A friendly disclaimer to all of you guys who decides to continue reading this story, my grammar is really really bad - you probably figured it out. English is not my mother tongue even though I've learned it my whole life. So if you have trouble reading stories with bad grammars or tenses I recommend you back out now.

I am sorry for this inconvenience.

I am trying to learn better.

But if you decided to give this story a chance, then, thank you so much!

Part One

I came out from the room I did my high-school entrance exams, room 7. My friends were with me, talking about how hard the exam was. That day, I was still in 9th grade, the ordinary student.

We walked through the hallway when I saw him. I frowned. I knew him since elementary school, but I was never close with him. The last three years of junior high school, we were on different building, even though we're still at the same school, so I didn't really see him a lot.

But that day was the day I truly saw him.

He was talking to his friends as I kept walking. I figured out he was taller than me, and he has that cute face and really cool hair. He didn't even notice me staring at him. It was like he was oblivious about himself. He didn't even acknowledge me when I passed him.

I can't help but think that he's really cute, that time. That was when I realize, that I had a crush on him.

Time passed, and suddenly I was a 10th grade. That year, he and I were in the same building. His class was right next to mine, even though he wasn't in a class with me, the thought of him being in the next class made my stomach flutter.

My friends, who obviously know who I had a crush on, teased me non-stop about it.

Two years had passed. I still had my crush on him. The last two years, we were never in the same class, even though he's in my biology class, he never acknowledge me. Never even seen myself. The two years had been good for him. He grew into a handsome guy. He had a lot of girl-friends. Friends that are girls. But he never dates.

Every single time I saw him passed the hallway or saw him eating at the cafeteria, I kept doing silly things just so he notices me, but he never did.

This year, though, he was in the same class with me.

Tomorrow was the first day of my senior year.

I prayed to God that this year is going to be good for me – and I won't embarrass myself in front of him.