An oracle who sees visions in dreams and does not know her true identity...a curse by a vengeful goddess of love..and the blessings of Athena...Oh my some one's got a lot of fan following.

It was the most critical exam of my life. My future was firmly hinged on the exam. I started writing on the stroke of the bell, without wasting even a moment.

Little did I know about the shock that was in store. Just as I finished writing the first sentence, every letter on my answer sheet jumped out of the paper, made a beeline for the edge of the table, somersaulted in the air and disappeared! Horrified I wrote the sentence again, but could see no change whatsoever!

The letters paraded out yet again, leaving the paper stark blank. I was too stunted to react and tell the invigilator, not that she would believe it. When I regained my presence of mind, I changed the sheet and pen and began all over again after praying to God to stop all this. I am not a very religious person, but it was worth a shot. Alas! The same thing happened again; it seemed as if the letters were hell bent on running away. One glance around the hall confirmed my worst fears; I was the only one with the letters jumping around.

After a while a thought began to form like plague in my mind. It was "What if I have got dyslexia suddenly or maybe I am seeing things due to nervousness and re writing the answer again and again?" I knew it was on the same line as impossible, as it was not at all probable but at that moment anything and everything seemed possible. I half believed it to be true because I firmly believed that I had no imagination to make up such bizarre things.

I gave up and wrote the next answer but my bad luck seemed to have clung onto me like a curse from the goddess of wisdom herself. I tried again to no avail. At last my patience levels finally gave up and frustrated I tore the paper to bits and tore my hair. I started yelling at the empty air and even made a futile attempt to catch the letters floating off the pages.

I knew I was the center of attraction and everyone was staring at me like I was a freak but at that moment I was beyond the point of caring, my future was on line and the silly words would not stay on the pages.

Finally the teachers pulled me away to the clinic where I was forcefully pushed on to a bed, arms failing and feet kicking, and soon they had to lock me in a cupboard before the medicines kicked in and I fell into a drug induced sleep.

I woke up quite suddenly and shuddered at the thought of my ruined future but then I noticed the signs, sunlight streaming in through the window and the ache in my back, as if I had fallen asleep and had been sleeping for a long time in a chair. I am sure even mental patients are left to sleep in a chair.

One glance at the calendar and my desk confirmed my suspicions and hope finally filled my life with warmth again. Everything made sense again. Such things could only happen in scientific fictions books and movies. It was only a nightmare, a bad no a horrific one but a nightmare all the same. My future was still in my hands and I was going to make it shine. I was going to go back to my beloved books again when I felt something in my pocket and it turned out to be the pen I had broken during my fight with the teachers in my nightmare and just four words formed in my mind - Was it real then?