Katrina was jolted awake by overwhelming pain in her hip. She awoke with I scream in her throat. She felt tight hands on her legs and tried to shake them off only to get more pain from trying to move.

"The worst is over now. You dislocated your hip when you fell unconscious. Now that it is set you will need to stay off it for a few weeks and then get physical therapy to help strengthen the ligaments again but a young girl like yourself should be able to be walking around unaided by a cane in 2 months." As she talked she had given Katrina two biligi tablets for the pain and wrapped her legs together. "There, all done. You just wait here and try to relax, we will have you back home recovering but we need to wait for a hammock to carry you back in, you just took your last ride for a long while."

Zephyr came and laid his head onto her chest and Katrina self soothed them both by petting his rough. It was relaxing brushing them down and watching the tiny needles pop back up as they slipped out of her fingers. *"It is all my fault. How could I not know that I was draining you of magic? I was sure I was going to know what it felt like the first time I activated the magic within but no I just kept on singing, and I kept on flying, and now you here you lie, injured because of my ignorance."

Katrina felt a trickle of fear settle in her heart. What could they be resonating with here? To distract yourself from both the pain and the dread she was feeling she chose to focus on petting Zephyr. She chose to focus on the texture of his scales while she waited for the pain meds to kick in. When her pain started to go muddy and unimportant she asked what their power was even though she knew, she just had to hear it before the last sparks of hope would flicker out.

It took a while for Zephyr to respond, most likely because they both knew that once they said it there were no options to follow but the course their power had set them on. *"I know that this is not any rider's dream, but we are Resonators of the soul itself. We must embrace the significance of the role we will play. If not for our gifts, the souls of our people would be denied returning to the cycle of rebirth until long after death, it is considered a prosperous time when a true soul master is among our people, yes we dragons can carry the souls away but it is only the riders that can bless a child with knowing how many reincarnations one has gone threw, and find the new spirits and tie them fast, and the old so they can live just for the spiritual so they can be transcended to elemental energies when they die."*

"I don't want to resonate with the soul. All that death, how am I to cope surrounded by the departed and all the grief surrounding them."

*"It is grief that you are easing. At least you will have Felicity, to handle the role for a long time yet. Now just focus on getting well, your ride is here."* Katrina leaned back her head and saw the hammock dangling beneath a dragon's talons.

The pain of her transfers was worse than the flight but soon enough she was tucked cozy in one of the dragon's caves above the General Hospital where the doctors could still come and check on, but Zephyr could be with her.

The emotional turbulence of the day, combined with her limited sleep of the day before, let her fall asleep quickly after she was settled into bed, even with the muddled pain in her hip the pull of sleep drew her deep and fast.