10.45pm 29/05/2011 -9°c

Nathan has awaken from sleeping on a bus stop that is no longer in service in the most run down town he had ever seen. There were homeless people all around, he was surprised he hadn't been mugged or worse in the time that he was sleeping, each and every building was graffiti'd and the buildings around had either paint peeling off or none at all where you could see the bare brick. Putting the place that he was in aside, he had one purpose for today, and that to look for that place he was attacked by the cultest, hoping that he will finally find him, there and finish this once and for all. Nathan searched for big buildings that had graffiti on them, where he might find the cultest. Though this would prove a lot harder than Nathan had hoped as nearly every building looked like what he was searching for, but smaller.

While he was doing this, Joe and Sam had returned back to the city and returned with their undercover police cars and were roaming the streets separately, so that they had more of a chance of finding Nathan quicker.

"Have you seen anything yet?" Joe asked Sam over the radio.

"No. What do you think he wants with this place?" Sam asked.

"I don't know, he could just be hiding out here for all we know, but either way we've got to find him, and end this today".

"We're here to arrest him, Joe. Not kill him".

"He is a danger to everyone as long as he still roams the streets" Joe argued.

"Did the mother confirm that he went back there last night?" Sam asked.

"No. She said that they didn't get anything from him" Joe replied.

"Oh and Joe, just remember. I'm in charge, you follow my order. You don't shoot again, unless I say it's okay, okay?"

"...Yes ma'am" Joe replied with a down graded tone to what he had been speaking in before.

"Good, and if you find him, don't pursue on foot until I get there".


11.30pm -6°c

Nathan sat to take a small rest after looking, and thought about Lilly for a moment, how he betrayed her in the end, and how much he missed her. The last time he saw her alive was with a frightened look on her face, being afraid of him, and the final time was when she was dead in his arms, impaled in the stomach by his own hand. He sought not to die until justice is served, therefore, the cultest must die. Thinking about this made Nathan more eager to find him, and continued his search.

Joe resulted to going round and asking a bunch of citizens whether they had seen Nathan, carrying round a picture of him. He kept asking and asking until he nearly gave up, he went to ask one more person before getting back in the car.

"Excuse me? Have you seen this boy?" Joe asked the man.

"I have actually, he was down at the old factory down that road, take a right and a left and it's right there" The man replied.

"Oh god, thank you".

Joe quickly ran over to his car and radio'd Sam to tell her to meet him there. Joe and Sam went in and searched the entire place with their weapons drawn, but turns out that Nathan had already left there before they got there.

"Damn it, do you think he lied?" Sam asked.

"No, Nathan must have been here earlier" Joe replied, putting his weapon back in its holster. "Lets carry on looking ,we're sure to find him soon".

Joe and Sam went back into their cars and went separate ways to continue their search for Nathan.

Another half an hour later, Sam continued to circle the streets with an eye out for Nathan, and lucky enough, finally found Nathan slowly walking around the streets. Sam quickly turned on her siren and pursued Nathan, as a real police official would. Nathan ran away from her, trying to lose her around the corners but she just swerved around them and continued to follow. At this point she realized that she hadn't of contacted Joe yet, and this may be proven easier if she did, but she knew that if she did, he'd ram Nathan down before she could tell him not to. So Sam decided to carry out the pursuit as it was going.

It got to a point where Sam drove in front of him and turned the car so that it was blocking his way, but Nathan vaulted straight over the car and carried on running. Sam was getting frustrated and while following Nathan, she accidentally pressed down on the accelerator and ended up ramming her car into Nathan up against a wall as he or she didn't have enough time to turn the corner, without even realizing.

Sam got out of her car quickly and pulled her pistol out as she walked around to the front of her car. She looked above, next to and under the car, but Nathan was nowhere to be found, "No one could have walked away from that?" She asked herself.

Nathan is hiding around a corner as Sam gets in her car and checks the area to see if Nathan's body had flown anywhere else from the impact. Nathan stood amazed and felt around on his body.

"I'm not hurt!" He said surprised, "This is impossible".

Nathan looked around where he was, and noticed that this building had a possibility of matching the place he was looking for. He went inside, just like he did when he thought that the factory was the right place and took a look around and then he knew that this was the place.

"This is it" Nathan said hopefully to himself.

Nathan continued to search the place, looking for the circle of candles that surrounded him in his last blackout. There were several floors to this building, so Nathan was sure to find it if he searched each level and each room.

Meanwhile, Sam had just contacted Joe to come to her position, and Joe was on his way.

