powerful this is."

Arashi rocketed down from the sky as golden energy radiated around his body. He released balls of golden fire as Harold deflected each and every one of them. Arashi's claw struck Harold's as he landed.

Both of them swiped furiously at one another as sparks of golden fire and blue lightning lit up the sky. Arashi released a massive wave of bright light before a delivering a series of crushing blows to Harold.

Harold appeared behind Arashi knocking him back into another building. "What?" Arashi wiped his mouth as he struggled to get back up. "I thought I got him..."

"You did pretty well," Harold said with a kind smile as he appeared right in from of Arashi, causing the Fire-Bat's hands to tremble uncontrollably. "I'm just really fast is all, haha. It's a fun fight though so I hope we can keep going."

Arashi panted heavily as he more of his blood dripped onto the ground. Arashi snapped his fingers as an explosion of light occurred around Harold. As the smoke cleared Arashi's smirk shifted into a agape mouth as he realized Harold was no longer there. "What the hell? Where'd he go?!"

Arashi turned his head from side to side before he was kicked from behind. "Got ya," Harold winked with pride as he landed flawlessly on his feet.

"It's no use," Arashi bit his lip as his fingernails dug into his sweaty palms. "I can't beat him on my own."

"Aw, come on don't give up know," Harold walked towards Arashi, a sharp glare forming in his brown eyes. "We were having so much fun. Let's keep going, I want to keep fighting you forever and ever!"

An arrow of lighting pierced through Harold's shoulder as blood spurted out of the wound. Ren stood on one knee with a bow composed of lightning in his hand as he panted, "Need some help, Arashi?"

"You idiot, what are you doing?" Arashi scolded Ren as he rested his hand against his aching chest. "You're still wounded."

"Pot and kettle," Ren said with a grin as he jerked himself back up.

Arashi let out a light sigh, "Guess you're right there. Alright then, let's take him out together."

"Ooooh yippe!" Harold raised his arms up in ecstasy. "I get to fight you both at once now! Still, I should even the odds a bit then."

"Even the odds…?" Arashi's voice nearly croaked as he tugged on the inside of his sticky and dampened cloak.

Blue, purple, and white sparks began to frame Harold figure as he extended his claws, "Here it is my secret weapon, Divine Lightning!"

"Divine Lightning…?" Arashi wiped some of the sweat running down his forehead away as he felt the sheer pressure of Harold's lightning growing intenser by the second. "We're doomed."

Sakura and Ai were sitting together in front of a tree near the dark castle. "Hey Sakura?" Ai scooted towards Sakura and spoke softly. "Are you okay?"

Sakura simply chuckled and let her hair fall over her arms, "Why wouldn't I be?"

"You know why…"

Sakura sighed before staring up at the setting sun in the maroon sky, "I don't care about that man. He was dead to me a long time ago."

Ai scratched her neck, "What about your mom though? She really is dead."

Ai caught just the slightest glimpse of pain in Sakura's eyes before it vanished, "I don't know. "I despise the both of them. But even so, I guess I never wanted them to die."

Ai leaned against Sakura's shoulder, "I think you should tell that to Shun."

Sakura opened her mouth slightly before the tree came crashing down. "Look out!" Sakura tackled Ai out of the way as a Cat-Bakemono appeared in front of the girls.

The Cat-Bakemono grunted as strands of her green hair stood on end, "I was hoping I'd be able to end your lives quickly. I'd rather not drag out my fights."

Sakura narrowed her eyes, "Who are you?"

"I'm Yuri, one of the Prison Breakers," she leered at Sakura as her green tail hit the ground. "I was just about to go back inside when I saw some nosy trespassers in front of my house. Lucky I found them in time."

"A Cat-Bakemono named Yuri…you're not very famous for being one of them." Sakura readied her fists and bent her knees. "I have no idea who you are."

Yuri snickered as she folded her arms, "I could care less about being a famous criminal. I'm simply doing my job. Sakura of the Heroic Four…you will die here."

"Ai, go on ahead, I can handle her myself."

Ai looked towards the castle and then back at Sakura, "Really? Are you sure?"

Sakura simply nodded with a sly grin, "Positive, go find your boyfriend."

Ai simply smiled at Sakura's teasing and ran off, "Good luck!"

"Luck?" Sakura cracked her knuckles until they popped, "I don't need luck."

Ai ran into the castle where she was instantly met with a dark haired Monkey Bakemono. She pinched her nose and winced, "Yikes…So I take it you're one of the Prison Breakers as well?"

"Indeed, I am Makoto, older brother of Miharu," he looked down at Ai, his wholly black eyes full of disdain.

"Miharu?" Silver spiky shields formed around Ai's fists as she took a couple of steps back. "You mean the same Miharu that kidnapped me years ago?!"

"Precisely," Makoto answered with a confirming nod.

"So then you must be…the ones who was locked up for sexual assault and kidnapping and selling other Bakemono."

"Glad you know of my work," Makoto rubbed his chin in delight. "But now I'll have to get revenge on the one who killed my brother by doing the very same to one of his loved ones, Princess Ai of the Heroic Four."