"Change is gonna come" they say,
I'm not always gonna be the person I am today

People and things will come and go
it all will change; all I know

Time is a river that cannot remain the same,
it is not something anyone can tame

We either are caught in the flow,
or it will be our time to 'go'

People will not be able to stay,
much to our dismay

Days will turn into months and then years,
all of it will pass on, our hopes, our dreams, our fears

Change is not something you can stop,
life can either be successful or a flop

Life can be for better or for worse,
it is yours to bless or to curse

Life is kaleidoscope of changing colours,
like different stories with different covers

Days are gonna go and years are gonna pass,
be sure to cherish everything while it will last

The future predict,
the present you cannot depict

The past you cannot rearrange,
because it is the one thing that will not change

Change can be good and it can be bad,
it can make you happy or make you sad

They key to change is to enjoy it whilst it lasts,
don't try to change the past

Don't be a low shooter,
cause it will be will be your future

Do not question the current,
but live in the present

Change is gonna come some day,
so I'm live my life that way

I'm not going to worry nor will I fear,
I am going to love those I hold dear

Life is too short to be sad or to be angry,
I'm gonna be all that I can be

Change is gonna come,
but I accept it, whenever or from wherever it is from