I look up towards the sky and feel the ocean breeze hit my face, the sound of waves crashing echo around me.

"A clear blue sky,sparkling waters, and a deadly silent forest", I whisper into the breeze, "the perfect setting for," I slowly unsheath my sword and stab at the iblis behind me from between my arm and body.

I hear it scream near my ear. I move my body slightly to the right and let his body falls down the cliff and into the ocean.
Slowly turning around I face the group of iblis standing next to a strijder. I curl my lips in distaste and finish my sentence "a fight!"

I bellow and charge at the strijder but the ibliz move forward and start fighting.

It was clear that the strijder was the leader of the group; a man from the warrior race.

The same warrior race supposedly created to fight righteous wars for the Gods to save all the worlds with the gift granted to them; superior strength, almost endless life and craft.

I scoff, such a naive concept. When the Gods themselves cannot be virtuous, when handed such immense powers, then how can anyone expect a mortal to be?

And the ibliz, the gullible demon race, all strength and no brains, truly pawns created by gods to assist those too weak to fight their own battles.

"Elijah." He nods slightly towards me in acknowledgement while standing at the periphery of the forest and gazes upon the fight.

I hesitate for a second but quickly turn my attention back to the menial fight and compose myself for the real fight to come.

My ever righteous brother, he would wait until i was finished with this fight before attacking me.

He would never attack me until it was fair; and that's why he always loses.

A strijder princess who has killed many innocents in the path to become god, is not someone you should have pity for.

I slash at another iblis trying to sneak up behind me from the forest cover.

I slowly walk towards the leader swinging my sword. " You know I hate killing unwitting iblis. They're too easy really; not really a good workout."

The growl from Elijah contradicts his indifferent stance.

I smirk and continue on,

"Strijders today really have no honor. Things sure have changed since I have left. Hiding behind those who are too dumb to know any better," I shake my head and tsk

"you bring shame to your warrior name."

"Ha, warrior name! You, who has forsaken our tribe, is going to lecture me on honor", he replied condescendingly.

"Those who look only on the surface are fools. It takes courage to look beneath the surface and try to find reason." I smirk back disdainfully.

Our warrior name is the name each strijder warrior earns by fighting magnanimously for the weak and just causes.

One renounces his birth name and takes up his unique title based on his deeds.

Those who do not earn their titles are forever kept away from battle until they earn their rightful title.

Mine was Shadow Keeper, guardian from darkness.

I renounced this title right after I slaughtered everyone in my tribe and bathed in their blood.

I also killed my parents with my own two hands. I didnt want to use any menial weapons; it felt more personal that way; more haunting.

Seeing someone's love and respect for you slowly die as their life drains out of them is haunting. Its not a sight you can ever forget and an excellent reminder everyday of my mission.

A mission that can only end one way.

The strijder laughs menacingly before screaming, " Shut up and die!" Apparently this was a signal for all his ibliz to come out and 'play'.

I slash at as many as possible but the numbers keep increasing, arriving for all directions of the forest cover.

Just exactly how many has he subjugated?

I let out another sigh, I really didn't want to kill so many ibliz, they really were too dumb to know any better.

I unsheathed my sword, Zanakhi, and channel minimal mana into it, swinging it at the nearest iblis; it creates a crater in it wake, leaving nothing but ash.

None but Elijah, the strong lord, is remaining.

I look around and tsk; it really was a beautiful place, its sad that I had to mar it.

"Warriors fight not only their own battles fearlessly but of those weaker than him as well, Elijah."

I look towards my younger twin. "Do you want to fight?"

We both slowly circle each other and before I can say anything more, he speaks.

"Killing you will be a pleasure!" he curls his lips in distaste.

"Sometimes emotions help you fight better, Elijah; when they are channelled right. The more you are scared to die, the more you want to live; the more you want to live, the harder you fight. But remember, emotions can also cloud judgement, it makes you blind to what is in front of you."

"Do not condescend me." He screams and a huge surge of energy blasts me back and I fall to the ground not expecting him to really put up a fight.

He has gotten stronger since our last fight.

Thats good.

But it's no where good enough.

He still won't be much of a challenge to kill.

This just means I have to live longer and carry this burden for a while longer.

The few seconds it took to me access the situation and get up, Elijah drew his weapon and charged it with his mana until it glowed bright red.

I smile inwardly.

He still has a lot to learn.

Though his mana capacity has increased, putting all of it in his sword at once shows little practise. He must have just learned it and directly found me.

Though its a move not many are capable of at his age. But he needs to be a lot stronger, to be a worthy foe to me.

He finally swings his sword at me, and as luck would have it he puts too much power into the swing and doesn't have enough strength to keep himself grounded, so loses his balance.

I swing my Zanakhi up in defense and his sword hits it but his balance was severely flawed, and it becomes his enemy.

I easily throw him back and get up.

He regains his footing quickly and charges at me again.

Stupid idiot, being the aggressor all the time and not assessing your opponent is a fatal flaw, a flaw that a true strijder should never do.

I gather my mana and swing Zanakhi one last time.

No point in prolonging the inevitable.

I charge at him and my agility makes it that I almost instantaneously appear at his side and swing at his sword.

I crack his sword and the impact of the swords land Elijah onto his butt.

I walk over to him and look down at him, he is nearly unconscious.

"You may have defeated me this time but I will come for you again."He mutters softly.

I laugh at his pathetic attempt at bravado. I take out my dagger and squat down near his face.

"You suck at this little bro."

I pull up his arm sleeve and carve another scar into it.

A symbol of his loss in our fight.

Until he is able to defeat me and slash my throat, I will keep carving a reminder into his body of all his defeats. Each time he challenges me, he will have a permanent scar representing his weakness. I look at all the fifteen scars criss crossed across his arm and a water droplet falls onto his arm.

I stand up and lome over him as it starts drizzling.

I look down at Elijah again, "you know I have time to kill and I'm in a reflective mood. So I'm going to tell you a story."

He swipes his leg under my foot but I dodge it easily.

In his groggy state, he's too slow to pull that move, plus the element of surprise lessen if your eyes keep darting towards your opponent's feet.

I flip him onto his stomach and sit on his back and start talking, "as I was saying, I'm in the mood to tell you a story."

I kick his stomach when he tries to throw me off, "my story begins in a land far far away, where I met this old man who was the master of chi craft.

He was said to be all seeing and undefeatable, so I obviously went to defeat him.

But when I got there to challenge him, he was unfazed. He said that he sensed an evil inside of me and that he could redeem me. He said that destiny can be changed.

So obviously, I killed him. "

I wait for a response but it's deadly silent. I look down to see that Elijah has become unconscious.

"You know its rude to fall asleep when someone is talking to you." I kick him in the stomach and and he wakes up coughing.

"like I was saying, do you think anyone can change destiny Elijah?"

"I don't know but its worth a shot" he coughs out a wheezy reply.

"You know what Elijah? You are right. If you have the power to stop something bad from happening you should try with all that is inside you, to stop it. And to do that, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Everything is impossible until its tried, so Elijah, you have to become strong, so strong that you are able to kill me. You need to rid the world of this evil."

I get up and look down at elijah as he slowly becomes unconscious again and I don't know if he will remember our talk or not.

I bend down and whisper in his ear, "I'm sorry."

I sigh for the umpeth time today and open a portal to Earth and walk into it; leaving my brother on the ground.