I hate him. How dare he assume he knows everything about me. I have never kissed another or been with any other man. Yet he keeps making those comments, well, I won't stand for it any longer. I am breaking up with him tonight.

I march up to his apartment and ring his doorbell. He better not make me wait in this winter weather for long. I know for a fact he is home, his car is here. He can't lie to me about, nor will I be lied to any longer. I hate snow. I hate winter. I hate Dennis.

"Hello?" I hear the intercom crackle, with a woman's voice. I fall silent. Stunned. "Helloooo?" She giggles and I hear Dennis tell her to just hang up.

The intercom crackles again as she hangs up. I stare at it in shock. My first real boyfriend and he does this to me? I knew my friends kept telling me men are jerks but to this extent? Why not tell me he prefers someone else? That wouldn't have been so hard.

"Damn it. YOU BASTARD!" I scream loudly then I run off, away from his apartment. I don't care right now if I slip and hit my head. I hate him. Tears fall down my cheeks, starting to freeze there. It stings, but I don't care.

I turn down the third alley and I run to the other side. Or I mean to. I slow down and turn around when I hear my snow boot crush something. It sounded glass like. I breath hard and rub my face with my mitten covered hands. I pull out my smart, touch screen phone. I unlock it then go to my flashlight app. I kneel down and look at what I ran over.

"Oh... poor mirror..." I pick up the frame, the glass horribly cracked, small shards have fallen out too. It looks really old. Luckily I didn't damage the frame. I press my mitten to a not broken area, "I'm sorry. I wish you were fixed." I sniffle then sneeze. "Ah. Stupid winter. I wish I were rich and living somewhere warm." I sniffle again.

A bright light eminates from the mirror in my hand. Before I can scream properly or even realize something is happening I'm sucked into the mirror. It feels like I exist but don't. I'm hot yet freezing. I don't understand what's going on... maybe I did slip and hit my head on something.

I groan, feeling like I've been plopped down onto some really hard... something that feels like too many quarters. I open my eyes and grab a hand full of whatever I seem to have landed on. I bring it up to my eyes and I barely keep myself from screaming. Gold coins. Real gold coins.

I drop them and get off the pile as quickly as possible. The sound of coins clinking together and spilling onto the ground is all I hear as I rush to get off the treasure. My breath catches in my throat when I finally take in my surroundings. A cave? Full of gold coins and -gasp- are those real diamonds!?

"Where am I?" I am amazed to be seeing this. It must be a dream. Or perhaps I'm in a coma. I don't know but it's suddenly wickedly hot under all my layers.

I unzip my heavy winter coat. I unwind my scarf. I pull off my damnable snow boots. My seemingly endless layers of sweaters are pulled off until I'm left in my bra and jeans. I wave at my flushed face with my hand, trying to cool off. Finally! I'm warm and I can breathe.

My exhiliration of the prospect of being warm in this dream world is quickly dimished when I feel hot air on my back accompanied by a very loud, very annoyed snort. Fear holds tightly to my heart as I turn around slowly. I come face to face with the least expected thing about this dream.

I scream at the top of my lungs. Dragons don't exist, right?

"Shut up, stupid girl!" I cover my mouth with my hand, still screaming a bit. It's a male dragon and he sounds pissed off.

"S-s-s-sorry!" I tremble as I kneel down and try to pick up my many layers of clothing.

"STOP!" I freeze, fearing what will happen if I don't listen to him. "Who are you, how did you get in here?"

"M-my n-name is... um... Brittany... I... mirror... um..." I don't know how I got here and I don't know how to explain it to him.

"A mirror. That stupid thing." He snarls, "Did you break it into tiny little pieces?" I see him move around me, but I also feel him move, he must be what is causing the heat.

"N-no?" What is the right answer?

"Did you, or did you not, destroy the mirror." He is ordering an answer from me.

"I-I stepped on it... um... fractured?" Is that the word?... yes. It didn't really break into many pieces.

"Damn. I was hoping to finally be rid of that thing. What did you wish for?"

"I... wished for it to be fixed," he growls lowly, right next to my ear. I can see part of his blood red muzzle. I swallow hard, "a-and... to be rich and in warmer weather..."

"These riches are not yours. You are allowed none of it. As for warmer weather... well, you do look more comfortable now, don't you? Dirty human stripping in my cave."

I choose to be smart about this and keep my mouth shut.

