"Little girl, you'd best watch your mouth!"

Don't kid yourself.

With that big head of yours,

Just where do you expect to end up?

Doesn't a red flag appear to you?

Red means stop, you know.

"You'd better think before you act."

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Don't get ahead of yourself.

Just where do you expect to get to?

Does a yellow flag not appear to you?

Yellow means slow down, you know.

"Watch what comes out of that mouth."

Just because you look around,

Just because you see no child in sight,

Don't think that you can get away.

Little ears are easy to hide, you know.

"You don't think!"

The color of the flag doesn't change a thing.

What should you really say?

How should you really speak?

Sauce on the tip of your tongue,

Do you expect to burn another with your words?

"You don't listen!"

Caution lights,

Beware of what is said,

Beware of what is done.

Would you want the same?

Would you want someone to stab you?

Don't stab anyone with that tongue of yours.