It was after his family got done with eating their porkchop dinner that a male teen quickly got up from the table and ran toward the stairs.

"Marvin, are you sure that you do not want to stay down here and watch some TV with us? Galactica Nineteen Eighty is about to be on tonight.", said the mother before Marvin answered, "Sorry, Mom. No can do. Need to check out the stairs with my telescope tonight."

But when he got into his bedroom and looked through the telescope, his eyes grew wide with excitement because he saw a new star and noticed that it was heading towards Earth.

"MOM! DAD! I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU!", yelled Marvin before he ran downstairs and saw both of his parents wearing the strangest Halloween costumes he ever saw in his life.

"We know.", said the mother. "What we wanted to tell you."