That was a lie. I tell him exactly what I think of what he said.

"I am not a dirty human! I don't even understand how I got here!"

"You are human, therefore you are dirty." I growl a bit, starting to get ticked off.

"You are a dragon, therefore you don't exist."

"My, that certainly hurt." His voice is lazy and filled with sarcasm, "Yet here I am, care to explain?"

"I am dreaming... I don't need to be afraid of you." It dawns upon me that this is my dream. I can make anything I want happen. "In fact I wish you gone."

Pure silence follows. I smile happily and turn around. I scream loudly and fall back onto my butt. Face to face with him again. How can he be so stealthy when he's that big!?

"Are you done yet?" He sounds bored beyond belief. And as if my sudden awareness that this might not be a dream doesn't affect him at all.

"But... but... you..."

"My name is Saphire, address me as such. Or Master or Lord, I will answer to any." Arrogant dragon, isn't he.

"Where am I?" I slowly stand up then back away from him.

"You are in my cave, in my realm, and you will obey me. Unless being cooked alive then eaten is on your list of things to accomplish in your puny life."

"It's not." I hastily tell him.

Saphire's larger than my apartment building. He's gotta be ten story's tall. His scales are blood red in this dim light. And his eyes... a captivating blue to contrast everything he is. When I first saw them they looked blood red with murder intent, is it murder if a dragon kills you?, but now that I see them...

"Stop staring at me, stupid girl." He snaps, he snaps his jaws at me too. I stare at him, blinking when his jaws get close to my face.

Sharp teeth that might have bitten my face off, I should have flinched and screamed and backed away. But, some how, it didn't get to me. I don't feel the same fear. Which weird because I should be feeling it tenfold.

"... Why did you not flinch?" Some how Saphire's eyes seem to have narrowed even more, nearly glaring at me.

"I... don't know. I just wasn't afraid." I shrug a bit, suddenly completely fascinated by him. "I think it's because of your eyes."

"My eyes." He looks at me, almost as if he were suddenly bored. "Go back to where you came, human. I don't need you around." He turns away, his tail, which has spikes on it, swinging in my direction. I jump far away enough. Barely.

"I don't know how to go back." I stare at his back end, he looks more menacing this way, with all the spikes on his tail.

"Just use the mirror in your hand-" He glances back and looks at my hands, "... What did you do with the mirror?" He turns more towards me.

"Ahm…" I look at my hands and try to remember if I brought the mirror with me or not. Did it come here with me? "I don't think it came here with me…"

"You lost it!?" He growls. He becomes angry very quickly.

"I… guess I did." I shrug a bit, "Is there another way I can go back?"

"Not unless you can make a magic mirror. Just get out of my cave, stupid girl." He turns away and stalks off.

I look around the treasure filled cave. There doesn't seem to be a way out. At least not noticeably. I sigh and decide to go the same direction as him. He probably watches over the entrance to make sure no one gets in and takes anything of his. He glances back at me and growls again. I just look at the treasure.

"How did you collect all of this?" Mountains of gold and jewels and jewelry… It must have taken him years.

"I plundered all the richest castles. I stole from pirates. I took what is rightfully mine."

"Why would it be 'rightfully' yours?"

"Because I am King. I deserve all the treasure in the world. This is not all that I should have, I left enough for the mortals. But if there is something I want I will take it."

"So you're just entitled, it isn't actually rightfully yours." I shake my head a bit, "I read in a fairy tale that dragons took treasure sometimes, but I didn't think it would be like that. I thought maybe they just took a few piles and left everything else." He snorts.

"Your fairy tale was wrong. And it doesn't matter what other dragons do. I do what I want, when I want." He is entitled and selfish. I wouldn't be able to bare being with him for longer than a day.

"So… do dragons-" Saphire cuts me off easily.

"No. Shut up. I won't answer any more of your stupid questions, stupid girl."

"I am not stupid and my questions are valid." I glare at the scale covered beast.

"They are not. What if I asked you a bunch of stupid questions. How about, why did you wish to come here?"

"... I don't want to talk about it." I look away from him.
"No, you have to answer me." I stop and close my eyes tightly, trying to imagine him away. "... That won't work, stupid girl. Just answer me."

"My name is Brittany! Not 'stupid girl'!"

"That isn't the answer I want."

"That's the answer you get!" I open my eyes and glare at him, hoping tears haven't formed in my light brown eyes.

