The Wish

Dear Mr. Blake Callahan,

We are happy to inform you that you have been accepted to The World Academy for Future Wishers. Please note that once you have been accepted, your enrollment is mandatory. This letter is not only to inform you of your acceptance, but to also prepare you for what to expect during your first year in school. You may consider this letter as your orientation. As a student studying to become a Wisher, you must obey these following rules.

Your enrollment is permanent. There are no expulsions and there are no suspensions. The only way to leave The World Academy for Future Wishers after your acceptance is graduation or death.

As a Wisher, your top priority is the preservation and survival of the human race. All skills you learn from the academy (including your Wish) are to be used and only used for the good of all humanity. Use of your Wish for personal gain will result in punishment by death.

Until you have found your Wish, you may not engage in combat with demons or monsters of any kind. For your safety, any acts fueled by revenge and feelings of that nature are strictly prohibited. You will engage with demons and monsters when you are ready and not a minute sooner. The penalty for breaking this rule is death.

If you can follow these basic rules, your time at the WAFW will be much more enjoyable. As a student, you have a few questions about the nature Wishes. A Wish, at its core, is the manifestation of your deepest and strongest desire. The manifestation is permanent and transcends the laws of the natural world. The following are the conditions required to manifest a Wish:

One must have the desire.

One must have the resolve.

One must set a condition.

If one does not have the desire, there can be no Wish. If one does not have the resolve, the Wish cannot be fulfilled. Wishes ignore the natural laws but must abide by the condition set by the Wisher instead. In other words, the stricter the condition you place on the Wish, the more unrestricted it is by the natural laws. The goal of the WAFW is the help you create a Wish with the perfect condition that will allow you create the strongest Wish you can to combat the monsters and demons. However, keep in mind that you, the student, are the only one who can set the condition. What you are willing to give up for your Wish is completely up to you. If you still do not understand Wishes, please do not worry. Throughout the course of your life at WAFW, you WILL manifest a Wish.

Your name from now on will be Blake. Your surname is no longer important and will no longer be used at our academy. You have been assigned to Class 128. Your School ID number is 128-05 (your class number and your own personal number). The following is a list of all the students in your class. You will be with them throughout your whole time at WAFW so please get to know them.

01 – Pheobe (F)

02 – Roman (M)

03 – Yukino (F)

04 – Alexander (M)

05 – Blake (M)

06 – Gabriella (F)

07 – Xiao-Mei (F)

08 – Lucas (M)

09 – Deshawn (M)

10 – Alexis (F)

11 – Jacques (M)

12 – Monica (F)

13 – Isabella (F)

14 – Takeshi (M)

15 – Kristen (F)

16 – Zack (M)

That concludes the orientation letter for the World Academy for Future Wishers. We hope to see you soon for an amazing year!


The World Academy for Future Wishers