Slowly, my love, my friend
Slowly stick the knife in
Make my love a weakness
Make me think I like it

So I'll look at you and say
With a smile on my face,
"Does this make you want to stay
And love me through the pain?

Even though you're breaking me
Even though you're killing me
Though the knife is paining me
Would you please stay with me?"

And you'll look at me and say
With eyes of burning grey
"I'm sorry for your pain
But I do not want to stay

Even though I kissed you
Even though I held you
Though I said I loved you
I cannot stay with you."

Then you'll pull away from me
Pulling out the knife so sweetly
Apologizing for your greed
And you'll leave me there to bleed

I'll look up at your face
Smiling through the pain
"I know you tried, but all in vain
It's ok, be on your way."

I'll burn up from the inside
With tears building in my eyes
I'll continuously die
So your burden will be light

I would never want you to know
How the pain seeps into my bones
Though my pain may overflow
It flows slowly, so you'll never know