"... Fine. Why do you think my eyes made you stop being frightened of me?" He turns around and sits down, kind of like how a dog or cat would.

"Because… they almost look human. And they are a large contradiction to the rest of you. They are very, very blue." I stare at him as straight on as I can…

"Hmm… Most humans who see me just run and scream. Sometimes in circles. It can be amusing." His mouth forms something of a smirk. "Where are you from, Human?"

"I'm from Elyria, Ohio."

"Never heard of it. I assume it was cold there." He looks down at the clothes and boots in my arms.

"It's winter, snow is every where from the "lake effect"." I try to help a falling boot but it just slips out of my hand. I sigh and squat down to pick it up.

"What are you wearing?" I'm not sure why I'm suddenly blushing. He is a dragon, he couldn't care less.

"Um…. I'm just in my bra and jeans…. at the moment."

"Explain." He settles down, laying on his stomach, cat like.

"... W-well…" I sit down and set aside all my winter stuff, "This is my bra, it helps… um… Well, I don't really know what it helps to do, women just wear them as far as I know." I lift the straps a bit so he can see what piece of "clothing" I am calling a bra. "My jeans are… denim and… well, they are pants." I shrug a bit. I'm happy I never considered becoming a teacher.

"I see." He stares at me a moment, "What is it like where you are from?"

"It's the modern world. There are cars and cell phones and planes and-"

"I don't understand what those are." He sounds patient though. Should I find that unusual? Because I do.

"... Do you enjoy learning?" I tip my head a bit.

"I enjoy gaining as much knowledge as possible." He nods his head a bit.

"Oh… Okay, well…"

I continue to tell him as much about my world as I can. I wish I could go into more detail but I just don't know how. I don't know as much about my own world as I thought I did. My voice becomes hoarse after three hours of me talking nearly non-stop. My throat is dry, my stomach is growling for food… But he just laid there, listening to me. I think he was imagining my world.

"Do you want to go there?" I ask when I finish. It almost hurts to talk now.

"Hmm… interesting question… If only to see these tall buildings you speak of. It would be interesting to see something taller than me that wasn't a mountain. Although Giants have been capable of being slightly taller than me. I usually kill those ones." Saphire shrugs, he seems very calm now. Relaxed and maybe even content.

"Saphire… Were you ever human?" I can't help but wonder if maybe a witch put a spell on him.

"... No." His eyes open a bit wider. I think I'm coming onto a tricky subject, but I want to know.

"Have you ever wanted to be one?"

"... Once. But that was a long time ago. I have given up on such thoughts." He stands up and turns away from me.

"... H-How do you walk through this cave without knocking piles over?" I smile a bit, trying to lighten the mood and fix my errors, "I would be knocking everything over if I had a tail."

"Then thank the Gods you don't have one." He stalks away. But he doesn't tell me to leave.

The cave is deep. The treasure goes on forever. It's hard to believe he could have accumulated so much gold in his lifetime. But I don't know how old he is, so maybe it is believable. I sigh and drop my stuff again. I'm never finding my way out of here. I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, I feel like I've walked ten miles… I would rather be home crying with a pint of ice cream than here. Crying…

"Bastard." My hands clench into fists at my side. Maybe it is better here. I don't have to deal with Dennis. I should have known it was too good to be true. Isn't it always?

"Who is?" I jump up nearly a mile. I hear coins shift and fall to the ground. A LOT of coins. I turn and I find Saphire perched on a very large pile of coins.

"... My…" I hesitate to find the word I want. Finding not a single word I use all of them, "cheating, low-life, stupid ass moron of a boyfriend."

"... Boyfriend?" His brow raises, just red scales but I can see it move in a questioning way.

"I… Lover, I guess." I shrug a bit, I don't know what else I would call him.

"Ah." He lays down, settling again. "And what made him a 'cheating, low-life, stupid ass moron'?" He seems amused by my word choice. I sort of am too.

"He had another woman over at his apartment. It was very obviously not a relative." I make a face of disgust then the tears well up in my eyes, "And he kept saying that it wasn't possible he was my first everything. I was 'too experienced', 'too good at it'... At first it was a compliment but then it started sounding like he was accusing me of lying." I bring my left hand up to my shoulder length red/orange hair. I start twisting and twirling strands, a nervous, anxious habit.

"... You've only had one?" His brow raises again.

