In the heart of India, beautiful and young Cinderleana was locked prisoner in her own home. Her parents wished to protect their daughter and so they never let her leave, even on the smallest of journeys. Her parent's spoiled her with many objects such as clothes, toys, and books; however, the one thing Cinderleana wanted was the one object she never received. This object was a pair of shoes. As Cinderleana grew older, she yearned to be free and explore the world- and so it happened that she ran away from home.

In the blistering heat, Cinderleana stopped for water long enough to notice a small bazaar down the road. As she made her way there, a young man caught her eye. He was standing in front of a shoe display, so beautiful she couldn't help but try a pair on. While she looked in awe at the vendor's shoe collection, the vendor looked at her with the same wondrous expression. He'd never met someone so beautiful. "What is your name?" he asked her curiously.

"I'm Cinderleana," she told him. "How much for this pair here?" she asked, pointing to a fabulous pair of heels. When he told her the sum, she frowned. "I can't afford that," she said. Feeling generous, the man lowered the sum by over half. "Thank you so much," she told the man as she slipped the pair on. Having something under her feet would make her adventure much more comfortable. "Fair well," she said.

As the day went on Cinderleana quickly realized that the shoes she had bought were not for traveling. "I'll have to buy another pair," she decided. She kept walking until she reached another bazaar. When she reached the shoe section, she recognized the same man from the day before. When she asked why he was at this bazaar instead of the one she visited yesterday, he told her that he was a travelling shoe vendor. How amazing it must be to work with shoes and travel all at the same time! she thought to herself. When she explained her shoe predicament to him, he disappeared and came back with a beautiful, yet more comfortable pair of shoes. When she tried them on they were a perfect fit. She emptied her purse, searching frantically for the money to give the man. Sadly, she did not have enough.

"It's okay," the man said. "view it as a gift." Cinderleana was stunned. The pair of shoes was a great sum; she couldn't just leave with them! And yet, the man refused to take back the shoes. "They're yours." He told her. Frustrated and grateful at the same time she wished the man good bye once more and was on her way. She fought with herself the entire time, until finally she returned to the man. "I'm sorry," she told him "but I don't feel right taking both the heels for such a small amount and these glorious slippers for free. Please," she said, "let me stay and work for the shoes. I'll travel with you until I can pay them off."

At first the man told her no, not because he did not want her to come along, but because he was happy to give her the shoes. When she refused to take no for an answer, he agreed to let her come with him. Cinderleana helped him load and unload hundreds of shoes from his vehicle day after day. Sometimes, their trips between bazaars were long and tiring journeys. When this was the case, they talked; talked until they knew everything about each other.

It wasn't long before Cinderleana's debt to the vendor was paid, but the event went by unnoticed. The two were inseparable and hardly left each other's side. Soon they fell in love and were married. Cinderleana realized that she had everything she ever wanted, both freedom and shoes, but she also had something she never realized she longed for; true love. A love that trusted each other and one that was free, the type of love she and the shoe vendor shared. Their love was like one of a woman and her shoes: you could never have enough.

The end.