11.05pm, 13/05/2011. 1°c

Its a snowy night in Wales, which was rather strange because around here you usually don't get a lot snow, but for the past week there has been a constant blizzard of snow all over the UK and considering it was in the summer as well, it was simply bizarre and had no explanation.

In a dark street in the dead of night, an old man walked on home, dragging his shaky legs though the cold winter weather. Being the very cautious man that he was, he kept looking behind him at every street lamp he traveled under to see whether there were any dangerous looking figures out at that time, yet every time he looked over his shoulder it was the same sight. A cold, blackened street covered in a fresh blanket of snow, with only his footsteps denting the layer.

He then shuck his long brown jacket, causing snow to fall to the ground like a sprinkle of salt to lie on the already thick layer, and then continued to walk home, further demolishing the clear snow. Once again, at the next street lamp, he looked back again but this time there we're a second pair of footsteps that crossed from the opposite side of the street, to his. He started to get suspicious as there was no one around that he could see that could have made those footprints.

"Is anybody out there?" he called out to the darkness, yet no reply.

This scared him, and he picked up speed on his journey home. The man then started to hear the footsteps demolishing the snow not far behind him, he stopped to make sure they weren't his own, and he heard none once he stopped.

"Thank god, I must be going crazy" he slightly chuckled to himself, and then continued to walk.

He heard the footsteps again but when he stopped this time, they continued. This old man turned and called out "If you're trying to scare me, you've succeeded. Now leave before I call the police"!

After shouting this out into the street behind him, the footsteps began to become heavier and faster, then he began to run. He ran and ran from these other footsteps he kept hearing behind him, which seemed to be running at the same pace as him, but without realizing where he has going, he ends up cornering himself at the end of a street.

While he looks for a way out of this trap he had created for himself, more footsteps could be heard, and then a black figure emerged from the darkness of night. As the figure walked closer and closer to the old man, he was up against the wall in fear.

At this point, this old man was prepared to offer anything to whoever this person was to allow him to be set free, anything so he wouldn't get hurt. He'd offer any of his possessions to this person, but all that he had were the clothes on his back, and I doubt that would get him out of this situation he had unfortunately got himself in.

"What do you want from me? I haven't got any possessions with me"! The old man began to cry out.

This figure then muttered something to himself while approaching the man, to quiet and jumbled up for him to understand, and as much as he didn't want to, he knew that he'd have to ask what for what he had just said.

"What was that?"

"I said I want your soul"! Shouted this figure, raising a butcher knife to the man.

"No, please, don't"! Whimpered the man to this crazy figure.

Yet his words bared no meaning, for this knife was swung and pierced through the top of his skull, making a cringing crackling noise, then made it again once brought from his skull. This figure then continued to swing this blade into this old mans head, spraying blood all over the clear snow as the body slowly fell to the ground. There was a frightening chuckle from the figure while doing this, a chuckle to make kids cry in fear.

Kirsten, an average woman who lived in the neighborhood heard this frightening sound as it woke her up. She got up out of her bed, leaving the warmth and comfort beside her husband, wrapped herself in her dressing gown and left see what was making all the ruckus.

Once she stepped out from the warmth of her house into the cold dark streets, she got an immediate shiver down her spine. She looked around the street by poking her head out of the door and saw no one around, but just as she was about to close the door heard something from around the corner of her house. So she reached back inside the house to pick up a woolly coat from the coat hanger next to the door and put it on before further leaving the house to see what it was.

She turned the corner where she saw only one set of footsteps lead into, and around this corner lied an unrecognizable man in a brown coat, lied up against the wall, covered in blood and his head split open from scalp to the neck, the what was crystal white snow around this man was covered in clear red blood, and from the this sight of this, Kirsten screamed, which echoed throughout the empty streets, waking up the entire neighborhood.

01.23am, 14/05/2011 0°c

It took only two hours for the loud, deafening sound of sirens to arrive in the neighborhood; police and detectives filled this small crime scene with police a group of police cars helping block off the street. A yellow tape crossed the entire street, to make sure that no one entered through to see the crime scene, not even those who inhabited it. Police stood at every corner of the street to make sure that no one got in, with people complaining and news reporters questioning, the street was an ear ache that no one could end.