"Well, yes. I love him and I wanted all my firsts to be with someone I love, not with just someone I like." I blush red. "How many have you had?"

"Three. But that's just because we have a shortage of females. We are working on fixing that. How did you find out about the other woman?"

"I went to his apartment… I rang the bell and she answered on the intercom. It's… It's like a phone but it goes to a specific room then to the visitor outside the apartment. To make sure they get the right person in rather than any random stranger." He nods a bit at my explanation, "I heard him in the background and I knew I didn't have the wrong apartment… H-honestly I was on my way over to break up with him. I just didn't want to deal with his accusations any more. They shouldn't have mattered anymore… But… instead I ran away. I was running through an alley when my boot broke something… the mirror…" I look away from him. I feel guilty for breaking it, and I am guilty, then for leaving it behind. I don't know how it got left behind though, I thought I had a pretty tight hold on it.

"I see… It sounds like it's just the way of the world." My head shoots up and I stare at him with wide brown eyes, "Men choosing another woman because the one they are with doesn't satisfy them."

"I can satisfy him just fine!-" I start to angrily respond to him.

"Clearly he doesn't think so." He stares at me with his bored, blue eyes. Anger rises in my heart and then bursts out directly at him.

"You don't know me! You don't know if I can satisfy a man or not because you aren't a man! You're a dragon! You wouldn't know a thing about love and romance! You probably just have sex to continue your species, you don't care about the female dragon at all! You-"

"SHUT UP!" He snaps. Fire blazes right by me at a pile of gold... I can hear it melting. Sweat drips down my right side from the intense heat. I stare, my heart pounding, afraid of him again. "It is you who knows nothing." He sneers at me, "It is your kind that understands nothing about love and romance. You think you know me, but I will never allow you to. Stay in this cave if you have to but you will not speak to me again."

He flies off, a warm breeze ruffling my hair as he leaves me alone. I slowly turn to the melted gold... it looks as if even the jewels melted. He can breathe fire... He could eat me easily. He could... kill me... I fall back onto my butt and I stare at the melted metal and gems... How could he... do that to his treasure?

It has been three days. I haven't touched a single coin. I managed to find a few sacks of food at the entrance of the cave, took me an entire day to find it, I think. I have sat here, next to the entrance, all day. And I know it has been a day because I can see the sun and the moon. My life has changed drastically. One day I'm in the real world, trying to break up with my asshole boyfriend, the next... I don't even know where I am still. I searched all these bags, realizing they are from fallen warriors, but I couldn't find any books or anything in them.

I munch on a carrot and my tummy growls. I miss chocolate. And cake. And doughnuts. I prefer the rise doughnuts to cake ones. I'm going to look like a skeleton at this rate. I can almost feel the fat melt off of me due to the heat too. I think I'm somewhere tropical. It's so weird. One moment there's nothing but snow everywhere and the next... I think there are palm trees down below...

Honestly, all I know is that they have to be trees. I can't tell a pine from an oak from up here. We are very high up... and I'm surprised I don't feel the lack of air or the pressure I hear I'm supposed to for being high up a mountain. Stupid science, lying to me all the time. The sky is blue due to droplets and blah... It's blue because it just is. Obviously. Of course it's probably gray or white or black to a color blind person, or even any other color to a color blind person that can still see color but it's just different from what we see.

I haven't seen Saphire at all. I'm starting to doubt he eats. Or if he does he's very clean, hiding the bones on a pile somewhere else no doubt. Why clutter the entry way? I sigh and lean back against the wall and stare up at the sky. It's twilight out. Really pretty. I'm expecting myself to wake up and find myself in a hospital any time now. I'm ready to wake from this almost nightmare.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" I'm jerked from my thoughts and I look outside the cave.

An honest to God knight is standing there in shining armor and everything. Sword, helmet... the whole deal. I suppose he left his horse at the base of the mountain. Makes sense. Green eyes, shaggy brown hair, stubble across his face. He looks rather angry though. I wonder why.

"... I... Um..." I can't seem to find my name inside my brain.

"Why are you dressed that way? Has the dragon done something to you?" He pulls out his sword. He looks even more angry now. I blush bright red and grab my coat to hide my chest.

"M-My name is- B-Brittany!" THAT'S my name! "I um... Magic mirror brought me here from... somewhere else and I... ah... I took... off most of my clothes because it's warmer here than it is where I am from and... um... no... the dragon hasn't... done anything to me." Besides make me want to strangle him and hide from him at the same time.

