Quick recap: Team Diamond (Curtis) just shot an arrow at the unsuspecting Team Silver, Team Amethyst just got bonus at their territory, but Team Obsidian heard about it and is trying to get there first to claim it. Team Emerald is planning on attacking Team Sapphire, who are in Emerald's territory to scout them out. The last two don't get too much spotlight in this chapter, but they'll be back with a vengeance next time!

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Isa, Noel, Dean, and Lane ran over the grassy hills with wild frenzy. An increasing sense of agitation had risen in them. Their bonus was waiting for them, but they didn't know who else would be there.

"What do you think it is?" Isa yelled to Noel as they ran.

"I don't know. Dirtbikes would be awesome, though." She responded.

"Or a helicopter." Isa said. She took out her Screen. A purple dot blinked, and moved steadily towards the intersection of the large, main river, and a smaller tributary. A pink star had appeared there a few minutes ago, and they decided to head there. Isa slipped her Screen back into her pocket. Her heart slammed against her chest, and her lungs burned from all the running. Her legs were starting to feel rubbery. She desperately wanted a drink, but she needed to preserve her water. Her pain was the least of her problems, though. Little did she know, but Team Obsidian was closing in.


Warren followed his team as they headed in search of Team Sapphire. Beth looked ready to rip someone limb from limb. She kept telling everyone to keep moving, and move faster. Warren felt bad for Hellena, who was struggling to keep up. She was paler than normal, and her chest heaved. Finally, she stopped, and knelt down, resting her hands on her knees as she gasped for air. Warren stopped to help her, but Beth and Church kept on running.

"Warren, Hellena! Get your butts over here!" Beth yelled after them, cupping her hands over her mouth.

"Come on." Warren said to Hellena. She shook her head, panting wildly.
"I can't." She whimpered, doubling over. "I'm-I'm not strong like you guys." Should I leave her, or stay? He glanced up at Church and Beth, who were arguing-again.

"You have to." He said, in his best attempt at compassion. Hellena coughed. "Church and Tex will get mad." He said, tugging her gently by her arm. He looked up to see the latter two making out now, though a minute ago they were at each other's throats.



She heard a whistle. It wasn't someone whistling, and it wasn't the wind. Jana looked up, and saw something flying through the air from behind a small rise in the terrain. Crap.

"Arrows!" She screamed. Dakota cursed, and pulled Melissa down. Luke unsheathed his sword, far out of the range of the arrow, and tore his gaze around the surrounding area. Jana ducked behind a tree and notched and arrow, and let it fly towards where the other had come from. Two others flew towards them.

"Take cover!" Luke yelled, but didn't bother taking any himself. He flew towards the other team. Melissa joined Jana behind her tree, and Dakota took a nearby one. The other team suddenly appeared. They had two archers, who were hiding behind trees themselves. The other two, a brunette, and a boy of Asian descent were running madly towards them. Luke charged them.

"Jana, stay here and take out their archers." Dakota said so fast she could hardly understand, before he and Melissa bolted after Luke. Dakota loosened a throwing knife at them, which missed. Melissa brandished her long-knives, and Jana loosened another arrow. What team is it? They wore light brown uniforms, with light blueish trim. Diamond? She thought, yanking another arrow from her quiver and notching it. She aimed it. Melissa's knives were flashing as she attacked the boy. Luke and the girl had engaged in a duel, swords clanging. Dakota was sneaking towards the two archers, throwing knife primed. The boy Melissa was attacking had a small switch blade, but other than that, he was only doing some parkour stuff. Jana smirked. They had this in the bag.


"We're getting close." Pyrrhus said, softly.

"And if Yin and Ruby would stop being so loud, we could maybe sneak up on them." Weiss said, hands on her hips. Brother and sister, exchanged glances. Ruby furrowed her brow, but Yin looked relatively unfazed.

"Sor-ry." Ruby said, sarcastically. "Since we're right next to a freaking river, I think it should muffle some noise.

"Still, be careful. We're on their-Amethyst- territory now. Keep an eye out for the bonus or whatever. And keep an eye out for them." Weiss retorted, and then broke into run…again. Pyrrhus sighed. Yin took off after the girl, followed by Ruby, and then Pyrrhus. Running wasn't one of his strong points, but apparently it was Team Obsidian's. At least they were heading towards a more open, tree-free area. Suddenly, Weiss stopped short.

