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Armilthea and Sieran. We've been at war for sixteen years. Sixteen years of a struggle, with neither side faltering. Sixteen years of raids. Sixteen years of death. Sixteen years of turmoil. Sixteen years of fear. Sixteen years of life. Time after time, someone would disappear. No one says, "They'll be home soon." Because they won't. No one does. If you're from Armilthea, you're either dead or stuck in Sieran. They've been taking our people for sixteen years. And for what? For sport. Prisoners of war, missionaries, found out spies, they make up some of the Players. But mostly, its people like us. Like me. We were taken in raids. I've only been here for a year. So far, nothing's happened. But others, they've been here for years. Only I haven't seen anybody else yet. I only know two, Luke and Melissa. We can communicate through tapping on the walls. We don't know what's going on. I never leave my cell. Each day, in the morning, the screen on one wall turns on, and I train. I know from Melissa and Luke that they do to. I don't have a teacher, in fact I never see anyone. My meals and clothes and things come from a hole in the door. I can't see out of it, but food comes through it. I learn Combat, Knowledge and Skills from the screen. Back in Armilthea, in newspapers and on television, they used to talk about the Hunt. I used to have nightmares about it when I was little. My friends told me it's a lot like the roman gladiators in the Coliseum, only the Sieranese watch it for sport. My parents told me not to worry, and it didn't matter to me. But it does. I haven't seen anyone, I just woke up here, after someone climbed in my window and jabbed a needle in my arm. Luke and Melissa don't ever tap it out directly when we communicate, but I know they think we're part of it. I think we are too.

Don't expect this to make much sense, but it will all be explained in due time! I've had this idea swimming around in my head for a while, and after getting involved in some SYOC's, I decided to add that element to this idea. Basically, it's a game, like I said before, sort of like a roman gladiator type thing, for entertainment. I suppose it's a little like the Hunger Games, but I've never read/seen them, so I don't really know. Sieran is the country who sponsors The Hunt. Players are prisoners of war or captured civilians from Armilthea, Sieran's rival country, and put on teams. There five teams of four, per game. More will be explained later! It's set in a futuristic earth. (The countries don't represent any specific place, I just made them up.) Well, anyway. It's SYOC (submit your own character). A new Hunt is about to begin, and I need 20 players! Three are my creation, the ones already introduced, Luke, Melissa, and the girl who's POV it was, Jana. So that leaves seventeen, created by you guys! So, if you're interested, fill out this form! Please be unique!



Age (teenager range):


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Personality (positives and negatives!):

Physical Strength(s):

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Physical Weakness(s):

Examples: not flexible, slow, weak, clumsy, distracted, nervous/panicky ect (not limited to these either!)

Weapon of Choice:

Examples: (Choose one or two of these or your own) Sword, knife(s), dagger(s), bow and arrows, ax, throwing knifes, throwing spear, crossbow. (no guns please)

Code Name (everyone has one):

Examples: names from mythology, Shakespeare, animals, nature, minerals, cool sounding words ect….

Team, if you have a preference. If not I can do it for ya!:


STILL NEED: one male for team Sapphire!

1-Amethyst (full)

Lane Shezari (MrRedstone)

Dean Morgan (Gentleman Ghost)

Noel Ciara Elizabeth Jinx (ghosthunt12)

Isa Langford (delovlies)

2-Diamond (full)

Kalypso Smith (I am writer)

Curtis Howell ( I am writer)

Juniper "Jenny" Harris (thehuntress12)

Calvin Calibre (Command and Capture)

3-Obsidian (full)

Ruby Rose (11037'sExecutioner)

Yin Xiao Long (11037'sExecutioner)

Weiss Schnee (11037'sExecutioner)

Pyrrhus Nikos (11037'sExecutioner)

4-Silver (full)

Jana Ryan (me!)

Luke Foley (me!)

Melissa Evans (me!)

Dakota Martin (Dracorex16)

5-Emerald (full)

Hellena Meese (counting numbers)

Warren Ayew (omega1012)

Beth "Tex" Allison (Ptroxsora)

Leonard Church (Ptroxsora)

6-Saphire (full)

Juliet King (thehuntress12)

Laurel Maxon (Cyborg)

Washington "Wash" David (Ptroxsora)

Tucker Turquoise (Ptroxsora)

**Disclaimer** Any resemblance to non-original characters is completely incidental and not intended in any way.