"You didn't succeed nor failed but lost what was dear to you." Spoke an elderly manly voice calmly and comforting. I smell spices and hear gently splashes of water drops. Suddenly feeling something warm and moist covering my forehead. I begin to groan and opening slowly my eyes, barely remembering what happened. Close beside me sat an elderly man with his legs crossed. His dark brown eyes covered deep under the wrinkles as if to fight to see and had long white hair tied to a long braid. An Indian like me but from a different tribe I couldn't recognize. Strangely he spoke the same tongue like I do and therefore I understood him. I tried to speak but my voice was lost for a moment. "There is no need to speak young warrior. You should take things more slow rather than fast like the white eyes do." He explained sternly with a calm tone and handed me a cup of water. Does he know? Did he witness everything? I looked at him for a moment, trying to find the answer in his eyes while I drank.

He began to smile. "You collect your conscience very fast and yes. I saw you. It was very brave but foolish to do so; you're young yet strong but need to learn still many things."

"What things?" I wondered curiously with a scratchy voice and quickly cleared it.

"Experiences and knowledge."

"I do know how fight."

"Yes but that doesn't mean anything to an old man like me."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Grey Wolf. What's yours?"


"Thunder? How did you get that name?" Asked Grey Wolf curiously.

"I was born in the middle of night as it was raining and thundering. As I grew older my parents saw it fitting to my personality."

"Your personality is like thunder? Not in this moment but I agree to what I saw before." Noted Grey Wolf. I began to look around; I was in a tipi yet the paintings had a different style than we Sioux people usually paint.

"Grey Wolf, where did you learn to speak Sioux? Yet you're from a different tribe?" I asked kindly, holding an open hand to him.

"Your tribe, the Sioux found me when I was a child. Lost and parentless, no one knew from which tribe I come from nor can I remember. Now I'm a old man living solitude letting not being bothered by others." Explained Grey Wolf calmly.

"Thank you for your hospitality Grey Wolf. What could I do for you in return?" I asked, placing firmly my arm across my chest, my hand on other shoulder as a gesture to thank. Grey Wolf thought for a moment in silence, a smile slowly began to form on his lips.

"Giving me company."

"Just that?" I questioned, amazed of his simple wish.

"Just that." He repeated with full confident.

He smiled even broadly because of my reaction. After some time I decided to stand. Suddenly everything began turn around me.

"Take it slow Thunder. You collected not simple or fatal wounds but many. And they need more time than you think to heal." Explained Grey Wolf, quickly standing up and holding me up. I looked at my body, finding that I had many wounds. He bid me kindly to sit again and gave another cup of water.

"Do you remember what happened? How it ended fighting bravely against the white eyes?"

"Barely." I responded while placing a hand to my head and looking up to think. "Only close before the end, that I killed a white eye from fleeing. One of many. Now I remember. A large number of white eyes attacked our camp. My parents, friends and everyone I knew are now gone, I'm the only one left from the camp." I explained. The words stung in my heart like sharp thorns. I wanted to shed tears but nothing came as if I was dried up. Grey wolf said nothing but patted on my shoulder. From his gaze I saw he had pitifulness in his dark brown eyes, knowing I would be the same way alone like he is now. My memory is the only thing that keeps them in existence. After many long moments of silence of sorrow my emotions turned rapidly like the wind to hatred and vengeance. Wanting to kill all the white eyes for what they have done. But one against many, where lies the possibility for a victory? Nowhere! And would it satisfy me? Where would it lead me in my life? Would I be lost or become a coward? To all those thoughts in my mind, my eyebrows knitted together and I clenched my teeth. My hands were balled to fists. "Do not let revenge overtake your emotions. It will only lead you to death without accomplishing what you wanted to do." Remarked Grey Wolf calmly.

"Revenge? I'm rather confused. I could break out in tears but nothing comes."

Grey Wolf didn't say anything further.