Out of all these police and detectives that filled up the street, two stood out from the rest as they exited their plain black car with a small siren on top; Detective Sam Carter and Joe Bellick.

Sam and Joe made their way through the crowd of police to the crime scene where the body still lied and had not been touched by anyone other than the analysis team. Sam crouched down to get a closer look at the corpse and the surroundings and flipped out her notepad and pen to start writing down everything she saw.

She examined the wound on the man, his head cut down through the middle down to his neck, cutting it in half was obvious to guess not an easy task. The footprints on the floor only marked one set, of those that match the bottom of the victim's shoes, none to the murderers. It was obvious that from the footsteps passing back and fourth that he was looking for an exit out of the corner he was trapped in that were behind the victim, and on the right side of the body, underneath a pile of snow, was a very badly stashed weapon, the murder weapon, possibly even dropped rather than hidden.

Sam picked up the murder weapon wearing protective gloves and held it at the tip to not smudge any fingerprints, and handed it over to one of the members from the analysis team at the crime scene. Then she head over to her partner Joe.

"Well, who ever did this must either have had a grudge towards this man or be some kind of psychopath" Explained Sam.

"Can you gather any clues? Fingerprints? Even something to help us think of the situation here?" Joe asked.

Sam stood in front of him, smaller than Joe, but with considerably paler skin. She moved some of her loose black hair from her face to behind her ear and replied.

"From the little look at the footprints in the snow; there was no struggle. Or though he must have been looking for a way out of the corner as there are footprints passing side to side of this wall. From the brutal wound on his head I've gathered from the killer that; he obviously had no emotion or feeling towards his victim, he killed him without a care, he is very strong because it must have only taken three to four swings into his skull to have done this so quickly, thought I think that he continued afterwards for the sake of it. Also, this might just be a wild guess so bare with me, but I think that our murderer here is in fact smaller than our victim" Sam replied in full detail to Joe's question.

"Smaller?" Confusingly asked Joe, "This man yet stands six foot from the look of it. If he is smaller there is a possibility of the murderer being quite young" Joe explained.

"True. Where is the witness?"

"You'd have to ask officer Nick over there" Joe pointed out to Sam.

Sam then made her way over to Kirsten, the victim who was sitting in the back of a police car, her legs hanging over the side of the door with a warm drink of tea in between her hands, which she hadn't even taken a sip of.

"Nick, would I be able to ask Kirsten here a few questions about tonight?" Sam asked politely.

"Of course, Sam. Don't be asking too much though, she's shaking from more than the cold weather".

After Nick had replied, he went over to the yellow tape to try and help some of the other police men that were beginning to have trouble with the amount of reporters that had shown up.

Sam got into the other side of the car and asked Kirsten to close the other door before sitting and closing her own door behind her. Kirsten closed her door then slowly turned to Sam, shivering as if she fell in a frozen lake.

"Kirsten could you tell me exactly what you saw tonight?" Asked Sam, once again bringing out her notepad, starting on a new page.

"I…I didn't really see anything. I heard a noise of like a crackling, like when you click your knuckles and a chuckle from within the streets" Kirsten replied nervously.

"Did you see anyone else other than the victim?" Asked Sam, writing down all Kirsten's answers down on her notepad.

"No, in fact, I didn't even see another set of footprints on the ground. As if the murderer went over them before leaving".

"I noticed the exact same thing, no footprints other than the victims" Sam thought to herself, then circled it on her notepad. "Is there anything else that you could tell me?"

"I think I saw the murderer's weapon stashed under some snow near the body?"

"Yes, I had found that. Anything else? Did anyone else in the family see anything?"

"No. I was the only one to be woken by it".

After these few questions, Sam could see that she wasn't getting anywhere with the answers she was giving her, it was obvious that she was in shock from the event and needed time to settle down. So Sam decided to quickly wrap it up.

"Okay, thank you for your time Kirsten".

After thanking Kirsten, Sam left the police car, closing the door behind her, and began heading back to the car that her and her partner arrived in, where Joe was, leaning against the car waiting for her.

"Get anything?" Joe asked.

