Something very random...Almost as random as "She" (Another poetry-like thing on my page). No, this not a school assignment, but I did write it in Science class. Review anyways! :)

~I noticed a lot of bullying around today's generation especially~

"Make It Stop"

Is that all you can say to me? "Go away," or "No one likes you."? It's going to take a lot more to break me. It would be so easy to hit you, take all of my pain out on you. If I do that that maybe I'll feel better. I know if I don't you'll hurt me again, all I want is to make it stop. Stop hurting me. What did I do to you? Why do you make me feel this way? Make it stop. I do not appreciate the things you do to me. I want to be strong, but how can I if you keep throwing everything at me and my face? Quit making me feel like I want to die. Who hurt you? Just look into my eyes and maybe we could start over? Be friends? I try so hard to rid of you and your selfish ways, but they haunt me like yourself. You big bully. Make it stop. Everything come to an end. All to a halt. Silence...

A bit dramatic, please, if you need someone to talk to, I'm here! :) If you would like, you can review. Wouldn't it be nice just to make all the hurt stop? D: