Huddled in the corner,

your face smeared with tears

why are you so sad? Shattered..

Look up, my dear.

Look at yourself, at the mirror,

your eyes, lips, and face

all beautiful, no need to put up that barrier

They say you're ugly? If that's the case..

Who cares?

Stand up straight, chin up

realize, they're only mere specks in your life, free yourself from those snares

Because, someone out there thinks you're great just the way you are, tell those bullies, "nope!"

"I am beautiful"

"I am smarter than you think"

"I am cheerful"

"I am gifted under this evergreen tree, let that sink."

You'll grow bigger and stronger,

soon they'll disappear

you'll live in a palace full of happiness and will never

falter to those traps and snares again, you'll appear