"Enough. C'mon, we'll revisit this tomorrow in the office".

Sam went around to the driver seat while Joe got in the passenger seat and she started up the car, then tried to drive their way out, making the police remove the tape for a moment, still holding the crowd back to let them out. On their way out, the press kept tapping on the windows with their mics aimed at the windows asking questions about what had happened, but without any reply, they gave up once they got to the next block, then decided to go back to the crime scene to hassle the police there again.

08.18am 4°c

Inside the house of three, a fifth teen year-old laid squirming around in his bed, as if he was being attacked, but then finally woke up. He jumped up with his heart pounding like a drum and with him breathing heavily as if he was holding his breath and shaking so much, the bed shuck along with him. He scanned the room as if he was looking for something then said "It was just a nightmare". After saying so, he fell back onto his pillow with relief and took began breathing slowly to calm himself down.

He looked over to the calendar on his door and noticed that it was a school day. Then he quickly looked over to his alarm clock and saw the time. 08.20 am.

"Shit, I'm gonna be late for school!"

The boy quickly got out of bed and starting going through his room looking for some clothes to wear. His floor was covered in clothes, plates, cups and wrappers. He searched through all of this for a clean shirt and pants. Once he found a clean pair of clothes and he had got dressed, he turned and looked into the mirror he has placed up against the wall, then checked his long black hair, naturally straight and styled to have a few spikes on top, but since he hadn't of done it, was flat, just about reaching his shoulders.

"Ah, it looks fine" he said to himself then heading into the bathroom.

As he started to brush his teeth, his mum knocked on the bathroom door after trying the handle and realized that someone was in there

"Nathan? Is that you? I thought you left already?" His Mum shouted through the door as if it wasn't there.

"I over slept!" Nathan replied with his mouth full of toothpaste foam and his toothbrush, "I'll be gone in a minute".

He got downstairs and popped himself some toast of out of the toaster. Just as he puts on his shoes, holding the toast in his mouth, he looks up at himself in the downstairs mirror to double check how he looks. He stands there in his black jeans, white shirt with a black tie from his collar covered with a kind-of rugged black blazer.

"Nathan. You are a looker" He laughed to himself as he looked at himself then left the house and headed to the bus stop.

As he headed to the bus stop he looked at the time on his phone, 08.35, and realized and shouted to himself "The last bus should be leaving now!" Then began to run to the bus stop. When he got there the bus was just leaving, and Nathan had to run after it. Half way down the street and the driver hadn't of noticed him by now and wouldn't hear him if he started shouting, but he thought that at least if he got up beside it at the back, he'd be able to shout to the students in there and they'd tell the driver to stop.

"Stop! Stop the bus!" Shouted Nathan as he was hitting the side of the bus to try and get the other students attention.

When he tried to indicate the people on the back row of the bus to tell the bus driver to stop, everyone just started to laugh and point at Nathan, but because of this, the bus driver looked back through the mirror and noticed Nathan chasing the bus and began to pull over for him.

"Oh c'mon, just leave the little freak" Jason called out to the bus driver, but he just ignored him.

Jason was one of the 'cool' kids, always thought that he was so funny and that everybody liked him, when it was quite clear that they only hanged around with him because he was strong so he could protect them in a fight, and also for the fame, since he hung around with a lot of the girls because they all fancied him.

The bus finally stopped and Nathan was able to walk on.

"Thanks" Nathan said, out of breath.

"Can't keep doing this Nathan. Happens too recent throughout the week, you need to wake up earlier or get to school another way" The bus driver replied.

Nathan nodded to agree, then went to sit where he does everyday, the same seat on the same bus. You could tell it was his own special seat because the wall under the window there was covered in graffiti of swear words and insults towards Nathan. Nathan just sat there, and hoped that the day would end quickly, the worst part of his day was going into school.

Once the bus stopped and everyone began to get up and leave, Jason, sitting in front of Nathan, decided to trip him over by sticking his leg out. After Nathan had fell down everybody started to laugh except the bus driver and Nathan. Nathan just stood up and left the bus without saying a word.

