Once upon a time in a far off place- well more along the lines of the bustling kingdom of Los Angeles- lived young girl (or women, it depends on how you look at things) who had decidedly decided to go by Scroll. She spent her days in her far off tower spazing- i mean dancing- to disney classics. From her excessive obssesion of all things disney, she soon became quite the master of impersonation that had a tendency to formulate during class. Resulting in the occasional distress among her family- don't get me wrong they adored her she just wasn't always heard clearly. At the Kingdom School friendships were developed, and severed rightfully. Although, by the beginning of high school her reputation had been set and it wasn't for the better. Thankfully, people got past things and she became loved most everywhere. But, the more people knew here, the more kooky she was became evident. Don't believe me? Well let's go back and see...

Playground dilemas

Age: 7

Location: Playground

The sun was high, the kids were playing, and the people in general were pleased with life. Except for Scroll. She had waited. waited patiently, for her turn on the swing set

her favorite play time activity. Oh no, she didn't like swinging, she like climbing. She had decided she didn't like the traditional swinging motion after she had attempted to swing left to right and the chains had pinched her fingers. So, she moved on the climbing them; She enjoyed how the chains made nice hand grips, but was still a bit of a challenge. This day though she felt the urge to be to feel the wind whip through her unwashed and stubborn (Almost to the extent that she was) hair. She climbed higher and higher reaching for the clouds hoping to catch a baby that she was sure was going to fall out one day. She cackled delightfully kicking her feet vivaciously, imagining them connecting with the monstrous faces from her nightmares. The sun was on her face and she was feeling good. Arisson ruined that. That atrocious little boy, ruined the good vibes that surrounded happy children. He was obbssessive and spoiled and was determined to control most everything, so when he saw that Scroll was merily swinging and being carefree he felt a mighty urge to swing on that particular swing at that particular moment. Now, he was young and couldn't control these urges (And probably still can't) so he marched right up to Scroll and screamed like a bastard child he is, "YOU'VE HAD THE SWING FOR FAAAR TOO LONG, GET OFF IN 10-" Scroll scowled down at Arisson, ideas flitting through her creative mind on how to get him to SHUT UP. "nine" He pointedely yelled up to Scroll. She thought that the way his nose was raised and how his eyes squinted suited his personality. "8" his tone getting sharper. Scroll felt as if she could grab the sun light at this point. At every ascending towards the sky, the farther away she was from the ground, the happier Scroll was. "7" Scroll glared darkly at the boy matched with a horrifying chesire grin that should've been matched with a madman.

"6" didn't Arisson understand his demise would surely be soon if he didn't shut it? "5" apparently not. "4" payback would need to in order. "3" whatever happens to him is his own fault, Scroll that to herself. "2" Scroll just rolled her eyes. "1! NOW GET OFF!"

Arrison demanded. "Whatever" Scroll answered in a cartoony voice. She swung up for the final time and let out the cry of an avenging warrior, thrusting herself forward and through the air aiming for the fat bullseye of her summoner. Scroll spread herself like a starfish pleased with the fearful look Tony aimed at her. She let out a swift cackle and dropped into him like a pissed off Scroll. Seconds later when the teacher came screaming towards them. Scroll smiled and floppped over to lay next to Arrison. Little brat was crying. Good he had been properly splatted and it should hurt.

Ha! You thought that was it? OH NO, Scroll's insanity is just developing in this snip bit of her life. I like to think it came to a dramatic climax at the age 12...

AN: You'll have to wait until next time. Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Scroll, She Is a Legit Person, And These Are Legit Stories.