King Ahab surrendered his pants to his wife,

Thus plunging the nation down into the strife

Of Jezebel's urges. King Ahab's first bridal

Bequest was to back her with worship of idol.

All manner of pagan god statues were built,

And many a prophet (of God)'s blood was spilt

(The real God, that is, who in time would not fail

To show up the phoniest prophets of Baal).

He raised up a hero, Elijah, to slay

400 false prophets defeated one day.

But first came the showdown, preceding the price.

Each side asked their god to burn their sacrifice.

The pagans got nowhere. Not one spark or flame

Came down while they called out each bogus god's name.

They'd worshipped each idol set up by the Queen,

With practice unholy and downright obscene.

Then, when they got nowhere, Elijah took stock

Of their disillusion and started to mock:

"So why is your false god unwilling to speak?

Or is he off somewhere else taking a leak?"

Elijah concluded his taunts at the joke,

And asked for his men to use buckets to soak

His own sacrifice, then made harder to light,

In order that no-one would question God's might.

He called out to Jahweh, the only real God,

Who heard him from heaven, and gave a quick nod,

Then sent down His fire which burnt up the lot:

The rocks underneath became equally hot.

But Nebuchanezzar would try the same stuff,

And others today, while attempting to bluff,

With secular movies where pagan god frauds

In spandex win actors those Oscars awards.

It started in comics, with our great "I am"

Supplanted by Dr Fate, Deadman, Shazam,

The Spectre, the Scarlet Witch, quite a few more.

You can't watch Avengers, without copping Thor.

When all these events had thrown Israel a curve,

Elijah said, "Choose this day, whom you will serve.

For me and my family, we're serving the Lord."

And fakers who fought God were slain by the sword.

The whole thing goes back to Commandments' first one:

"Have no Gods but me." Yet the god of the sun

(Another pretender or demon named Ra)

Was put there by Satan to lead you afar.

The glory belongs to the Saviour who's real,

Regardless of some entertainment appeal

Of on-screen usurpers. But let's all reject

That lot, since they're helpless to self-resurrect.