Cloud arrived at the goddess of light's place, but she was not there.

"Excuse me! Is anyone there?!" Cloud called.

No reply, so Cloud decided to stand around waiting. Finally the door opened and the goddess of light stepped out.

"Um...why are you here?" She asked Cloud.

"I need help! My friend Wind is in trouble!" Cloud told her.

"...Cloud...Wind is locked in the basement of a house," she told her.

"Which house? Who has done this?!" Cloud asked.

"You encountered three boys right? They have her locked in the basement of house 4028 Archway." She told her.

"I was just there, Wind told me to speak with as many gods and goddesses as I could!" Cloud said.

"Hurry, you must return to the house before it's too late!" She told her.

"Thank you!" Cloud said before she ran off quickly and dove down below the clouds.