Poems of Crimson #1:

Law and Chaos, a coin

One cannot exist without the other

Opposite sides of the same thing

Bound by Order, inseparable by Time

Order: A binding force maintaining balance

If the rules of Order are broken, the world shall be

Razed by the shattered balance

Law and Chaos, locked in combat farther prevent

Order from being re-balanced.

Locked in a deadly struggle,

War rages between Law and Chaos, destroying the land.

A millennium passes, the forces

Destroying each other.

New rules are made, Order is restored

The world returns to normalcy.

Law and Chaos come back, weakened by their struggle.

The cycle repeats, Time passes idly by

Observing the world's hell.

As Time ends, the mirror fades to black,

Erasing all.

Weeping, everything cries in pain

dying slowly, suffering.

Yet on the face of one man,

A smile.

I laugh and laugh and laugh again,

The world falling around me,

A cataclysm.

I shout to the sky:

"I knew it!"

as I swiftly die.

I wrote this in my history class... Quite some time ago. I think. It's sure as hell not the first poem I've written, but it's the first one that the Internet has to see of mine. I quite like it, although it's a little.. odd. I based it off of one of my theories about the world and how it works. Essentially, the theory states that the world has rules, and they are damn near impossible to break. If one succeeds in breaking them however, the world gets royally screwed over, and it's hard to get it back on course.