"He's gonna be so pissed once I tell him I've lost Nathan" Sam said to herself, "Y'know what, no. I don't care. I'm in charge and I have the right to choose my own actions".

Joe pulled up next to Sam's car and slammed his door behind him furiously and charged over to Sam.

"What were you thinking?" Joe shouted, "You found him and went after him yourself without even contacting me! We wouldn't have lost him if you had fucking asked for my help!"

Sam had froze in the moment, she had never heard Joe so angry before.

While Joe continued to shout at Sam, Nathan leaned out of a window and saw them outside of the building he was in.

"Shit, I need to hurry before they decide to search this place" Nathan said to himself, and hurried going throughout the place, searching every corner and every room until he found the candles or the cultest.

After six floors of checking, Nathan was getting tired of running around, but this floor was his lucky number. Nathan opened up the door to see a circle of candles lit at the end of the corridor, with the hooded cultest standing, looking in Nathan's direction. Nathan remained where he was and clenched his fist.

"I have cast a curse upon you that can only be removed by our will, and this holds to eternal life, to suffer forever with the..." The cultest continued to mutter until it got louder and louder, extending his arms out to the sides of him, and bending his neck up to look to the ceiling.

The muttering from the cultest began to get louder and louder in his head to the point where he couldn't take it, so he pulled the pistol from being tucked into the back of his pants and raised it to the cultest as he started to walk closer to him. The speaking drove him insane, and Nathan pulled the trigger as a bullet flew through the air and pierced the cultest's skin on his lower left stomach. The cultest stumbled slightly, but still continued to speak, repeating what he just said.

"Did you hear that?" Joe asked, placing his hand on his holster as the gun shot echoed.

"Lets go!"

Sam and Joe entered the building where they could hear the shots echoing from and began to search the rooms to find where the gun shots came from.

Nathan pulled the trigger once again, piercing another bullet through his chest, making the cultest nearly falling over as he breathed heavily with blood coming from his mouth, but continued to speak.

"Get out of my head!" Nathan shouted as he pulled the trigger once again, this time through the cultest' leg, making him fall over.

Nathan was now face-to-face with the cultest, with a gun to his head.

"If you shall murder me, your curse will never lifted, you will never be able to die and will forever..."

Nathan interrupted and said "This is for Lilly" Then pulled the trigger as the last bullet spinned out of the chamber and flew straight through the cultest skull, blowing his brains all over the ground behind him. The cultest fell down onto the ground and bled everywhere underneath and around him. Nathan knelled down to remove the hood, revealing the man's face responsible for all this, but Joe and Sam's footsteps got louder and louder as they approached to the top of the staircase at the end of the hall, Nathan had to leave the man, to never know who had done all this to him, and climbed out of the window behind the dead cultest. Joe and Sam ran into the room, kicking the door down and each scanned the room. They both noticed the body on the ground, surrounded by candles, so they immediately ran there to check it out.

"I'll check the body, you check the rest of these rooms" Sam said as she knelled down to examine the body. "His head has exploded!" Sam whispered to herself.

Sam pulled down the hood to reveal who this person was, but because of the bullet wound, he was unrecognizable, not to be identified until blood samples were taken.

"We need back-up and diagnostic teams at my position immediately please" Sam said over the radio to back at the police station.

"No ones here" Joe returned to Sam, "Who ever it was, they got away..."

1.30am 30/05/2011 -8°c

Nathan is sitting down at the bunker where he and Lilly used to go once again. He remembered that he had left the diary that Lilly made down there, so he decided to sit there and read through it one more time. He smiled with tears of happiness shining in his eyes as he read through the early years of their lives, but once he got to her depressing years of loneliness where Nathan stopped talking to her, he starting pouring with tears. He remembered the time he and Lilly were lying together and reading through the book together, Nathan poured out into tears, to the point where he couldn't read any further.

"I miss you Lilly" He struggled to speak as he cried, "I'm so sorry you were taken from this world before your time... I should've left you here and left without you, you would have been fine then..." He stood up, "You'd still be alive if it wasn't for me.."

Nathan became enraged and punched the bunker wall, breaking the skin on his knuckles as they split open and blood poured from his knuckles faster than the tears from his eyes. He fell down to the ground, huddled up into the corner and cried himself to sleep inside the bunker.

03/06/2011 10°c

The snow had stopped for the first time in weeks as it was time for the clouds to consume the skies to prepare to rain as it typically would every day on a burial day. Beneath the blackening clouds is Lilly's funeral held in the middle of the cemetery, surrounded by her friends and family, people that Nathan or Lilly had ever seen before, all sobbing over her death, placing flowers down onto her coffin before it is lowered down into it's grave. Joe stands among the many with Sam beside him.