"They're here!" She squawked, pulling her rapier from her belt, and charging like a crazy person. Yin took off after her. Ruby suddenly looked terrified. "Yin, wait!" She barely squeaked out. Pyrrhus took her arm. "Come on, Ruby." He said. "It'll be fine." He let go, and with his spear in one hand, shield in the other, he joined the battle. Yin and Weiss were already fighting. Weiss was engaged with a tall and muscular boy, with longish black hair, but her slim, almost delicate rapier was no match for his sharp, steel sword. Yin was throwing punches at a girl with short blonde hair. Ruby immediately attacked the other girl on the team, and Pyrrhus went for the boy. His opponent had a scar over his left eye, and wore a maniacal grin. He swung his ax-thing wildly at Pyrrhus, who caught the blow with his shield. Pyrrhus faked left with his shield, and his opponent went for it. He stabbed with his spear, but missed. Nearby, Weiss desperately blocked Dean's ruthless attacks. She was fast, but man, this kid was strong. Her shoulders seared in pain just from the sheer brunt force of his attacks. Yin's punching wasn't really working against Isa's daggers either. Ruby's scythe was flying, but her opponent was quick. Obsidian was in trouble.


Juliet left the others behind her, as they entered a thick forest. She was nervous. She felt like someone was going to jump out from behind a tree and kill her any second. She darted from cover to cover, keeping her head down, but her eyes alert. Edgy, she crested a small hill. Her eyes rapidly swept the terrain, looking for any signs of the other team. She almost laughed when she saw them. A red-haired girl, and a tall boy were necking, practically eating each other's faces. A short way behind them, a black kid was kneeling next to a skinny blonde, who was throwing up. Juliet smirked, and ducked behind an ancient oak tree. She turned to the Laurel, Wash, and Tucker, and put a finger to her lips to signal quiet, and gestured for them to come. Then she pointed in Emerald's direction. By the time they arrived, Juliet had both of the daggers unbuckled from her thighs, and clenched them in her hands. Washington held his kunai-thing, and Tucker had brandished his sword. Laurel had her iron knuckles on. She clapped her hand over her mouth to stifle her laugh when she saw them.

"That's the worst prepared team. Of all time." Washington said softly.

"Bow chicka bow wow." Tucker whistled.

"Let's go." Laurel said, and they charged out of the brush, towards Team Emerald.


"Curtis, go!" Kalypso cried, notching an arrow.

"Go? Go where?" Curtis asked.

"Go help them!" Kalypso demanded. "It's Jenny and Calvin by themselves down there."

"But I use a bow."

"So get closer!" Kalypso yelled, shoving him. Curtis had no choice but to follow. Kalypso was focused on taking out Jana, but she kept ducking behind trees. Calvin's weaponless state made him an easy target for Melissa. Jenny was dueling Luke. But where was the fourth member of their team? Without warning, a small silver knife flashed by him, missed by barely a hairsbreadth. Curtis yelped, and shot of an arrow. Dakota suddenly charged him, sending two more knifes at him. Curtis quickly notched another arrow, and fired. It barely nicked Dakota's arm, but it was enough. Dakota hissed in pain, his next attack was way off. His sleeve was soaked in blood now.

"Jana, help!" Dakota yelled, desperately, dodging another arrow. Jana charged forward, trying to stay out of the range of Kalypso's arrows. She let an arrow fly at Curtis, before ducking behind a tree. Kalypso fired another arrow, right at Dakota. The arrow buried itself in his side, between in bottom two ribs. He groaned, and doubled over, gripping the wound. Blood stained his fingers. Jana shrieked, and charged forward. "Dakota, get back!" She yelled, she pulled a thin bladed dagger from her belt, and heaved it at Curtis. Dakota quickly left, his breathing ragged.


Isa watched in horror as Noel suddenly tripped. Ruby's scythe had wounded her, cutting just above her knee. Noel yanked her last throwing knife from her pouch, and flung it at Ruby before she could react. The knife hit her in the stomach. Ruby moaned, but Noel had no way to kill her. Blood leaked from the wound. Ruby glanced around desperately. Her lips formed frantic words, and she dropped to her knees. Squeezing her eyes shut, she gripped the knife and yanked it out. Tears leaked from her eyes, and blood gushed from the wound. Noel's eyes went wide, in horror of what she had done. Ruby moaned louder and she fell to the ground and curled into a fetal position. Yin tore himself from his fight with Isa.

"Ruby!" he yelled, and raced to her side. Isa gasped and followed him, her legs pummeling the ground. He would surely kill Noel. But he barely noticed, as he knelt by his dying sister. "No…" he whispered softly, clutching her hand desperately. But it was too late. Noel swallowed hard as Isa helped her to her feet. She would not feel pity for her enemy. Leaving Lane and Dean to beat Pyrrhus and Weiss, Isa and Noel retreated to a safe distance. They moved near the stream, and down the embankment. Isa helped Noel sit behind a rotting tree, and then began to rummage through her backpack for something to bandage Noel's wound.

"I…I can't believe I killed her." Noel said in a shaky voice, her face white.

"You didn't kill her." Isa said, pulling out a small white pouch and unzipping it to reveal a basic first aid kit.

"She's going to die, unless she goes to a hospital." Noel said softly, as Isa cleaned and then dabbed antiseptic on the wound. She was going to have to stich it. "I don't think there are hospitals here." Noel continued.