"... Brittany. It isn't safe here. You should leave and go to the village North-East of here. They will be able to help you." He walks closer to me. "I wish I could clothe you but I do not have a dress with me. I did not think the murderous dragon took damsels."

"He didn't take me-" I try to explain to him again, but I'm cut off by fire coming between us. I scream while the knight simply gasps in surprise.

"Be gone, mortal. I have no need for a knight." Saphire growls, coming out of the shadows. His blue eyes are locked on the knight, glaring harshly.

"I will not leave the maiden behind!" He points his sword at Saphire and glares back.

The tension is rising and I can see sparks from their glares. They clearly just met, but they hate each other this much. I fear the knight is going to die in front of my eyes. I don't know how I'll react if he does. This is frightening... I've never seen a fight before. Not in real life. Only in movies or television shows.

"Be gone, knight." Saphire hisses, smoke rises from his nostrils, he's ready to kill.

"You killed my wife. Now I shall kill you, foul beast!" He starts running at Saphire, sword ready to taste a dragon's blood.

I will never be able to tell you why I ran to Saphire. Why I took the sword into my stomach when clearly Saphire could have taken care of him just by breathing a bit of fire. But I did. The knight screamed in horror that time. But I think it was for a different reason.

Everything started to get blurry for a while. I remember falling to my side... then flames over head burning the knight alive... then... I remember Saphire's blue eyes looking down at me. I fancied there was worry in his eyes. I felt him pull the sword out. I screamed in pain as he did. I could feel all the blood pouring out of my body. No wonder we no longer have swords. They fucking hurt.

After that I don't really remember much. Things happened but my mind was muddled so badly I couldn't remember after I woke up. I dreamt a silly dream. That I was flying through the air. The wind felt amazing on my skin. I was happy and I felt so free from life's burdens... I wish I could have dreamed forever. But what happened when I woke up is just as pleasant.

I woke up, slowly, groaning. I felt my clothes under me but they felt really hot. Although above me felt cool. Almost icy. How can there be such a contrast in feelings?

"Ah, you're waking, Brittany." I hear Saphire speak above me.

"Mmm..." I keep my eyes closed. I want the warmth but I feel like it'd be too hot for me. But the cold is... cold.

"Would you like to go back inside the cave?" I nod a bit, but I don't understand how we go out of the cave in the first place.

My mind fogs as I nod off. I'm not sure how he brings me and all my things back inside the cave but when I open my eyes that is exactly where we are. And I'm laying against Saphire's body. No wonder it was so hot. But I don't understand the icy feeling.

"Why...?" I look up at him. His face is to my right. It looks like he is almost curled around me. It's almost protective.

"I brought you to the very top of the mountain where there is snow. I knew you needed heat but my body would be too hot. The contrast worked very well. Why did you jump in front of a sword?" His eyes narrow, it looks like he is going to scold me.

"Um... I..." I search my head for any reason at all. "I don't know. It was... reflex almost." I shrug a bit and wince. I feel the tug on my stomach. I look down and... there's a scar. Where the sword went through me there is a scar. "... Wh-Why...?"

"I licked your wound. I used my healing power." I make a face when he says licked but I understand why he had to lick it...

"Why did you do that?" I look back up at him, staring into his blue eyes with my light brown ones.

"You're foolish attempt to save me caused me to realize I would be in debt to you. So I quickly repaid the debt by healing you. I do not wish to be in debt to a human. Especially not a stupid little girl." He almost growls in displeasure, but I don't feel any hate in his words.

"... Thank you." I giggle a bit and smile at him gratefully. He looks surprised my smile then he turns his head away with a 'humph'. "How old are you?"

"I am 1,056 years old. But in human years I would be a mere 29 or so."

"- Y-You're... It sounds like you would be very old... but you're actually extremely young." My eyes widen, "You have lived so many lives... Have you always been alone?"

"No. I have cared for my own young three times, when it was time to train them how to fight. Their mothers knew very well but we almost always have females pregnant, hoping to get more females. We have two new females among our race. They are but 300 years old and their mothers are 4,000 or so. I have never fathered a female... though I cannot deny that I wish to." He looks rather angry with himself, that he can't father a daughter.

"Oh... I'm... sorry. I wish I could help you."

