Years have passed since I published Karthaersis' tale, or more accurately, our tale. In truth, the amount of years that have passed should have killed me of old age enough times that those deaths should have died of old age a few times themselves. After a couple of years of this story being published, we faked my death and I took up permanent residence in the Pit. With the help of Hecate, Chronos and Erutrot, I'm able to maintain my life and body. Somehow, we have managed to break all the seals that have held Lucifer in place; even getting Michael to forgive him.

But now the time has come: my beloved Kara must now kill her mother. As more and more seals were broken after the release of my book, I could tell that the two of them were starting to dread this moment. And now it is finally here; and to tell the truth, I'm scared too. Karthaersis has never been without her mother's support and protection, and I'm concerned about how those of the Pit will react to Lilith's death, with regards to Kara.

I'm also sacred to death of meeting Lucifer. Kara's story made him out to be quite benevolent and tolerant of most things. I worry about how his reaction to seeing Lilith dead, and learning that it was Karthaersis who did it, will affect his state of mind (if there's anything left) upon his return. And that's got nothing on how I'm scared he won't approve of my and Kara's relationship.

As I await the moment of truth, I stare at the mural that was once Kara's nightmare. I look at myself and see how carefree she wished I could be, millennia before she even met me. I look at the ease on everyone's faces and wish I could experience the beautiful moment before me in person. But most of all, I stare at the face of my phantom son. A son who only exists in this torturous painting, but who I love all the same. His mother and I named him Rhevaynen; it's not a real name but it sounds like the word for 'heir to the world' in the Tongue of Darkness and I like the sound of it.

But the moment has finally come; Kara is looking at me with an infinite sadness in her eyes. Truthfully, that sadness has always been in her eyes, it's just more prominent today. No words are said as she seeks the comfort of my arms, she only sighs in reluctant acceptance. Releasing her from my reassuring hug, I pull a knife from a hidden pocket of my robes. It's the same knife she gave to me all those years ago to cut my own mother's throat. Karthaersis closes her eyes as she sees the knife, still stained with my mother's blood. I don't have to put the blade into her hand; however reluctantly, she takes it from me herself. Turning from me, Kara walks to the door to our chambers, before stopping at the door. "Come along Jack; it is long past time you met my father."

I take the three steps it takes to be by her side and we depart for the lake of frozen fire together. Together, as we have been together all our lives, and will be for the rest of time.

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