Once upon a time there were three little girls. Rei, Rein, and Reiana. Rei was the eldest by a year to Rein, Rein was older by nine months to Reiana. Their parents were not the richest. They had money to buy one doll for their daughters, for all of them to share. However they all wanted a different one. So their parents asked the doll maker to a make a cheap doll that has the aspects of the three.

The girls were anxious and excited. All they had were rag dolls. Those dolls had no eyes, crooked smiles, and stubby limbs. They were made from potato sacks. They had more than enough sacks to make the dolls, because they could afford large bags of potatoes, and little else.

It took the doll maker two months to create the doll for the girls. Their parents left them at home as they left to get the porcelain doll. The girls looked at their rag dolls and knew they would still have the ugly little things. How else would they all play together?

"I hate my doll." Reiana said, tossing her doll to the floor. She frowned and glared at it.

"... I hate my doll, too." Rein followed suit. She wanted the beautiful doll they would get later in the day.

"I love my doll." Rei smiled at the doll she has had her entire life and hugs it tightly.

"It's ugly." Reiana pointed out.

"I love it anyway." Rei replied.

"It's old." Rein grumbles, glaring at her doll on the floor.

"I love it anyway."

Their parents came home and presented the doll. It's glass eyes were multicolored, one blue the other green. It's skin was almost white with the prettiest rosy cheeks. It's hair was long, curly, and blonde. It had a beautiful bonnet of white lace and ivory. She had a beautiful, matching ivory dress that the girls adored and wanted for themselves. She was perfect for them.

Rei wanted the doll with blue eyes and blonde hair, but seeing them on this mish-mash of a doll seems... bad. Almost as if it were a monster instead of a doll. She stared at it as her sisters fawned over it, but she couldn't get rid of the feeling that this doll was not what they wanted. It had the same elements, but it wasn't the same doll. She looked away and played with her rag doll.

"It's so pretty!" Reiana beams happily as she touches the dolls face.

"What are we going to name her!?" Rein touches the fabric of the dress, it's soft.

"She already has a name. Daisy." Their mother tells them, smiling at them softly.

"I need to work. I will be back tonight." Their father kisses their mother then each of their foreheads as he then leaves for work.

Rei tried to tell him not to go, but her voice wouldn't come out. She had a feeling he wasn't coming back. She doesn't know why or where that feeling came from, but she does feel it. And she doesn't know what to do with it. So she spends the day with her sisters. They played with the doll in one corner of the room while she played with her doll in the middle of it.

That night their father did not return as he said he would. Their mother said he must have gotten held up. He will be back in the morning. They woke up eager to thank their father with the breakfast they helped make. They waited and waited... Then there was a knock on the door. Their mother opened it and... there was their father. No. There was the dead body of their father. In a cart behind the officer.

His body was so badly mangled they admitted they had to spend the morning figuring out who this man was. Blood and his innards were everywhere in the cart. Their mother screamed and sobbed and yelled at the girls to go to their room while she was consoled by the officer. Rein and Reiana were consoled by their doll while Rei curled up on her mass of blankets on the floor. They were all crying.

Their mother raised them by herself from then on. She didn't have a choice. She had to take care of her children. So she worked, in the only way she could. She warmed other men's beds at night while her three girls slept soundlessly at home, her mother watching over them. It was hard on all of them. Especially since there were times the men simply would not pay her, as if they deserved what happened and had no reason to give the only thing she asks for.

Their grandmother played with them, complimenting the doll often. She loved the doll as much as Rein and Reiana. Rei hasn't touched the doll since it first arrive. She isn't... scared of it but it seems much creepier now that it's in the house.

"Something is wrong with that doll." She says, sitting in the worn out chair in the living room while her sisters and her grandmother play with the rag dolls and the beautiful, porcelain doll.

"There is nothing wrong with Daisy." Reiana becomes defensive immediately.

"Is her dress dirty or something?" Rei smooths the ivory dress and makes sure there is nothing physically wrong with her.

"No, her dress is fine. She looks perfect but... I feel uneasy."

"Oh, are you feeling ill?" Her grandmother stands up and walks over to her. She places her long, wrinkly, bony fingers to Rei's forehead and frowns. "Hmm... You don't feel too warm but we should get you to bed. We can't afford medicine."

"No- I'm fine I-" Rei tries to explain but her grandmother forces her to lay down in her bed.

She sighs and stares up at the ceiling as she listens to her family members play with the doll. She can't figure out why she doesn't trust the doll. There's no reason for her to be acting this way, or to be almost fearful of an inanimate object. There must be someone who could help her. But they are likely to have a fee for such services. Of course she can't ask. She will be on her own and there's nothing she can do about it.

All through out the next day the girls, and their grandmother, slowly realize that their mother hasn't come back yet. Or if she had she was very quite and isn't coming out of her room. Rei stands up from sitting in the living room with the girls and walks over to their mothers bed room. She knocks once and waits. When she doesn't hear anything she knocks again. But there still isn't anything. She opens the door and peeks in. There's a lump in the bed. Is their mother ill?

