'If something is meant to see the light of day, no power in the universe can stop it.'

Oh, I wish life was that simple.

Usually what is meant to be is never realized and what we want, is left unfulfilled.
We live in a world of infinite possibilities, what we know to be true is challenged every day, and our conviction tested.

I sigh over my musings and look towards the sunrise.

When we remember our childhood, our memories usually take us to the earliest memory that we can elicit.
It's either a trauma, or a blithe moment of our lives; it is never mundane...I wonder why that is?

But my earliest memory is a combination of mundane memories; each and every day spent with him.

I won't overstate my woes, they are not much different than many of the kids nowadays. I had a hard beginning, but I had what few others in my position ever have, a saviour.
He came in my life when I was too young to appreciate him and all the things he did for me, but he was a reason for me to keep living, even when I didn't know I needed one.
I had an upbringing which very few children ever have; a very happy one.

But now I stand before you, a bloodthirsty beast overlooking a sea of prey. And trust me, I really am bloodthirsty...