How would it Change my Life

Alright so I was watching YouTube videos and I came across a video called 15 and Pregnant, My Story. Okay I usually avoid those videos, I think they are annoying attention seeking brats…But after watching this girls' video, my view changed.

This doesn't mean I want to get pregnant while I'm still in high school; I want to wait for that moment. But the girl didn't plan on getting pregnant, but it happened and by being pregnant it sort of saved her, gave her a new lease on life so to speak.

But this whole thing made me wonder…How would something like having a child in high school change my life or anyone's life? I mean your life would change over one little pregnancy test. You would have to think how this would affect your education, affect how you lived, your entire world would be flipped upside down.

But even if you didn't mean to get pregnant, would you regret it? I know I wouldn't regret it, I would understand I made a stupid decision and I would have to live with it. But would I regret it? No I would not, I would be happy that I have a child to take care of, to teach, to love.

Now some girls are idiots, only fifteen or even thirteen and trying to get pregnant, not an accident, they are actually trying to get pregnant. I don't think they realize how much effort taking care of a baby takes.

Don't get me wrong I want a baby, I want to have one so bad, but I won't be stupid, I will wait till both me and my boyfriend are ready for one.

Okay I know this was really stupid, but I felt like ranting for a little bit, but a little note, always use protection, and don't be stupid. Sometimes condoms don't work, but it's better than nothing, right?

But give me your input on this subject, I want to know what you guys think, go watch some of the YouTube videos on this, oh and no hate reviews, I will delete them. This is me just ranting and asking for your opinions on this subject.

Peace out ;)

Love Dani