"Oh you just didn't mess up with my guns" he said staring at a girl with her hands on the back, they were both on this military-kind-of room, with green dark walls, several tables with guns and automatic guns, a small chair, a table with a laptop, and only one window with black curtains.

"I-I… what are you talking about brotha?" The girl said closing her eyes, she knew what she just did, she knew it wasn't her place to be there… or even touching the stuff of this guy.

"Show me" He said narrowing her eyes, which only made her more nervous. He knew how clumsy she was with weapons, with his weapons. "I won't get mad"

"Last time you almost threw me a bazooka" The girl said rolling her eyes, then she put a scared face as the guy got closer to her.

"Come on Thea, show me what's behind you" He said so close to her that she could feel his heavy breathing. In a closer look to her back, a broken submachine gun lied on her hands. She knew messing up with his stuff was dangerous, and it wasn't the first time she had broken something that belonged to him.

Ah shit… She thought as he put his arm behind her, feeling the machine gun.

"Lord Jesus, why did you give hands to this woman?" He yelled, Thea gasped.

"I'm sorry!" she yelled, almost throwing herself on the floor to start crying like a little baby. Though she couldn't because he graved her by the hair, and threw her hard to the wall.

"This is not the first time you mess up with my stuff! When are you going to stop bitch?" He said, Thea stood there facing the wall without saying a word. She really just couldn't stop going to his room and just stare at his guns, they were just something to be appreciated by human eyes. She had guns of her own, and even though they were more powerful and complicated than his, she still wanted to be around them. She just didn't know why.

She then turned to face the guy, though there was a smile on her face instead of a tear. Blood was coming out of her nose, but really she didn't mind, life was worse than just a hard hit on the wall.

"Thea really, stop messing with my stuff" The guy said more relaxed this time, then he took the submachine gun of her hand and put it on a table with more guns. He went to a small closet and took some tissues, walked to where Thea was and cleaned the blood out of her face.

"I can't, I have tried not to mess with them" She said staring at the table. "I'm sorry Gabriel" She said staring at him. He was close to her, and her heart was just rising without her consent, it was just how she felt. "You should be grateful I didn't blow up anything" She said smiling.

"I know" He smiled, then stepped back and threw the bloody paper on a trashcan. A knock could be heard, followed by a man opening the door. A blond tall man entered the room with a paper on his hand, he stared at the room for a second and rolled his eyes as he saw a big stain of blood on the wall.

"Thea did you…"

"Yes she did it again" Gabriel said rolling his eyes.

"I said I was sorry" Thea said sighing in frustration. "Anyways, what's up?" said to the man standing on the door. He stared at Thea with an are-you-serious-look, Gabriel shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"What? I thought you said not to be that formal?" She said.

"That was back then, until I became your boss" He said stepping closer to both Gabriel and Thea. "Mission of four, you guys will be with Anne and Francis" He paused and flipped some pages. "Thea you are our sniper and Gabriel you are second" He said pointing at them as he said their names.

"Where at?" Gabriel said.

"Pacific View Mall, we have several zombies there, I don't want them interfering with our plans, not until we leave" He said leaving the room silently. "There are reports of food with good conditions too, as well as clothing on some of the store departments. We need all of those sources, no excuses for coming back without them. He said staring at both of them with a serious look, maybe more than what he intended to be. He has always been a respected man, but not because he was a good looking tall man with the voice of a spy, simply because of the way he ruled around this new world.

Gabriel and Thea stared at each other, as they sighed. The zombie apocalypse had begun eight years ago, a weird illness that made people die and reborn as death- walking-abnormities. No one really knows where this thing came from or from whom, it just appeared out of nowhere killing almost everyone in the world. The Zombie Organization or the ZO is where Thea and Gabriel were at right now. They kill zombies as they go from city to city, trying to save those who still don't have the disease, and trying to take as many resources as they can with them. Thea was eight and Gabriel was eleven when they found them, they were saved and trained so that they could help the ZO. They both agree on being there, they feel safer and with some hope that they will someday kill all the zombies and start a new life with an empty world. Yeah it sounds ridiculous, killing maybe 2 billion zombies is crazy. But the ZO is just not an ordinary place for people who can shoot guns, these guys are something out of this world. Who knows what kind of training they had, they are so precise that they could kill three zombies with only one shot. Now killing all the zombies in the world didn't seem that impossible.

Two hours after, four silhouettes could be seen in the horizon. Anne, Francis, Thea and Gabriel were about to enter some sort of car that looked like a tank, all of them knew which place to take. They just have done this so many times, all in the same group.

"Oh boy, Timothy was in such a bad mood today" Said Anne as she took the driver's sit.

"He said he was my boss" Said Thea rolling her eyes.

"He is sure acting like a pregnant woman" Anne said rolling the car's window and nodding to a guy that was outside. He opened a big gate that separated them from the dangerous Zombie City, as they all called it.

"Pacific View Mall, as if I knew where that is" She said staring at her map. Oh how the missed internet and GPS's.

Though it would not take them more than a bit to find the Mall, it was big and easy to see from the distance.

The street was lonely, at daylight zombies would not be as active, and they would just be on a resting mood, just like vampires hiding from the sun. It was dirty outside, like the dirty where people just don't take care of stuff. The flowers were dead, the roads had dirt all over them and the fountain that was once the symbol of the mall was now filled with horror of all the things it saw the day of the catastrophe. Immobile now it was.

The building was horrible looking as well, broken glass everywhere, the entrance door wide open and broken and the yellow paint that covered it was almost gone into a white.

"This is sad" Thea said looking at the building and its surroundings.

"We have seen worse things" Said Francis.

Gabriel seemed quiet as he looked through the window, he was just imagining how the life back then was. He still remembers when he used to go to the mall at his hometown, he would be so mad always because her mother would take long hours to shop what she wanted. Though now he missed all of this stuff, he missed waiting hours for her mother to come out of a store, to hold lots of shopping bags, and at the end to have iced cream as a reward for helping. But what he missed the most was that person he spent all this days with, his mother.

Now looking at it, all destroyed, was painful for him.

"Indeed" he said looking away from the window to his guns we were using today. Some AK-47, submachine guns, sniper, shotguns, and lots of ammo, he took the AK-47 and started loading it, fun was about to start.

The car stopped inside the building, zombies could be seen around. Everyone started to take their place on the car, Thea opened the top window of the car with her favorite sniper on hand as well as a handgun for just in case. Anne with her Uzis which weren't so powerful, but with someone with such skill she could kill thousands of zombies with it, and then Gabriel and Francis taking the AK-47 and the machine guns.

"Easy guys, easy for the zombies, they also have feelings"

"Not when they killed my mom" Said Francis with a smile on his face, I guess there wasn't anything left than to be positive about tragedies that surrounded their minds. There was nothing else left to do than to think about themselves and their future.

The back of the car opened, letting them go free. Thea covering their backs as they killed as many zombies as they could, just as the team they have always been.


"Please help me!"