"No one can help me. I just have to keep trying is all." He shrugs a bit and lays his head down, looking at me, curled in. "Is your stomach okay?"

"My stomach will be fine. I'm happy I never got pregnant... it would be too much if I had lost a child."

"How could you not be pregnant?" his blue eyes are full of curiosity.

"Um... we... have... things that keep us women from getting pregnant in my world."


"... I really don't want to." I blush red. "I'd rather talk about you."

"There is nothing else that you need to know about me." Is he hiding something?

"Sure there is. You've lived for such a long time there's a lot you can tell me."

"How I've killed hundreds of thousands? How I accumulate gold even though it is worthless to me?"

"I-... Well... I... would rather not hear about that... I'm sure there is something else about you we can talk about... Like, the one time you wanted to become human." I smile a bit.

"No." He shoots down the idea immediately.

"Wh- But... Please?"

"No." He looks away.

"... Were you in love with someone?"

"Leave it alone." He growls a bit and I immediately back off. But now I know why he wanted to be human. I would want to change as well for the person... dragon... thing I would be in love with... Although I may have changed too much this time.

"... Okay... Um... Are all dragons capable of breathing fire?"

"No. There are various elemental dragons. Plenty breathe fire, but not all are capable of it. No matter how they try." His eyes slowly come back to mine. Good.

"Is creating a magic mirror really the only way I could go home?"

"... No. I'm sure I have another somewhere in my vast amounts of gold. I am just unsure where at the moment." I nod a bit, noting that it'll take a while to find it in this cave.

"Why do you hate the mirror I stepped on? The one that brought me here?"

"The mirror is not the inanimate object as it appears. It has a soul bound to it, one that wishes me as much discomfort and frustration as possible. Always sending me annoyances I do not care for. I believe the soul of one human I have killed or even wronged has been placed in the mirror. I hate it just as much as it hates me."

"Why haven't you just... melted the mirror?"

"Magic is the keyword, human. You cannot always take the easy way out. Magic is give and take, it sent you here to annoy me. It gave you a place that is warm and filled with riches, but it took you away from your home. There is always a chance of something going much worse than better when magic is involved. Always." He lifts his head and looks around at the piles of gold coins surrounding us.

"Oh... I didn't... Back home it sounded like magic just gave what you wanted or needed... you just had to be home before midnight." I smile a bit, thinking immediately of Cinderella.

"Midnight? Home?"

"You haven't heard of the story 'Cinderella'?"

"... Should I have?"

I'm not sure how long it was but we each spent a long time telling tales of our worlds. Mine seemed simplistic and cute compared to his. Although he said he preferred mine over the horrors he heard adults tell their children. I told him that they weren't always fluffy tales, they used to be fairly grim as well.

When my voice finally gave out he spent a long time recounting the good points in his life. Never in all my life had I ever considered hearing a dragon tell me his story to be something I would want to hear. But now that I'm here and listening to him I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm starting to wish I'll never go home. That the mirror will never be found. It's warm and cozy and I know I could talk to him forever... if my voice never gives out again.

But, all good things must come to an end, right?

"I found it." Saphire left me on the floor hours ago. Letting me rest alone for a while on my clothing.

"Found... it?" I yawn and sit up. My stomach feels sooo much better. I can't believe I survived a sword through the stomach.

"The second magic mirror."

My stomach drops and my eyes widen. I don't feel like going home. Why did he go find it? I don't want to leave. I don't have to worry about a damn thing here! Well... swords but that won't always happen.

"O-Oh. I... I guess I need to go home." I look at the ground, suddenly feeling awkward and out of place.

"... You don't belong here, human." It... It sounds like he's trying to convince himself.

"... I know... Let me put on my clothes..." I stand up and start layering my sweaters. I pull on my boots then my large coat. I put my scarf on then I look at him... he's grinning, amusement in his blue eyes.

"You look ridiculous, Brittany." He chuckles a bit and I blush red, though I'm not sure he can see it.

"I-I know that! It's not winter here so of course I look ridiculous! Just- give me the mirror!" I hold out my hands impatiently.

"... Here." His mood dies almost immediately as he places the mirror in my hands. It's small and round, similar to the other one, but this one is framed in gold.

I look at myself in the mirror, I really do look out of place. I look weird. I giggle a bit then I look up at Saphire. He actually looks a bit sad to see me leave. He probably doesn't get a lot of company. I wish I had something more to give him.