Meanwhile, Nathan is passing by outside of his house. Looking over, just thinking about his parents and the life he had left behind. Today he is prepared to leave this Earth, he doesn't care what happens today. All he wants to do is visit Lilly one more time in this life, before spending the rest of his days with her in the next. Nathan walked up to his house door and pinned on a note that he wrote before he left the bunker, then he walked away. The note read;

I'm sorry Mum, I never broke a promise to you, until the very last one I made. I won't be coming home, but know that I'll be in a better and happier place. I love you, Nathan.

After the funeral services were finished, and the clouds came over and rained down on the sobbing people walking away, Nathan waited a little longer for everyone to leave before he made his way over himself with the handgun still tucked away in the back of his pants, and walked over to Lilly's grave. Nathan looked down on her grave, tears filling up his eyes once again as he brought out his offering to her closed coffin, her diary. He placed it as carefully as he could on top of the coffin and stood back up.

"I'm so sorry Lilly..." He whimpered out.

Joe was on his way back to the grave when he saw Nathan standing over it and quickly called it in as he drew his weapon from his holster.

"He's here, lets do this". Joe said on his radio.

With his gun raised he quickly ran over to where Nathan was standing over the grave, noticed the weapon in tucked away and kept his distance as he aimed his weapon at Nathan.

"Step away from the grave Nathan" He shouted.

"Before you kill me today, I want you to understand that I never meant any harm to Lilly..." Nathan cried out with his back to Joe. "I loved her more than anyone could. She was taken away from me, away from this world, far before her time".

Nathan fell to his knees, "I just wish she never came to the park..."

As Nathan fell down to his knees, several groups of armed police men surrounded the graveyard all aiming at Nathan as they closed in and stopped once Joe told them to.

"It was all him... I tried to hold myself back so much...But he was too strong".

"What are you talking about Nathan you sound insane. I think it'd be best to put you down where you stand".

Nathan stood up and pulled out the gun that he had tucked away but everyone knew was there. Once he equipped the weapon everyone raised their weapons against him again, "Nathan what are you doing?" Joe asked.

"I wanted to die today, for the third time. I know now that the only person who could kill me... is myself" Nathan explained, "...And if I am going to die, it'll be with my Lilly..." Nathan raised the gun underneath his chin with his finger on the trigger.

"No matter what you're going to die today from the looks of things Nathan. But let me just tell you this, that this funeral was a set up for you all along".

Nathan stood in confusion as he heard what Joe said, questioned him on what he had just said.

"We set all this up, even the people at the funeral were in on it. That's why I had all these police officers on standby so close".

At this point, Sam had approached from behind Joe in the distance and stood beside Joe with her weapon out as well.

"Truth be told Lilly isn't dead. We were just placing that thought through your head ever since you hurt her to make you think that she was dead. Though you stabbed her, she is alive at the hospital and is going to make it, will be out of hospital in a few days, but you will never be able to see her well again, because today is your last day on this Earth".

"You are a sick bastard you know that? Using your own daughters injury as a set up for someone. I bet you never even told her, because she'd be sickened with you, and I garentee that she will never find out. You'll probably never even tell her that I died, maybe that I got away and will never be seen again just to save the tears. Or actually, you will tell her, just so she won't go looking for me so that you end up losing her".

"You aren't one to judge Nathan you're the one who betrayed her in the first place".

"I didn't fucking betray her!"

After shouting Nathan knew that it was pointless, no one would ever believe him no matter how many times they were told, so he gave up. Nathan closed his eyes, while everybody watched and shot himself from the chin and up through his head, and with the impact of the gun shooting him made him fly back off his feet into the grave that they had set up for Lilly's pretend funeral. No one was surprised about him doing it, they were only surprised at the timing that he did it. At this point everyone believed that he was just simply crazy and that there was nothing and no one that could have helped him.

They later on found out that he was seeing a counselor as when Sam returned to Lucy for another session she was upset about the incident and explained he was one of her patients. Although out of all that had happened, no sympathy other than Lucy and his friends was shown as they all accepted that he was crazy, insane, and that all this time he should have been locked away in a mental asylum with the rest of his kind.

Nathan's body was removed from the public eye without even telling his parents about what had happened and was taken out of town to a morgue where he would be incinerated for no one to ever find out what had happened to him. They sown up his wounds as they always did though they had no intention on removing his organs so they left them in for him to be incinerated with them. There would never be any trace of Nathan in history from that day.