"You're probably right." Isa said, threading the needle. "You might want to look away now." Isa tried to ignore her trembling hands and queasy stomach as she did some mediocre stiches. They'd have to work for now. When she looked up at Noel, she saw she was crying.

"I want to go home." The younger girl admitted. "It wasn't much. My parents abandoned me. We lived on the streets, me and ten others. I was the oldest. I hope they're okay." She said, brushing away the stubborn tears. Isa put some medicine on the wound, and then proceeded to bandage it. She didn't want to think about home right now. When she finished, Noel had mostly stopped crying. Isa fished out her canteen, and took a drink. Something just on the other side of the river caught her eye.

"Noel, look." She said, pointing.

It was their bonus.


Luke cursed inwardly. He had seen Dakota wounded twice. Calvin, Melissa's opponent, had realized he wasn't going to beat knives with his fists, and he took off after Dakota. Melissa gave chase. Luke pushed Jenny to the ground. He should have killed her then, but he didn't. He ran towards Melissa. "Take her out." He said, motioning to Kalypso. Jana would have to deal with Curtis and Jenny. He followed Dakota and Calvin. He found them a few minutes later. Dakota was running as fast as he could, leaving a trail of blood. Calvin followed, his knife primed. Then Dakota tripped. Luke gritted his teeth, and tried to run faster. Calvin all but dived on him. But then he stopped. He couldn't do it. Dakota seized the opportunity, and pushed Calvin off of him with all his remaining strength. Calvin started out of the reverie, but it was too late. Dakota chucked a small knife at him. It had no aim whatsoever, but they were so close, he couldn't miss. The knife struck his arm. Dakota attempted to stand, but fainted from the pain. Calvin clutched his arm. The knife lay on the ground, red with blood. His eyes turned to Luke. Luke saw his black eyes go wide, but he didn't hesitate. He turned his blade sideways, and ran with all his power into Calvin, knocking him over. But Calvin was quick. He slammed his fist into Luke's nose before he could get up. In that one moment, Luke let go of his sword. For a second, neither of them attacked, both overcome with pain. At the same moment, they both started for the sword. Luke was closer, and would reach it first. But Calvin still had a knife. He realized his disadvantage first, and attacked Luke. The instant he collided with Luke, Luke had grabbed his sword, and Calvin all but stabbed himself. His eyes flashed with shock, as he saw the sword sticking his chest, several inches below his heart. Luke gasped as he realized what he'd done. He heard footsteps behind him, and turned to see Jenny and Curtis skid to a stop as they saw their teammate fall. Melissa and Jana were right behind them. Everyone jolted to a stop. Melissa and Jana recovered first, and hurried to join Luke in case Diamond attacked. They didn't.

"Okay…you guys win. Just let us retreat or something, okay?" He said. Luke gave a terse nod, still reeling over the fact that he killed Calvin. Kalypso came into view, but Jenny and Curtis turned and fled, barely stopping to speak to her before disappearing. Melissa and Jana scurried to Dakota's side.

"So…now it begins." Luke murmured.


After seeing Ruby fall, Pyrrhus exploded. He slammed his shield into the side of Lane's head. He would have killed him, as the boy collapsed, unconscious, but he was already sprinting to where Yin was kneeling over Ruby. Weiss had already figured out she couldn't beat Dean, so when Lane fell, vulnerable, she ran as fast as she could towards him, intending to kill him. But Yin stopped her, grabbing her. As she struggled against his arms, she heard him speak.

"Listen," He said. "Just take your friend and leave us alone. Truce?" He said with a choked voice. Dean nodded, and moved towards Lane, and began to drag him away. They watched him go. Ruby's moans drew their attention back.

"You guys have to win." She whispered. With each breath, more blood gushed from the wound on her belly. Yin let Weiss go, and knelt by her again, grasping her hands.

"No, Ruby, don't go. Come on, pull through!" He said, tears trickling down his cheeks. Weiss laid a hand on his shoulder. Ruby shook her head a little and coughed. Red flecked foam collected at the corner of her mouth. She turned to Pyrrhus.

"Like it or not, you're a celebrity." She said, a smile ghosting her lips. Pyrrhus looked away, but then turned back long enough to give her a sad grin.

"I'm gonna miss you, Little Red Reaper." He said, using her code name. Weiss chocked out a sob. Even if they fought, she would miss Ruby.

"After you guys win, get Orlando Bloom's autograph for me, okay?" She said. Weiss nodded, biting her lip. She turned to Yin.

"Thanks Yin, just thanks for everything." She said in a strained whisper. Yin squeezed her hands.

"No!" his lips formed the word, but no sound came out. Ruby gave them all a weak smile. "Don't forget to win." She said, and then closed her eyes. She was gone. A moment later, Weiss felt her Screen vibrate in her pocket. She took it out.



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