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So it's my first time on FictionPress. I'm pretty much all the time in FanFiction but I decided to write my own stories. Hope you'll enjoy!

The couch was covered with a gray-ish blanket and the room was dusty. I push my bags and suitcases on a side and the door leaves a tiny creak before I close it. I've finally ran away from home.

I thought about what happened last night and I'm sure I won't regret it. I could still hear my parents insults covering me, their voices killing me. They even broke my bedroom door. So now I'm staying in this little apartment for a while. A while. Not too long, but if I have to wait for so long, then I will take the risk.

I walk to the door that is next to the couch. There was a small room with nothing in it. Just a closet with nothing else. So I guess this is my room. I sighed desperatly and walk off. I think I could live like this for maybe 2 or 3 years. It would be enough time for them to make up their minds.

The doorbell rings and I walk to the door.

"Why hello young man, you must be Lucas Silverden. I'm your neiborgh Kayla Darilyn. I live just two doors away. If you need any help, I will be there, alright? You seem young to be living alone. Did you run away?"

"Uh, well... It's a long story but yeah. I ran away." I said, at the edge of the door.

"Oh..? Well in that case, you may come over whenever you want. I can also pay for your school and other things. You should go to my daughter's school. She could help you." the lady said, with a smile.

I smile back and she leaves to her place. What a creep. She comes to a 14 year old boy's house and invites him over. Well, I'm sure her daughter would be okay with it. If I came. Depends if her daughter is pretty, obviously I would come sometimes. But if she's ugly... I would rarely go.

When she mentioned it, I didn't think about school. I don't know this place, then how can I know the schools?

I think about it and decide to sleep. It's Saturday and I'm tired. It's just 10:56, why am I so tired..? Because I walked away from home? I yawn and lay on the sofa. It was cold and squishy. I wrap myself around the blanket and start to sleep.

"Hello? Is anyone home? Lucas? Hello?" Someone shouted.

I take my phone out. 9:23 AM already..? I slowly walk to the door and unlock it. The lady from last night was there. Kariss something or I don't know. She was holding a box and a girl was next to her. The girl was actually really pretty. She had pale brown hair and green eyes. She was thin but not so thin. She wasn't so tall but she wasn't so short either. She was looking at me and her thin lips smiled.

"Uh... Good morning.." I said in a calm voice.

I was distracted because of the girl. Her eyelashes are so thin. Does everything she has is thin? Because she's a hot thin girl.

"Lucas, meet my daughter Saffron. Saffron, this is your neiborgh Lucas, you will have to show him the school and all." The lady said.

I smile at the idea of going to school with her. Now I know that I won't regret it. I'm going to live a life for my own now. No one will break my dreams and hapiness. Finally. It was about time. They hand me two boxes; one with my uniform and another with my school stuffs. They walk away and I close the door.

I clean the appartment a bit. The bathroom was really clean, compared to the other places. My room looked like a cell. There was just a small window and a matress. That's all.

I didn't know what to do. I was hungry. I put on my coat and open the door. There was a box (again) infront of my door. There was a pot with soup, two bags of bread, a box of ice cream (Still frozen), a few spoons and other stuffs.

I bring them to the kitchen. How should I thank them? It's a huge gift, I didn't know everything would be like this. I thought I had my only responsibilities to do these things. Well, might as well enjoy the gift.

The next morning, I was ready with a bit of help by Saffron's mom. How can I only remember her name and not her mom's? Akward...

The most akwardess thing was our walk to school. We just walked, we didn't talk. When we arrived, she took my hand and pulled me. I felt so warm inside.

"Follow me, Lucas"

We arrived at the principal's place. He gave us orders and I was in Saffron's class. Lucky me.

I was really excited to get to class, just to be with Saffron. I keep talking about her. Do I like her? Can I? Or shouldn't I? I keep thinking of my last relationship with Valerie. She was really nice, until she started taking drugs. Her hair went from natural blond to pink, blue and white dyed hair. I found it disgusting and she was becoming a real hypocrite. She would keep ditching class and ask for money. If you refused to give her some, she would act like she was on her period. And it feels like she has her period everyday.

"I hope you'll like this school" Saffron said, guiding me to class.

"Oh, uh... Thanks, I'm glad we're together. It would be less hard now." I replied "But I think I should try to do things on my own."

"Oh, it's okay. But would you like to do me a favor?" She asked.

"Sure, what is..."

I couldn't finish my sentence. The classroom was huge and full of people. Don't tell me they will all be my classmates... The bell rings and probably half of the students left.

"That's the first bell. When it rings, it's telling you 'class is going to start' so you have to get ready." Saffron explained.

