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The Final Virgin
Chapter 1: The Discovered

It was PE we were in the locker rooms. But they were co-ed so the guys were watching all the girls. Problem was that "girls" mostly meant me. I had the body everyone said was "to die for".

As they all raked my body I didn't care. I was used to it, my mom being a past singer to actress to designer to mall owner and all. But she died on me so I now own and do everything she once did. After school that is.

I was checking out guys myself. They all had the "hot" factor after all. I slipped on my white tank top and black running shorts. As I turned around someone pinched my ass cheek. I didn't turn around but I reached for the hand and pulled him close to me. I turned to the guy, face to face. His very handsome face was pathetically close to mine. My right cheek was touching his right. "If I were you. I wouldn't do that again." I whispered seductively in his ear.

I felt a bulge down below and smirked. I turned, not after giving him a wink and joined my friends on the left side of the volleyball court.

"Did you just do your thing to Sean Nolan? He's, like, super hot." My best friend, Trinity, said with a look of slight jealousy showing on her face.

"You know Amber, she's basically the human form of Aphrodite." Lucy said.

"Hey Amber! You wanna join us?!" Renae called from the opposite side of the court.

I was the most popular, and hottest girl in school. With the most popular group. I'm close friends with the jocks and athletes of the school. Renae only wants me to join them because whoever I hang out with becomes popular. Renae's mad that she's three groups below this school, with her posse.

Yeah, three groups. I have a fashion crazy twin sister. She applies into the group of "Misfits". As they call it. We get along great, we always have each others backs. But she didn't want to join the popular group. You know how in those movies the popular group is always full of bitches? Well, that's what Alexandra thinks.

"No thanks!" I called back.

"Get into teams! Your pick!" Coach Ramona yelled.

Renae did what you may call a "pose" to get all the jocks on her team but, truthfully, she looked ridiculous. All the jocks went over to my side. "Boys! I know you all want to be on the same team as Ms. Rock but Ms. Gellino needs a few on her team too. So split!" Coach yelled at them.

The guys mumbled in protest and reluctantly went over to Renae's side. then, I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. The coach gives us five minutes to warm up while she goes into her office for those five minutes to finish up her coffee and her news paper. I immediately knew who it was.

"You really want me to kick you in the groin, don't you?" I said.

"I'd like it better if you were naked." He whispered in my ear.

I smirked. "In your dreams." I said and turned to face the same guy from before.

"Already." He said.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, the guys everywhere around watching with scowls on their faces. We leaned in slowly... You have GOT to be kidding me. I kneed him in the balls and he curled into a ball, rolling around on the floor, the room erupting in laughter.

"Damn baby girl." Sean groaned.

"D-dude, I told you she wouldn't take you up." His best friend, Zane said and helped him up.

"Shut up Zane." Sean snapped.

"What is your problem?" Renae snapped at me, stomping over. Excuse me?

"What problem?" I said and took a step closer to her. I was way taller than her. I had taken in my mothers height but still getting taller. I'm a 17 1/2 year old who is 6'7. Renae was 5'10.

"You! Sean is basically asking you out and you throw him away like he's trash." Renae scolded.

"Excuse me? I'm not the one who throws guys away when your done banging him." I shot at her.

"I don't do that!" Renae defended.

"Um, yeah you do. When you were in that closet with Rich Tilone. "Ugh, Rich! Your size is too big for me! You can't fit. I'll just have to find another guy. Move it you sucker."." I said copying Renae's words.

Everyone started to laugh.

"Well we all just saw you turn down Sean!" Renae said.

"It was actually a complete turn on." Sean interjected.

"You guys are unbelievable!" Renae said, flipped her hair, and stomped away.

"Oh George, I'm tired of you. I'm gonna go find someone with a much bigger size and a much better bed." I said in a high pitched voice, loud enough for everyone to hear. Everyone knew those were Renae's words. And they all burst out into fits of laughter, me smiling smugly and Renae glaring daggers in my direction.

"If you change your mind about getting naked, you know where to find me." Sean winked and took his spot with Zane on the court as Coach came out of her office.

Our team had won that game of Volleyball. As always. But I was bummed that it had ended so quickly. I mean it was AP Calculus with the most cheerful teacher in school, Mrs. Delicado.

As I walked down the halls with Trinity and Lucy, I and I alone, received cat calls. Trinity and Lucy had boyfriends already and I was waiting, every guy knew who was free and who wasn't. Me, I totally was.

We walked into the class, first as always and took our seats. I was in the front and center. Trinity was in the middle left. And Lucy was at the end right corner.

Then Drake, Logan, Zane and Sean came in. It's like they're schedules were set up to match mine. My legs were up on my desk and I was fixing up my Black Corset Crop Top, straightening my black skinny jeans and looking down at my Black Suede Round Toe Pumps, pretending we weren't the only ones in the class. A pair of hands slammed down on my desk, causing all of us to look up. It was Drake.

"What do you want, hon?" I asked with a sweet smile, up at Drake.

"I want you." He said haughtily.

"Say that to my virgin ass." I retorted.

"I will- wait what! Your a virgin?" Drake asked in complete utter shock.

...And I'm screwed.