A tale of Montaque Magoo,
for everyone he ever knew.
A strange man he was in his day,
for he often slept on a bed of hay.

A strange man Montaque,
but a good one through and through.
One day he decided to go.
Where? Few will ever know.

He traveled far and traveled wide,
many think in search of bride.
But, to tell the truth he became a bard,
till he traveled to the king's yard.

It was a lovely palace by the sea,
but nothing was more beutiful than she.
The princess, she was a fair madian,
but with troubles her mind was laden.

A dragon attacked the land's sheep,
but the knights failed to put it to sleep.
Once the dragon the town it did raize,
the people were left in a daze.

The princess, the dragon did nap,
and the kind did flip his cap!
And for pur dear Montaque,
after the dragon he flew.

After he found the vile beast,
he completed a deed worthy of feast.
For the dragon he did slay,
the princess breathed, "My dear bard you've saved the day!"

To the castle he went and stayed,
and there he is till this day.
A king he shall be forever more,
in his palace by the shore.