Sooner than I thought, we sat in the tipi of chief Little Bear. A fire was burning peacefully in the center and on the other side sat the chief. His expression was stern. For a long moment the tipi was filled with silence. But Clever Coyote, Blue Eagle and I waited eagerly for an answer, although we wanted to continue explaining.

"There is something you three got hold of to think. After all you're young and see it differently than I do as a chief of this camp." chief Little Bear paused. "As chief I only see loses of men, there are too many white eyes out there."

"Only if all the other men will agree. If it is just the three of us, then we will gather men elsewhere and from other camps who will agree. I believe the Apaches will agree upon this very much." I explained to Little Bear respectfully.

"We won't force anyone. We let them decide if they want to volunteer or not great chief." Noted Clever Coyote with a calming voice with his hands open as if to be offering.

Blue Eagle barely said a word during the discussion but listened very carefully and kept a stern expression just like my father would give when I did something bad as a child. Clever Coyote and I explained to chief Little Bear of our idea. How we will gather men and what we would do once we have many on our side. As we finished discussing and coming to an agreement, we left the tipi with lightened hearts. The sun was setting in the horizon, remembering we entered the tipi as the sun was at its highest point in the sky. Finally after many restless nights I finally was able to sleep peacefully, knowing how to start and more.

The next morning we asked every man in the camp if they had the same opinion of the white eyes like Clever Coyote, Blue Eagle and I do. The day ended as it started, no man wanted to join. All except a young boy but he is indeed too young for this. It was no surprise but it was definitely disappointing to me. Clever Coyote and Blue Eagle did have high hopes that few men would join. Strangely I can feel it, there are men waiting out in the unknown to join. Is it a vainful hope or more? The question will be answered soon, once we set off. And so Clever Coyote, Blue Eagle and I set off to ride into the plain where more other tribes live. Knowing we will risk our lives and have only luck on our side. On last night before leaving I visited Grey Wolf to say goodbye. From his tone in speaking I sensed sadness.

"So, you're prepared to seek the unknown?" Wondered Grey Wolf.

I nodded.

"Here, take this with you. It will help you along the way if you know when to use it." He noted and handed to me a small bag with a pipe.

The pipe was made mostly of a bone from a buffalo and the tip end out of stone. It was painted in Grey Wolf's style and decorated with glass pearls and three feathers of an eagle. The pipe was wrapped in fine soft leather bag. Gently I opened the other bag, inside lay few different objects. A claw of a bear, few small blue stones, some pemmican, feathers and few different pieces of fur from different animals. I knew perfectly well those were valuable objects, a luxury for a Sioux.

For a moment I was speechless to Grey Wolf's generosity. I wanted to speak but only hot air rolled out from my mouth.

Soon I found my voice. "Why, Grey Wolf, I thank you greatly of your generosity. But I cannot accept this, it's too great."

"Keep it Thunder. You will need it when you meet with other tribes."

"But I don't want to trade or buy men to stand behind me."

"It's not meant for that, use it wisely and use your imagination. You'll find out in time, one clue I can give. It does have a purpose to what you are doing but not that what you have mentioned." Explained Grey Wolf raising a finger sternly as to mark his words. "Now go, you need to be fresh and ready when the sunrises. Many men are waiting for your call out there."

"You think so?"

Not I think so, I know so." Smiled Grey Wolf.

We gave a friendly goodbye embrace and departed without another word, yet strangely I feel I will see Grey Wolf again. When is the mystery.