July 12th 1778

Our Queen is to give birth to her first child soon, everyone prays it will be a boy, for boys are good for the Empire and the crown. Females merely make France look feeble and delicate so everyone prays daily for a boy.
I do not care what the child will be. I will be thirteen years older than it and it will have nothing to do with me. I have never told anyone this because it could be considered treason to not think constantly about our monarchs. I would be beheaded. Now there would be something I could do before Margarite.
I have not told you who she is to marry. An Englishman. His name is William, although from what I have heard every second man in England is called William. I do not think it is such a special name as to bestow it upon every second child.
The engagement was told to us yesterday, although the official announcement will not be for another week. I have not seen him yet. No painting or sketch, so it will probably be most likely that he is amazingly handsome and kind and rich and Margarite will be very happy.
She will have to move to England, which I shall be sad for, she must live with her husband because he is a member of the English Court. Their union, as Mama calls it, will assist our King in improving the relations between our two countries. I personally cannot see how one small marriage can affect such a thing but Margarite believes Mama and prances about as if she is the Saviour herself! Oh I have been very naughty in saying that, I think I shall go to Father Confessor after dinner.
Margarite is sad about leaving as she does love the French Court, she does not want to leave us all.

That was Marie Antoinette she was talking about. Ms Let-them-all-eat-cake!