After getting out of the bus, Nathan then decided to go where he always went every morning, where his few friends hung out at, on the school field underneath a big tree. Nathan didn't have a lot of friends, and his friends didn't have a lot of friends, so it was important that they stuck together, which was what they did by going to the tree every morning, break time and lunch time.

As Nathan got on the school field and approached the tree, he was automatically referred to an 'emo' by one of the popular kids that we're in their area, harassing all of Nathan's friends that were there.

"What do you want David?"

David was another one of those 'cool' and 'famous' kids who was also friends with Jason and another bunch of them,and for some reason, their favorite hobby was to go around bullying people who didn't seem like they could stand up for themselves.

"Oh, watch out guys! Nathan is getting angry!" David shouted out sarcastically.

"How mature. Don't you have some girls to go hit on?"

"I can get them later, right now I'm enjoying my time with my best friends. Right?" Said David wrapping his arms around Nathan's friends, knowing that they didn't like him, but would never say it to his face.

"Why don't you just leave us alone? Why you always got to bully us?" Nathan asked walking closer in an intimidating way.

"Because; you guys are the only freaks in the school, and also, because of what you did to my sister!" He said pointing his finger right in Nathan's face.

"That wasn't my fault? She came on to me. Its not my fault your sister couldn't keep her hands off me." Nathan replied with a smug smile aimed at David.

Nathan didn't mean what he was saying, though it was true, he was saying it in a more meaner and in a way that he knew would annoy David, just to get on his nerves. He was making it out that he was calling Lilly a slut when that wasn't what he thought of her at all, because she obviously wasn't considering that she had only had one boyfriend in high school and dumped him within the first week.

David stood there tightening his fist, walked over to Nathan until he was directly in front of him and looking down on him since he was taller.
"Say that one more on, I dare you!" David replied in a threatening way.

Nathan stayed quiet and just stood there, being breathed heavily upon by David through his nostrils in anger. After the small stand off they were having, without anything happening, David decided to walk away with his friends, but before leaving shouted back at Nathan "After school, on the field. I'm taking you down, and if you don't show up, it'll be the next day, and the next, until I get you!"

After saying so, David was patted on the back by his friends as if to say 'good job' or 'you told him' then walked away back into the school.

"Wow, you stood up to David! Well…kind of" excitingly said Shane, one of Nathan's friends.

"Are you really going to fight with him?" Lilly asked, emerging from behind another nearby tree, little did any of them know that she was there from the very start.

"Lilly, what are you doing? You shouldn't be around here, David hates me enough about what happened as it is, if he saw us together again, he'd kill me" Nathan replied.

Lilly walked closer first looking over to see whether David was completely out of sight then moving her strawberry red long fringe behind her ear. She walked right up to Nathan and asked again " Are you going to fight my brother?"
"Eh…I guess I am. Why?"
"I could try and talk him out of it if you want me to? Unless you want to show him who's the real man around this school?" Lilly playfully replied, tapping Nathan on his chest.
"I don't want you telling him you spoke to me. Look I'll just get it over with today" Nathan replied, not as happily as Lilly did and a lot more serious.
"Em… okay" Lilly replied in a cute way with a quiet voice. "I'll be there after school, hope you come out on top" she said happily, then kissing him on the cheek before walking away.

Nathan just stood there, watched her walk away while holding his cheek where she kissed it. Lilly was an unbelievable girl, so many boys wanted her it was unreal, even some of the girls wanted her. But who blamed them? She was definitely the most beautiful, cutest and nicest girl in the entire school, and as far as Nathan was concerned, in the world. The only reason that she was so interested in Nathan was because they had been friends for years when they were younger, and she had fancied him ever since one special night that happened when they were younger, which was also the reason David hated him.


It was time for the fight to commence, but Nathan just didn't see the point in it, he didn't see what this fight was truly going to sort out, today was probably a one off he thought to himself, at least that was what he tried to convince himself of as he knew he was wrong.

In the end he decided that he wasn't going to go to the field and have the fight, so he'd just go around the field and walk along the road way instead, it was longer but that way no one on the field was going to see him.

Nathan knew that this would evolve into more rumors of him being afraid of David, which weren't true as he stopped being afraid of David once he got into high school and saw all the real intimidating kids that could do damage, and in comparison made David look like Nathan had been all those years.

