I'm crawling through a tunnel. It's very dark, and I can barely fit thought it. The walls are warm and soft. All of a sudden, I see a light. Quickly, I begin slithering to it. Closer, and closer. And then I see it…

The green walls of my bedroom. Isn't it funny how you can make slipping on a hoodie seem like you're about to die? In fact, you could turn almost anything into something dark and dramatic.

Take the stuffed bunny on my bed for example. I got it from my mom when I was 6. Maybe this was made from when all the children had scarlet fever, and their stuffed animals were burned. This bunny may have not made it into the fire with all it's friends. So it could be searching the earth, still looking for it's owner. My mom did tell me that Grandma had given it to her. And you argue that the little bit taken out of it's ear wasn't from narrowly escaping a fire, but from me chewing off part of it's ear when I was little. But how boring is that?

"Chelsea! Hurry up, or you're going to be late for school!" the shrill voice of my mom called from downstairs.

Of course, I was snapped out of my thoughts again. I never seem to get the time to think for myself. Dramatizing things is what kept me entertained. But now with Jessica breathing down my neck all the time about how I should spend every second of my day, I'm scrabbling to keep up with her schedules and demands.

"Hold on mom! I'm putting on my makeup!" I shouted back, getting up from my bed, and quickly applying the pink lip gloss that Jess said I must always wear on Thursdays, along with the other day-designated makeup. As I applied on the blue eyeshadow, I glanced over at the clock. 8:17. 'Shit! Shit shit shit!'. I was always supposed to be at school by 8:20, so Jessica could tell us what to do that day, who to avoid because of a fashion disaster (and various other reasons) what boys to giggle at in the hall, etc.. But today was especially important, because we were going to start talking about the upcoming dance.

I jumped a little and dropped my eyeliner pencil as my brother Josh slammed open my door. "Mom says, that we have to go now, or you're loosing your cell phone for a week.". He looked at me lazily as I picked up the pencil and finished off my eyes.

"Fine, fine.". I grabbed my little black purse and put the rest of the makeup I didn't put on with it. I already knew Jessica was going to call me out on not having my full cake face on, but I thought that loosing my phone would be worse, in case any "emergencies" came up. There was just no balance between my mom and Jess, I either didn't finish the things that Jess told me to do, or my mom got upset because I was late or something.

As I got into the car, my mom babbled on her usual rant about how "Driving us to school in a privilege" and "She could be at work and I could be missing on the bus right now". You'd think as a woman, she'd understand the importance of makeup, but clearly not. Whatever, I admit that Jessica does go too far with things. But there's no need to give me the same speech every day.

Once the yelling subsided, I could clearly think again. Looking up and down my outfit, I noticed the hoodie I was wearing was purple, and said Camp Ariqua on it. Jess could barely tolerate hoodies in the first place, but the fact that it said something about camp, which related to dirt and worms and such, and no friend of hers could ever as associate with something so disgusting.

With a sighs, I climbed out of the car, trying to draw attention to my hair, which I had done exactly to Jess's standards.

"Chelsea! Where the hell have you been?! Jessica's getting so annoyed that her whole face looks like it's covered in blush!" my friend Lauren ran up to me, her black hair swinging from side to side.

My eyes grew wide. "I-I'm sorry! I was trying to get my makeup on, and m-my mom-"

"There's no time to explain! Let's go before she explodes!". Her tanned hand grabbed my arm, rushing and pulling me into the the school.

And just as Lauren said, there was the Queen Bee of the school herself, clenching her hands so hard that her knuckles were turning white. "My god Chelsea! What took you so long?!"

I mentally took my place below her. "I was trying to do my makeup, and look for my history homework, I'm so sorry…"

As I spoke, Lauren had already pulled a cloth from her bag and wet it from the water fountain, and was dabbing her red face She had also handed Jess her pink stress ball, and began trying to calm her down by cooing softly.

Jess sighed, beginning to slowly loose the red color in her face and the white in her hands. Lauren was always the best at knowing what people needed at the right time, that was why Jessica trusted her to carry all of her special belongings.

"Whatever, just make sure you're on time at lunch. We'll discuss the dance then.". The bell rung, and she started to walk away, but stopped after a couple of steps. "Oh, and Chelsea?"

"Yeah…?" I said quietly.

"You're so lucky that purple is today's color.". And with that, she flounced off to her next class.

Lauren and I let out simultaneous sighs, realizing the huge mess we just avoided. If we had mad her anymore mad, it wouldn't even compare to the average "My life is ruined!" popular girl problem. It would have killed us all.