Chapter 1

A/n: This is the sequel to Engaged to a Rockstar and is Jake's story. To new readers, please read Engaged to a Rockstar first as it is a continuation and you may get confused. Thank you. Enjoy!


I groaned as she placed the entire length of my cock into her throat. Fuck. This girl was a fucking pro at this, I will give her that credit. Even though I didn't even know her name. I threw my head back on the pillow and enjoyed as she sucked me off. There was a soft pop sound and the pleasure momentarily disappeared causing me to look up as she stared up at me. "Is the condom a must?" She asked.

"Yeah." I replied. I was always extra careful. In fact, all of us guys were. I didn't know where her mouth had been earlier before I picked her up from one of those parties Jeremy dragged me to. It was not like I had wanted to go but I needed the distraction. "Take it or leave it." I told her. She frowned but continued either way. Guess she would tolerate it just for the sake of being able to brag about giving head to one of the members of Black Falcon. So be it.

As she continued her work, I laid back and just watched her. Then there was a soft vibration sound. It was my phone on the bedside table beside me. It was an unknown number. I frowned as I picked it up, motioning with my hand for the girl to just continue when she paused. She didn't mind and even picked up the pace a little. Ughh.

"McGuire." I answered breathlessly.

"Hey." It was a woman, the voice shy and soft. "Jake right? It's Haven, um Haven Valentine. Rory's roommate and distant cousin."

I was instantly alert when I remembered the name. Haven Valentine. I had met a week ago at the wedding. She was the redhead who was interested in me but I had dismissed her off because she was related to Rory and even close to her. "Yeah, I remember." I replied. I had to stifle a groan when the girl at my cock began sucking me off hard. Clearly, she wanted my full attention.

"Oh that's great." Haven let out a nervous laugh. "Rory texted me your number before she left. Um, so I am moving in on Monday." I was having difficulty concentrating on her words as I was so damn close. "So, are you free-"

"Fuck!" I cut her off abruptly as I came and the girl gave me a satisfied smirk. She moved her naked body up me and began rubbing herself against my still hard cock.

"I am sorry?" Haven's voice drifted from the phone, reminding me of our conversation.

"Oh no. That was not directed at you." I said hastily as I pushed the girl away with my hand and tried to climb off the bed. I was done here and she had completed her job. I had to go find Chris, my new bodyguard since Niel was out of town with Sebastian and Rory. The girl stopped me with a pout.

"You're leaving already?" She said. Her pout had me turned off immediately because it seemed my brain was programmed to compare it to Rory's. Rory's pout was cute and somewhat sexy. When other girls do it, it was just plain disgusting to me.

"Jake." I could hear that Haven sounded a little pissed off now. She had probably heard the girl's voice. "Are you busy now? If you are, I can call you back later."

I placed the phone in between my ear and shoulder as I began pulling my jeans on, ignoring the girl on the bed. "Nope, it's fine. So you're moving in on Monday? What time will you arrive?"

"Yes. I'm setting off in the morning so about two in the afternoon." Haven replied shortly. It made me feel a twinge of guilt. Why was she upset? I knew she was interested in me but I wasn't hers to be upset about. Screw it. I didn't have to feel guilty.

"I will meet you at Rory's old apartment at that time to hand you the keys and help you move in." I told her as I grabbed my wallet. Without even looking back at the girl, I exited her bedroom. I heard a curse behind me but it was no longer my problem.

"Alright. You don't have to help me move in." She said.

"Nah, I promised Rory I would." Even though it was a bad idea to have done so. "So I will see you then?" I asked, exiting the apartment and walking down the hallway to the lift.

"Sure, see you then." Haven replied. "Um, bye Jake."

"Bye." And I hung up the phone before getting into the lift.

Meet Haven

I stared disappointedly at my phone right after he hung up. I had been so excited to give him a call the moment Rory gave me his number. All week I had been trying to play it cool and not seem to eager, given his response to me at the wedding.

I had been a huge fan of Black Falcon since their debut. I have all their albums, been to all their concerts and knew every song by heart. It was a huge surprise to me when I knew Rory was getting married to the lead singer. Sebastian Knight had always been hot to me but it wasn't the guy who caught my eye. No, it was Jake McGuire. Jake was always so calm, cool and mysterious. There was something about him that just made me want to melt into a puddle right on the floor. Not to mention, the sight of him always got my blood heated and made my panties soaked. I had a huge crush on Jake since forever but no I wasn't like those creepy girls who stalk him or used his photo to do the dirty deed. I just thought he was my type of a guy. When Rory sent me the wedding invite, I just couldn't believe how fucking lucky I was. I would get a chance to just be close to Jake instead of all those times where I watched him while he stood on stage.

I had noticed him instantly after the ceremony, standing alone in the corner. He looked like he was brooding which was weird since his best friend was just happily married. I followed his gaze and saw that he was watching the newlywed couple. I remembered detecting a hint of envy on his face. As a fan, I was aware Jake was a man who didn't believe in relationships and only had one night stands, just like the other two members Jeremy and Danny. So I was curious. Why was he envious of Sebastian and Rory?

I didn't know where I got my courage from but I did to approach him. When he laid his eyes on me, I knew he was checking me out. I felt slightly flattered. Okay no I was actually screaming and going 'Woohoo!' inside. I was being checked out by Jake McGuire himself! And then Rory approached us and I saw something in him seemed to change. He looked disinterested in me entirely and almost immediately. I had tried not to let my disappointment show through but he had caught it. That wasn't good because obviously it seemed to put him off further. Rory knew I had a huge crush on Jake and I wanted to smack that doey eyed girl when she tried to play matchmaker. When Rory suggested he handed me the keys to her apartment and helped me move in, I could sense his reluctance. I was expecting him to refuse her, give an excuse. But maybe since he was Rory's best friend so he felt obligated to help her.

During the call earlier, I was more than pissed to hear a woman in the background. It hit me immediately. I had called at the wrong time. That loud groan Jake had made.. that sound would definitely be stuck in my head forever because I know at that moment, it was when he released. It sounded sexy as hell but it was so damn hurting and sort of a slap in the face to know he could just talk on the phone while another girl was probably jerking him off. Obviously he didn't show any respect to her or me. Probably to any of the female population except someone related to him and Rory since they were friends. Was the guy I idolized really such a manwhore? It disappointed me to think he was yet I still could not suppress the excitement I felt about meeting him.

I sighed as I tossed my phone to the side and fell back on my bed. Jake McGuire. You really mess up my mind.