breathe, live, free
by: lina


"Because if you're the one who's not supposed to live, what do you live for?"


.last chance.


Twirl. Twist. Leap. Land.

She was carefree. Always so happy and light-hearted. Her only troubles were that of the ice-cream dripping onto her shirt or standing up to some mean bully.


She didn't twirl like a ballerina anymore, no, it was more or less to hide from her own shadows.


It wasn't 'twist' it was 'twisted'.


She didn't leap with grace, no, she lept because she was trying to get away.


How would she land? With the utmost care? Or would she simply fall and break?


Rain poured down, its pit-patting resonating throughout the vacant room. She sat there in the corner, unmoving. Scarlet bangs shielded the female's livid green eyes as she looked down at the pink device.

"Hey . . . uh . . . Variel. If you get this message could you please pick up? I know how you -"


The phone shook, for it was clutched tightly in her hand. Variel continued to look down at the floor.

"I lost him."

"Me and Scott are worried sick about you, 'El! Why haven't you been picking up? I -"


This wasn't right. She wasn't supposed to live. She wasn't supposed to keep on breathing. She wasn't supposed to.

"Ari -" No, it couldn't be. "-I hope you have a nice Christmas! Haha. This reminds me of the first time we met; you covered in cake and me covered in egg. It was horrible, wasn't it?" Tears began to spill out of her green eyes. "Just remember not to open your present, it's a surprise!"

"You don't."

"I almost forgot! I love you!"

". . . Love me . . ."


Confusing me so,
I don't wanna be shattered, n-o-o,
This is the end to our love,
We've been sufferin',
But I guess I've had enough.



so whatd ya think?
too sad?
tell me if you will!
I wanna know. :)

just so you know, i wrote those lyrics.
i might write i story based on this drabble
also i know this is confusing but tell me what do u think her story is?

best wishes!

- lina