After he had walked past the field and was on his way home, he heard footsteps coming up from behind him in a rapid motion, as a reaction he immediately swung his body around and prepared himself for a fight, as he thought it was going to be one of David's friends or David himself, begging for the fight or having the fight right there in the streets. Instead he turned to Lilly getting startled by him and jumping a little, dropping her things from in her hands all over Nathan's feet.

"Oh!" Loudly said Nathan in sudden realization, " I didn't mean to startle you".

After apologizing, Nathan began helping Lilly pick up her things as soon as he saw her picking them back up alone.

"Its fine" Replied Lilly, breathing a bit heavily from the jump.

"Here you go… wait, what's this?" Nathan asked about to hand over a book but then taking an interest in it as he sees a picture of him hanging out of it.

"Em…" Nervously said Lilly, starting to go as red as her hair, " I'll let you see if you invite me to your house?" She requested with a cute little jump as she asked.

Nathan was slightly confused by her request, but just agreed to it anyway since he could never say anything to upset that cute face of hers. Within the moment of Lilly coming over, she completely made him forget about what had just happened as they started walking back to his house.

After several minutes of walking, Nathan and Lilly arrived at Nathan's house. Not the best looking place to bring someone back to, nor to live in; the paint on the walls was peeling off, patches of paint were missing, and the grass was as grey and dead as the dust in the attic, but was lucky for him covered in snow so it was unnoticeable.

Nathan opened the door and shouted to his mum, informing her that he and someone else were home, then before entering himself allowed Lilly to walk in while holding the door open, like a gentleman.

"We?" His mum shouted back coming out of the kitchen, washing her hands on a dirty towel, "Oh! You brought a girl home!" Nathan's mum said in a surprising tone.

"Mum, this is Lilly. Lilly Bellick" Nathan introduced Lilly.

"Oh don't be ridiculous Nathan, how could I forget your childhood friend!" She said shaking Lilly's hand, and Nathan looked away in embarrassment, " Are you staying for dinner?"

Lilly stood there, silent and didn't know how to reply, so Nathan replied for her and said, "Yes, if that's ok?"

"Yeah, dinner should be ready soon," Replied Nathan's mum.

Nathan and Lilly walked up the creaky old staircase, which was making a lot of noise as they stepped up each step. Once they were off the creaky stairs and down the hallway, they got outside of Nathan's room, Nathan remembered how much of a mess it was and decided that he should probably warn her of the mess before she entered.

"Um… FYI, my room is a skip…" He turned and explained really awkwardly.

Lilly giggled and replied saying "Its fine, you don't need to try and impress me!" Then grabbed his hand and led him into his own room.
More than 4 hours later, after they had both eaten downstairs with his mother, Lilly was still at Nathan's house and they were back in Nathan's room watching a film together. Nathan and Lilly were sitting next to each other up against the back of the bed with their legs spread out on the bed. Lilly decided to migrate her head onto Nathan's legs, placing her hands down on his legs before her head, as if she was getting ready for bed while watching the film. Nathan just sat there, not knowing what to do but just to go with it.

After a few minutes of remaining in that position, Lilly rolled over and looked up to Nathan playfully like a kitten, with her hands out in front of her like paws, and it made Nathan smile a little. This made Lilly giggle.

"You have such a nice smile, why don't you show it more often?" Lilly asked, still being playful and happy.

"Because, what is there to ever smile about? No one in the school likes me and I'm bullied everyday. And just so you know I do smile, just only to my friends, and that's not even that often".

"You smile for me?" Lilly pointed out to Nathan.

"Because you're different. You are nice to me even though you have David as a brother, and you can make me happy out of any situation…"

Nathan said looking down into her eyes, and getting lost half way through his sentence.
Lilly turned over so she was looking into his stomach and began to hug Nathan, forcing her face into his stomach.

"Why don't you ever talk to me anymore? Or even like being seen with me?" Lilly asked concerned and in a quiet tone, meaning something is wrong.

"You know why, because of your brother. After that night you and me went down to the Dee, in one of the bunkers and… what we shared right there was the one thing that made your brother hate me forever…yet no matter how much he ruins my life each passing day… I will never take back that night, or anything that happened between you and me" Nathan replied putting a lot of emotion and thought into what he just said.