She walks in slowly and quietly. She walks over to the other side and reaches for the cover over her mother's body when she notices... how red the whole bed spread is. And there's red splatters on the wall even. Rei begins shaking. She doesn't want to see what's under here anymore. She already knows what is it. She tears the blanket away then screams in terror. Her mothers eyes are wide open. Her body is nearly blue from how pale it is. And her stomach has been cut wide open.

There are no explanations for why anyone would do this to their parents. No one could answer the officers when they asked if anyone would even want to do this to them. Their grandmother took immediate custody of the girls and moved them out of the small house. Their grandmother lives in a proper house, with enough bed rooms for them all to have their own. She bought new clothes and resolved to help them live better lives.

Reiana called having Daisy sleep with her this evening. Rein decided to have her the next night. Rei watched them, happy that they aren't fighting over the doll. She had originally thought that, maybe, the uneasy feeling would go away when they moved in with their grandmother. But she is certain it has nothing to do with the house. It has to do with Daisy.

Rei climbed into her bed that evening and wondered what it would take to get rid of this feeling. She considered hiding the doll, but she knew her sisters would hate her. She also knew if she broke it or sold it her sisters would hate her even more and would never, ever speak to her again. There must be something she could do. She fell asleep, trying to find explanations and answers and the solution to her problems.

For the next two years her sisters absolutely adored Daisy. And there were no more strange murders. Rei was going to school, as was Rein. Reiana was being taught some things by their grandmother. The doll was home in the morning with Reiana, but in the afternoon Rein got to be with her. They always took turns sleeping with the doll. Rei was still happy they did not fight over the doll. But even with two years of work and effort she couldn't figure out her uneasy feeling. Well. Until the next day, on the anniversary of their parents marriage.

Reiana was home with their grandmother and Daisy all day. But when Rei and Rein came home all they found was Daisy and the body of their grandmother. At first it could have been old age. Then they saw the blood. Daisy looked perfect, as always, not a drop of blood. But their grandmother was lost to them. Rei had Rein go find Reiana while she went to call for an officer, to get help.

They were all still children. They would be orphans now. Unless a relative took them in. They could be living on the streets. Rei was scared. But she was more frightened for Reiana. What if she had been kidnapped? What would they do to a mere child? Too many questions, too few answers.

The officer did very little. But he did find Reiana. She was hiding in the wine celler. She was crying and covered in blood. But she had no idea what happened. The officer would have blamed her on the murder of her grandmother, but Reiana claimed to barely remember a mad man coming in and... she guessed he... killed their grandmother. She couldn't think of a single reason why but she knew it had to be true. Everyone knew it had to be.

Rei, Rein, and Reiana were allowed to stay in the house if they wanted. They would leave a lady here to watch over them for a few weeks while the officers contacted family members. If one of them would take the girls into their home. They were all determined to stay together. But Rein and Reiana were far more determined, because of Daisy.

It took many, many days for them to be adopted by a family member. They didn't recognize him. His name or his face. But they didn't know everyone in their family, so it made sense at the time. He was nice, kind, and overall understanding of the girls for the first week. After the week was up he took the doll from Rein and Reiana and he kept her from all three of the girls.

He became harsh and forced them to do household chores rather than letting them play or go to school. He made them cook every meal, clean every corner. He wasn't going to let them be mere children any longer. They were to be his young servants that kept his house clean for him. With time it felt like that's all they had ever been.

Rein and Reiana forgot about the doll. Rei didn't. Rei swore, silently and to herself, that the doll was watching them. She never saw Daisy, but she felt like the doll was near. She didn't know what it wanted, but she knew it wanted something. She finally realized all these misfortunes have been happening ever since the doll became theirs. There was something disturbing about it ever since.

A year later Rein found the doll while the Richard, their distant cousin, was out for the evening. Reiana was delighted to see it again as well. Rein and Reiana cleaned the doll thoroughly before playing with it. Rei watched, horrified. She knew something bad was going to happen. She could feel it. The doll looked... demonic almost. And her sisters... they didn't sound the same.

Rei tried to take the doll from them, but they shoved her away and clawed at her with their finger nails. She cried out and ran outside, to the back yard. She didn't realize her mistake until she saw her sisters with knives in their hands. They looked like demonic dolls. She stared at their eyes. They each had one eye that was exactly like Daisy's. Rein had the blue eye, Reiana had the green eye.

Rei heard a girl's voice, telling her that she was going to do to Rei what the doll maker did to her. Rei didn't understand until her sisters turned on her completely. At first she couldn't understand what happened, then it came to light. The doll maker took apart the three dolls, put them back together to make this. The dolls weren't happy and decided to take it out on everyone else. Rei's final thoughts... a wish. That her sisters would be safe.