One shot Ithiell. My favorite character!


My fingers raced across the controls, trying to figure out where those sneaky little bastards had gone. Behind the moon? An asteroid field? I couldn't tell.

All I knew was I had to get myself moving before I got shot at.

My engines fired, almost sending me back into the headboard, but I held onto the helm, turning my fighter towards where I had seen the blue lights of their engines shoot off. All around me, the bigger ships were firing mercilessly at each other.

I scanned the chaos around me, arming my weapons, knowing the bigger ships would pay me no mind as I weaved between them all, almost getting caught by an explosion which I should have been watching out for.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are" I mumbled under my breath, flicking my tail, eager for this fight. Below me, the Aerionna glowed brightly, fighting with some kind of monstrous black mace of a ship.

Good and evil-


I ducked instinctively, my fingers on the controls following my movements as a blast just missed me.


I moved, watching as one of them made a break for the blue and green planet that was earth.

"Thrusters full power!"

I exploded after them, my heart in my throat, knowing I had to catch the little Terinan bastard before he got into the atmosphere-


I felt my fighter slam into something, bouncing off it and spinning wildly. I skidded left, fighting to keep upright, managing to get my ship moving again, seeing I had hit the other Ternian fighter, who had come out of no where.

"System report!" I barked, my fingers flying over the controls and taking a wild shot, grazing the underbelly of the ship.

"Slight damage to the outer hull" Came the dull response.

"I need a partner" I muttered to myself, getting upright and managing to point back at the planet, the other fighter going full throttle.



The other fighter was attacking.

"Shields full power, divert the rest to the damn engines!" I snapped, slamming my tail on the floor. They planned this all along.

And I wasn't going to go down without a fight!


Dodge left!


Dodge right!


I groaned, pulling at the controls, managing a barrel roll as I headed for the planet, almost in firing distance of the other fighter. One at a time...


I jerked forward, feeling an explosion on the right side of my ship. Dammit!

"Left engine has been destroyed" Droned the voice in my ears.

"No shit!" I growled, feeling my control slowly start to shift to the left, trying hard to keep it steady. I had really learnt alot of bad words from the humans...

"Terinan ship in range"


With one hand I was trying to keep my fighter flying straight, the other aiming to get a shot.

Closer... closer...


Another shot barely missed me from behind, but I had all eyes focused on my target now. Just a little more to the left... keep her right there...


A brilliant blue light shot from my fighter, and a strange sound escaped my throat as I saw the explosion from the ship in front of me. I'd hit their left engine!


Another near miss from the fighter behind me, but I was amazed to see that the first explosion seem to rocket through the fighter, making the entire ship explode in a brilliant white light.

"Yes!" I yelled, feeling the next shot from the one behind me graze my already damaged engine, another explosion going off.


"Shut up!" I slammed my hand down on the console, then felt a horrible jolt. I knew that jolt...


I had been pulled into the earths atmosphere! And with one engine, I didn't know how I would manage to survive.


"All right, thats it! No more mister nice guy!" I snapped, using my thrusters to slowly turn my fighter around, so I was falling with the face of my ship turned towards the stars.

And the second Terinan ship.

It took another shot, but it missed me by a mile. It was then that I realised the other ship had been pulled into the atmosphere as well. It was kicking all its thrusters into reverse to try and stop-


Right engine exploded, and I saw it start to fall towards the earth, just like I was doing.

A cheeky shot yes, but it worked. Unfortunately it didn't explode in a blaze like the last fighter.

Behind it, all I could see were the blinding lights of the battle ships firing crazily at each other. Red and blue lights laced the sky, explosions making it even more impressive.

But right now my goal was keeping alive.


I ducked, the console to the right me exploding into flames, slamming my hands on the helm in front of me and firing back blindly.

I watched as the other ship seemed to be spun around, then to my complete shock and amazement, the second ship exploded in a brilliant light.

Before I could celebrate my victory, alarms started sounding on my ship, and I turned on the voice communication. I was going to need lightning responses if I was going to survive this.

"Right engine failing" Came the droning voice.

"Great" I muttered, my fingers flying across the consoles, trying to restart the right engine. It was the only way I was going to survive this.

I ducked as another explosion went off behind me, my ship starting to fall apart from the pull of the earths gravity.



"Take power from life support, leave minimal, 20 percent into shields, the rest into restarting the engine"

"Command confirmed"

I started to work on the consoles above me, pulling down the levers, feeling the ship start to respond.

"Planet's surface is-"

"I know!" I snapped, even though I knew I wasn't going to get a response, finally pulling down the last lever with alot of difficulty.



I slammed it back, then pumped it back and forth, seeing the earths atmosphere starting to loom up in my instruments.

"Come on come on come on!"

"Right engine-"

I didn't have to hear the voice to know the engine had exploded back into life, and I pulled back on the lever, straining for every bit of power I could get from this one last engine, the trees shooting by in a blur beneath me.

"No no no no no no!"I cried, realising what was going to happen.

I fell forward, knocking the wind out of me as I finally hit the treeline, flying backwards and hitting the hull hard.


The trees where flattened as my ships momentum snapping them like twigs, before the weight hit the ground hard, sliding along.

I fought to get back to the console of my ship, hoping to at least stop it before-

I managed to climb back up, seeing something I didn't want to see outside my shattered windscreen.

"Oh FUU-"

I screamed blue murder as my ship started to tumble off the cliff.