Lilly sat up and said "I think about it everyday. I think about you everyday, and I haven't stopped since that very night all those years ago... I love you Nathan"

"I love you too Lilly".

After those words there was a moment where no one said anything or did anything, but then Nathan went in for a kiss, and Lilly responded. Nathan was now sitting there with Lilly still lying on his legs, kissing in the dark while having the film '28 Days Later' on in the background.

This kissing was something that they had never shared but had always wanted to, though they had been intimate before, they were young and didn't know a thing about love. This kiss was long overdue and they both savored it for the long time that had past as they sat there kissing for as long as they could.

After they had finished their heads remained close to each other's as their hormones were driving them crazy, but neither of them knew whether the other wanted anything like that to happen, which was silly really because they both wanted it but because no one spoke up, they left it, and simply changed the way that they were sitting as they both got underneath the covers and snuggled up to each other, keeping each other warm as it was a cold night.

They both gazed into each other's eyes for a moment once they got into the bed, which yet again led to more kissing, slightly evolving as they placed their arms around each other to make it more passionate as they held their bodies together.

10.45pm. 1°c

3 hours had passed and after all this time they spent snuggling together watching two other films that they both selected , Lilly rolled over to Nathan and said " I should get home" looking tired but in a really happy way.

"Of course" Nathan replied.

They both got out of bed and began putting their winter clothes back on which they had placed on Nathan's desk, along with both of their school bags and Lilly's books.

"Could you walk me home please?"

Nathan had a small chuckle and replied saying "Of course", kissing her on the forehead then helped her put on her coat and then picked up her bag and books.

After giving Lilly her bag and offering to carry the books himself for Lilly, Nathan walked Lilly all the way home, after almost 15 minutes of Lilly's arm being wrapped around Nathan's entire walk, they made it outside of Lilly's house in her garden, which had completely been covered in a blanket of snow, which hadn't been damaged apart from the walk way into the house.

"Night" Nathan said hugging her.

"Night" Replied Lilly, will you I hear from you again?" Lilly asked in a joking way.

Nathan laughed and replied, "Are you kidding? You'd have to kill me to stop me!"
They shared one last kiss, then Lilly began to walk through her garden up to her door, but before she had made it half way up the path, Nathan shouted, "You never did show me what was inside your book?"

"Oh, what a shame. I guess I'll have to show you next time" she said winking then walking off all embarrassed and blushing. Leaving Nathan with a big smile on his face.

Once Lilly had got back into her house, Nathan made his way back home through the misty, cold snowy weather all alone. Shivering, but to make himself warmer, he decided to run back home to make it back faster, and to get his blood flowing faster so he'd be warm before he got home as well.

8.12am 14/05/2011 3°c

Nathan had woken up fine and happy due to the previous night with Lilly, though they didn't say that they were going out it seemed that way so he just assumed it.

Though once Nathan head off to the bus stop, everyone there were speaking among themselves about Nathan not showing up to the fight that David had arranged the previous day, and everyone thought that he was a coward, in fact 'coward' was the newest edition to his corner on the bus, writing in bold black permanent marker so that it stood out.

Once again when Nathan got off the bus Jason decided to stick his foot out again and even though Nathan saw it and expected it since he did it every day, he knew that if he avoided it, it'd turn into something bigger, so he decided to walk into it anyway and fell over with everyone in the bus laughing at him.

Nathan head over to where his friends hang out at the tree again and, just as he expected, David was there trying to terrorize his friends again.

"Well, well, well look'y here, it's the coward that didn't show up!" One of David's friends shouted as Nathan approached where they were.

After this had alarmed David, he left Nathan's friends and quickly made his way up to Nathan, pushing him backwards as he pumped out his chest into Nathan once he was in front of him, to intimidate him.

"You have some nerves for showing me up like that, leaving me there while the entire school were there waiting for me to kick your ass!" David began to rant extremely close to Nathan's face.

