Angel Hunt

"Here it is boss! This is where the angels meet up!" A boy's voice called out.

"Shh, don't be so loud Henry! The angels might already be there!" Another voice loudly whispered.

"But Steve! I'm ecstatic!" Henry called back.

Another boy, who was much younger, was tinkering with a lunch box with nails punched in.

"Let me have some chocolate Peter!" Steve begged the younger boy.

"I don't have any!" Peter whined.

"I know you do because I saw you take one!" Steve yelled.

"Did not!" Peter cried.

Steve stuck his hand into a small hole in the lunch box and unlocked the lid.

"Leave me alone!" Peter yelled.

"Guys! The angels are here!" Henry warned the other boys.

"You got lucky, Peter!" Steve said pushing Peter away.

"All trumpeters, let forth your heavenly sounds!" A female voice rang out. Many trumpets played a beautiful tune.

"I am proud to introduce the new goddess, Wind, goddess of winds!" The young angel said.

A beautiful lady with long blonde hair wearing a beautiful crown and a beautiful dress stepped forward in a group of trumpeting angels.

"Where is the angel with the golden harp?" Wind asked.

"Is that her?!" Asked one of the angels pointing to the sky.

A sparkle flashed and the most beautiful angel of all flew down.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" She said politely to Wind.

"It's okay Cloud, I know you didn't mean to be late," Wind said to her friend.

"There's the angel we were trying to get!" Henry called out.

"Okay, get ready to grab her! Those feathers are mine!" Steve called out.

"Will you play your harp, Cloud?" Wind asked unaware of the boys in the bush.

"Of course, Wind!" Cloud called cheerfully. She raised her harp and played three notes, but was interrupted by the three boys rushing out of the bushes.

"Your feathers are mine!" Steve cried out.

"Cloud! Call the guard dog!" Wind commanded. Cloud signaled the dog to come. Barreling in, a huge gray wolf charged at the boys.

"Agh!" Peter cried.

"Fly angels! Fly!" Wind commanded, but Cloud stayed.

Steve was trying to fight off the wolf, but they were attacked.

"Cloud! Go! Get out of here!" Wind commanded.

"I must stay, your ceremony is not complete." Cloud calmly said.

Henry pulled away from the wolf and charged at Cloud.

"Stay away from my angel!" Wind warned the boy.

"I won't leave until I get those feathers!" Henry called out.

Peter had retreated and Steve was still being attacked by the wolf.

"You can't have her feathers!" Wind said.

"Oh yeah?!" Henry asked punching Wind really hard.

"How dare you hurt a goddess!" Wind cried out horrified.

"Well, technically you aren't a goddess yet, your ceremony wasn't complete!" Cloud warned.

"Well guess what lady! I hate gods and goddesses!" Henry shouted.

"You have offended her enough, now leave us alone!" Cloud called out.

"You can't hurt me, watch this girlie!" Henry called as he punched Wind again.

"Cloud! Open a portal! We must leave!" Wind cried out.

"On it!" Cloud called out while opening a large green portal.

The wolf retreated into the portal all torn up, Cloud and Wind were next to escape into the portal, closing it behind them.