"Come over here and lower your head." I hold the mirror with one hand and motion him closer. He obliges.

I wrap my arms around his neck, at the base of his large head. I hug him tightly and I feel him nuzzle me a bit. I hold back a whimper, a sound caused from sorrow. I pull back, as does he, and I stare into his eyes. I lean forward and place a kiss between his nostrils.

"Thank you, for saving me."

"You are welcome, Brittany. Have a safe trip home." I nod and look back at the mirror. I don't want to go home.

"I wish I were home."

I look up at Saphire. The last time I'll ever see him. I smile at him and I feel myself disappearing.

"Is it just as ridiculous to have fallen in love with a dragon?" His eyes widen and I think he says something... but then I'm in a snowed alley. And I don't have the mirror.

I think Saphire has taught me something... Love comes in the most unexpected places. I wonder if it would be extremely wrong to be in love with him... Well, considering the weird, sick people in this world it's probably a little more normal than most. I hope I'll see him again... maybe in my dreams.

Two months have passed since then. I've broken up, officially, with Dennis and I'm content at the moment with what I have. I do wish I were in a relationship but I compare every single guy I see with Saphire. It's like there's something wrong with each and every one of them, and I have never even spoken to them. I knew the dragon for a few days, if even, and now I'm so in love with him I can't have a normal relationship. Is that supposed to be fair, God? Because it really isn't.

I walk through the slush on the sidewalk, going home after working for so long I can't wait to sit in a warm bubble bath and drink hot cocoa. I smile happily at the thought. No one else seems to be walking around this evening... Well, it is freezing. There's a good reason for that. I shiver and just as I pass by an alley a bright light shines. I close my eyes and make a sound of surprise.

"Brittany?" I would know that voice anywhere... But where the fuck am I going to hide a dragon in this town!?

"- Saphire!?" I open my eyes and I look at him. I inhale sharply and stare at him with wide eyes. That is no dragon standing before me.

"Brittany!" He runs over and hugs me tightly. He warms me to my very core the second he touches me. He pulls away and cups my cheeks and he grins. His blue eyes light up and he looks happy.

"S-Saphire!? B-But- you're- and-" I stumble over my words, I don't know what to ask or say.

"I had considered being human once... because I was in love with a woman, Miranda. However she married the day I was going to tell her of my plan. She never told me she was engaged, never told me she was in love with someone... I've hated so many humans because of it... But you are different. Likely because you come from a different world. And I have truly fallen in love with you. It took me too long to realize the effect you had on me. The cave felt empty and I didn't give a damn that knights took my gold. All I want is to be in this world with you." He leans over and presses his brand new, human lips to mine. I'm still staring in shock.

"Say something." He chuckles and just grins at me. He's wearing cold weather clothes too. He was prepared, some how.

"I... um... L-Let's go to my house." I pull away, grab his hand, and sort of drag him along. He slips in the slush, some ice still on the pavement as well. Saphire does keep his balance pretty well though.

I just keep walking. Blushing bright red. Feeling warm from the tips of my hair to the tips of my toes. I feel exhilarated and happy and excited and... How am I going to explain how we met? I'm going to have to figure that out later. Saphire is here. He's HUMAN. I can love him without having to worry about how weird or strange or... awkward it could be!

When we finally get into my apartment I hug him as tightly as I can. Tears spring to my eyes and I just hug him. He was such a jerk when we first met. He tried to bite my head off too! But... I love him. I don't know why or how but I do know that he will be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

"I love you, too, Saphire." I finally reply to his confession. He hugs me tightly, pulls his head away and kisses me deeply. I can't stop my lips from smiling, my cheeks are starting to hurt. I giggle when he pulls away and he just grins nonstop.

"I love you, Brittany. Although your name needs some work. Is there something else I could call you?"

"Hmm... 'Lover' would be a great start. But, what about the other dragons?" I look at him, suddenly worried for his original race.

"They will be fine. They have gone this long without much of my help, they will be fine." He leans down and kisses me again, "May I take this hot clothing off now, lover?"

"Only if I can take mine off too." I giggle a bit, the way he says 'lover' makes me tingle all over.


Prehaps I didn't get the riches I originally wanted from my wish but I definitely got the warmth I asked for. It's burning hot in this apartment. Hopefully it'll be fairly simple for him to adapt to my world. I love him and I want him to do his best. Although I'm going to have to do something about his temper.