"Well you see at first I didn't think that there was much point in doing so because I thought it was pointless, but obviously you are going to continue being the animal you are until someone teaches you how to sit, so I'll be there today after school for the fight you wanted yesterday" Nathan replied.

"Good, I'm looking forward to it, don't blow me off again Nathan, otherwise I'll come to your house and attack you there and that weak mother of yours as well".

And once again, like the day before, David walked away from Nathan with his friends by his side, Nathan could never understand how David got so high on the school's food chain as he was an idiot and not anywhere near as scary as the rest of them, he was like their pet. Nathan was more intimidating than David, he should be up there with the rest, though he wouldn't join them anyway since all they did was pick on those who couldn't defend themselves, like what they thought of Nathan and his friends, but Nathan was prepared to prove him and the rest of them wrong with this fight today.

3.12pm. 3°c

After a long day of school, being asked in each lesson whether he was really going to fight David, then threats from the 'cool' kids once again saying that he was going to 'die' in this fight after school, the school bell finally rang. With the bell ringing, all of the kids started screaming and shouting as they ran out of their classes, all heading to the school field to watch the fight that was about to happen. Nathan and Shane were possibly the only people that didn't run to the field, and just casually walked.

Nathan had told Lilly about the fight today during their science lesson as they didn't sit far from each other and none of David's group were smart enough to get into set 1 science, so this was the only opportunity he had to tell her without someone telling David.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Shane asked one last time, as he was asking all day.

"I'm sure. I mean I have to. I can't just let him walk all over us all the time. Besides I can do this right?" He asked hoping for Shane to agree.

"Well… I guess you have a fifty-fifty chance?" Replied Shane, trying to balance it out with his arms.

"Thanks for that" Nathan replied sarcastically, then opening the door that lead out of the school, with the field on the left.

Nathan and Shane, being the last ones to arrive eventually got to the field. The entire year and even students from younger years were surrounding the 'arena' where David was standing in the middle off. Nathan finally got to the middle where everybody was cheering for David, and only Shane was shouting for Nathan, but then stopped before he got mauled himself by all the crowd voting against him, though Lilly didn't chant for anyone, she just stood there eager to see how it was going to end up, thought in her mind she was screaming Nathan's name louder than the entire crowd of people. Nathan placed his school bag down next to where Shane was standing then stepped in to the circle.

"Well look who decided to show up today" David said, trying to make everyone else laugh which they did end up doing.

"I'm only here because you are immature enough to think that fights resolve everything" Nathan replied, making him look stupid in front of everyone with his way of words.

"You're going to regret saying that!" David shouted, as he raised his fist, showing that was ready to start the fight, if he hadn't already started it.

Nathan began to walk closer and closer to David, with his fist raising high in front of his face. Nathan carried on walking like this to him but then David swung around his fists and got Nathan on the left side of his face making Nathan fall back a little, but was still standing. Everybody gasped at this, because usually people would fall over after one of David's punches since he was so strong that the power would usually knock them straight off their feet. David went to swing again but this time missed, once his fist was past Nathan, Nathan saw the opportunity and went for it and fired his fist straight into David's gut. David fell down to the ground, holding on to his stomach and coughing up his own saliva as he clenched hard where Nathan had just hit.

Everybody gasped as they watched David hit the ground and then was unable to get back up after only one punch from Nathan. Since David didn't look like he was getting up any time soon, Nathan decided that the fight was over, picked up his things from Shane's feet and started to walk away through the crowd of open mouthed students.

"Nathan!" Called out David from on the floor, being helped up by his friends. "Your dead tomorrow!"

Nathan just pretty much ignored him and carried on walking, but said to himself "Really? He's not gonna give up, and now he's gonna get his friends to fight with me too…"

While Nathan was walking home again after exiting the field through the small hole in the bushes, he heard someone running up behind him again and this time turned casually as he expected it was Lilly and was right.

"Hi Nath!" Said Lilly as she stopped in front of him.

"Hi again Lilly, sorry about the fight with your brother..."

Nathan wasn't sorry about beating up her brother at all, he was proud of himself as all of his friends would be. The only reason he was apologizing was in case Lilly was upset about the matter or angry about it.

"Oh don't worry about it, he deserved it, it's about time someone put him in his place. Mind if I come back to yours again today?"