I nod and look around. Any desks for me? I think so.

"There's a desk right behind mine, next to the window over there. Let's go sit."

She holds my hand and takes me to my desk. I get ready and she explains everything. I thought I was about to sleep, but I wanted to stay awake to see her. She's a natural beauty, she's so beautiful. I never knew a girl like her could be like that. I even bet she's smart.

The second bell rings and the teacher walks in. It was a man in a brown suit. He took a look around the class and his eyes layed on me. He smiles and invites me to the front.

"Students, I'm sure you all heard about having a new classmate. Lucas Silverden, he arrived two days ago. I heard a classmate's mother is taking care of you, aren't I right? Well Lucas, I am your math teacher, Frank Heirtz. You may call me Mr. Frank or Mr. Heirtz. So is there anyone who would like to guide our dear friend?"

A few hands raise up and I look at Saffron. Her hand was up, but Mr. Frank chose the other guy. Daniel Aslain. He seemed nice. He's black haired and brown eyed. His skin was a bit dark. I think he went to Hawaï to get such a tan.

Math class wasn't so bad. Talking about fractions and stuffs. The bell rang when I was about to sleep. I've already forgotten about what happened at home. It felt like I never had parents.

Time passed so fast that my hunger was coming to get me. It was time to dinner, and the cafeteria was getting invaded. As usual, there was tables for each groups. The bullies, the athletes, the populars, the hot chicks, the nerds, the rejects, the "FriendZone", the couples and other. I think I should sit at the rejects. After all, I am rejected.

"Hey! Lucas! Over here!" A voice called.

I turn my head and Daniel was waving his hand. I decided to join him.

"You like our school?" He asked.

"Well, yeah, everything is fine..." I answered

I turned my head to the table next to ours and Daniel followed my direction. He laughed a bit and whipsers a little 'I see...'

"What do you see?" I asked, confused.

"You like Emma, don't you? She is hot, but I heard that she treats her maids like cows. She's seriously rich and so many guys like her. There's always the hot chicks and popular table that are targeted to have a crush on. See the girl sitting next to her? It's Merissa, she has a twin named Melissa. They hate each other and both have a crush on Gregory, the guy that sits in the athlete table. See the guy with a beard and big muscles? That's him. I think his name suits him well, he does look like a gorilla. But when you truly know him, he's sensitive. Sensitive and strong. So don't make fun of his emotions. Oh yeah, I heard that Emma had 94 ex-boyfriends. She said she would make a party when she will have a 100 ex-boyfriends. Pretty stupid, uh? Anyways, that girl over there, the one will black hair and blue eyes, Yoana, she is super zen style. She's really cute and uh..."

He stopped talking and blushed. He stared at her and he was smiling. I understood.

"Ooh, I see" I laughed.

"Wha-..? Uh? Oh! Eurm, well... Hehe... Dude, don't tell anyone, please. It's really secret and I get distracted when my crush is there. Don't tell anyone, I'm serious. Please don't." he begged.

"Hey, calm down. It's not because I'm new that I can't keep secrets. Stop begging, no one will know. Just stay cool, alright?"

He nod and poked his chicken while looking at her. I have to admit, she is pretty. Her eyes were blue ocean-ish and she did look dreamy. But not as much as Saffron. Now that I mention it, where is she?

"Dude! She's coming to our way! Stay cool!" Daniel squealed.

I turn my head from left to right and couldn't find her. Where's Saffron?

"Hey boys, I'm having a party this Saturday. Arrive whenever you want. It's a sleepover too, so you can come Friday, sleep then party, then sleep again and leave Sunday. Wanna come? " she proposed.

"Sounds great. You're gona be there, Daniel?" I ask.

"I... Uh... Well, hahaha... Sure, why not? I mean, I do like parties and well... What we do is that... Sure... I will come Friday." he mumbled.

"Great! See you Friday then. You too, Lucas." She walked away and waved.

Daniel sits back on his chair desperatly.

"Ah, dang it! I missed my shot! Now she'll think that I'm a complete weirdo!" He shouted.

I laugh a bit and had to say the truth. He did act weird. She did look confuse when he was talking, but she seemed cool with it.

After school, I walked back home with Saffron. We were talking about our day, how everything was doing okay and stuffs.

"Wanna come over to my place for some snacks? My mom is at work until 9, so you could stay." she offered as she walks up the stairs.

"Sure, it's not like my parents would kill me anyways."

"Speaking of your parents, where are they?"

"At home. We had a huge fight and I ran away."


"I'll tell you."

Alright guys! That is the first part of the story. Why he ran away will be the next chapter! Laters~