"Of course not, it'd be my pleasure".

6.35pm 2°c

Once again it was the same routine, Nathan came back home with Lilly and they went into his room for a while until their dinner was ready then ate downstairs with Nathan's mother again. Afterwards they both head up stairs and put something on the television, something that Lilly wanted on and it was a teen show off the kids channel with a bunch of american 20 year-olds pretending to be 16 or 18 year-olds, it was too confusing and kiddy like for Nathan to understand, but he watched anyway and found it funny and laughed at the right moments along with Lilly, they ended up having a lot of fun.

While they were watching it, Lilly was sitting in between Nathan's legs with his arms wrapped around her waist as they were underneath the covers, they were both comfortable and enjoying themselves, then Lilly turned to Nathan and got serious with him.

"Seeing you beat up David today was quite the thing to see, seeing how much you've changed in strength since we were little, you could see the muscle in your punch and the force, it was very pleasing to watch".

"Thanks I guess, I hope you weren't worried about me getting hurt in that fight".

"I was worried... and you did get hurt and I am very sorry about that, that shouldn't have happened".

Lilly lifted herself up and kissed Nathan's cheek where David had punched him, though it didn't change anything it was nice of her to do so and it warmed Nathan's heart a lot.

While Lilly was up there she turned from his cheek to his face and kissed him, though this time, the kiss was leading somewhere else. Once again their hormones were driving them crazy and they could both feel it, especially Lilly as she could feel his penis getting erect through his pants against her.

After feeling that she knew where this was going and she encouraged it in case Nathan didn't know, she moved his hands from around her waist onto her breast as they kissed and Nathan held on, and started gently squeezing as they continued. Lilly turned around to face Nathan as they continued to kiss and Nathan placed his hands up Lilly's back where he un-clipped her bra strap slowly, then gently watched the strap fall from her collar bones to around her shoulders.

Lilly began unbuttoning Nathan's shirt and Nathan unbuttoned Lilly's as well, revealing her pale white chest along with her perfectly round and firm breast which were only slightly being covered by her bra as it had fallen very low. Lilly removed Nathan's shirt as he began releasing the button from her pants and undoing the zip.

Lilly took off her own bra and began doing the same to Nathan and before they knew it, they were both naked as they had slowly moved themselves to lie down with Lilly on top of Nathan, but they weren't doing anything yet over than lying there and still kissing.

Lilly stopped the kissing for a moment and gazed directly into Nathan's eyes as she asked Nathan to make the most important promise to her at that moment.

"Promise to love me forever and always?"

Nathan made sure to look her back directly in the eyes so that she could see how much he meant it when he replied "I promise to love you forever and always".

After Nathan had made this promise, Lilly began kissing him again as she picked up his penis from being placed on himself and moved herself into position on top of him, as she slowly moved herself down onto his penis and allowed them to share the exact thing that they shared that night down the Dee in the bunker, yet this time there was a lot more passion as they knew why they were doing it this time, they knew that this time it was to show that they both truly loved each other.

10.30pm -1°c

After sharing their bodies with each other for an hour straight, and for the rest of the time had remained cuddling each other as they continued to watch the television shows while laughing and giggling, still remaining naked it was time for Lilly to go home once again.

For Nathan it was the worst time of any day for him, when he had to say goodbye to Lilly, though he had only had to say it once since they have been talking again, it still killed him to let her go.

He helped Lilly with all her things again as well as helping her dress herself and himself from bare skin to two layered clothing, and he carried her books as well as having her bag around his shoulder this time as they made their way back to her house.

Once they were outside, they hugged one last time for a long period of time as neither of them wanted that night to end then they kissed and with drawled from each other as they said goodbye and goodnight to each other, and as Lilly walked away, she pinched Nathan's bottom and quickly got away before he could do it back, pulling a cute silly face with her tongue out, then got back into her house.

This time on the walk home, Nathan walked slowly as he admired the thoughts of what had happened that night and couldn't stop thinking about them the entire walk home, he had been happier these past two days with Lilly than he had been for the past few years behind her, it was obvious to him that he needed Lilly in her life, that she completed him in ways neither of them would ever understand.