October awoke to find herself on a sumptuous bed in a very luxiourious room. She sat up slowly, trying to take in what had happened as her fingers scrunched the fine silk sheets. That man. That man had kidnapped her and yet, the residence she know found herself in was surely far too luxiourious for a place to be kidnapped too. The Scotswoman rubbed her swollen abdomen, feeling nauseous. Violet! But what had happened to Violet? Octobers mind raced, and she told herself she had to free herself and find her husband, anybody, and let them know what had happened. A woman's voice cut through her thoughts. mrs Rain spun round to see a woman of her own age with a slender figure stood in the doorway. The woman was dressed in a fine dress of emerald green silk, her long red brown locks loose and green eyes piercing. The woman smiled a melancholy smile, a smile that suggested she had better places to be. Her skin was tanned and she was quite the exotic beauty. The woman held a dagger in her hand, admiring the blade.

"What a beautiful blade. Yours , I take it?" The woman in green asked, her crisp English accent only slightly tinted with her Spanish one when she pronounced her 'r's.

"Aye, it is. A gift from Daddy when I left the highlands for this city. He told me I would encounter all sorts of people in London and I never believed him until now. It is to protect myself with." October replied always keeping her eyes on the Spanish beauty. "My husband will come for me. I know he will."

The Spanish woman laughed, said something in her native language before she pulled up the skirts of her dress to reveal a slim bale tucked into her stockings. "We are quite similar, Mrs Rain. I also carry such a blade." She walked over to the bed and returned October's blade. "Family is a precious thing, and you should always treasure what reminds you of them." Her fingers brushed the small silver crucifix she wore around her neck.

October sensed that the woman stood before her did not want to be here, doing this, and that she too in a way was being kept beyond her will. Another wave of nausea overcame the scots woman , and this time she could not stop herself as she stumbled to the wash basin and threw up in it. The Spanish woman turned to look at her, genuine concern in her eyes. October crumpled to her knees, breathing hard and clutching her stomach tight.

"Are you well?" The woman in green asked, dropping her cool facade as she fell to her knees beside October.

October looked up at her trembling, and saw that this woman was genuinely concern for her well being and the glimmer of good in her emerald green eyes. "I'm pregnant; four months now."

"Tu es embarazada?" The Spanish beauty asked as she guided October back to the bed. Her eyes widened and her voice was now barely a whisper. "You're pregnant? Oh, forgive me please! I had not wanted a hand in this god awful business anyway, had not wanted to take you, and yet my associate made me! Forgive me please, this is not something I chose to have a part in."

Mrs Rain took her hand and smiled her warm smile. "I know. I knew from the moment I saw you; you have a good heart."

"Please excuse me." The Spanish woman took the wash basin with her on the way out and as she shut the door October heard her shout in rapid angry Spanish to her associate.

"Smithy! hijo de puta! que está embarazada! embarazada! Juro por Dios que si me da mis manos sobre ti te pondré dos metros bajo tierra!"


Frau Kirsa Davenport, formerly Frau Kirsa O'Keefe and before that Fräulein Kirsa Von Reinhardt, walked happily towards her daughter in laws residence with her arm through her husbands and the other hand holding her daughter's. She smiled at her husband, and he smiled back at her before pushing his spectacles back up his nose. Kirsa loved him dearly, it had been he who had helped her realise that she could not stay in such an abusive, bad marriage to her first husband, the man who's name and Irish looks all three of her sons held. It had been her dear doctor who had finally secured the divorce for her and freed the opera singer from the life of self destruction she had been living. That had been eight years ago, and her daughter was the result of their new found happiness. She knew that despite her husband being only the step father of her three sons, but knew that he loved them as his own and was incredibly proud that her eldest Dietrich was a police constable and that he was getting married. So here she was on her way to have afternoon tea with her daughter inlaw as they always did every Tuesday and her husband had decided to come too as he had no patients for the afternoon. Frau Davenport knocked lightly on the door before letting herself in. She was surprised to find the smashed crockery and spilt tea on the tiles in the hallway and the splintered door frame. She let go of her daughter's hand and walked cautiously into the house.

"Violett? It's Kirsa...I've come for tea...Violett?" Kirsa called out. Her husband had made his way to the kitchen to look there and her daughter up the stairs.

"Mutti! Mutti, er ist Violett!" Her daughter cried out from the landing. " she's hurt, Mutti!"

Kirsa Davenport raced up the stairs, her skirts billowing out behind her. She found her daughter in law uncouncious on the floor of the landing, a large crimson stain on the sleeve of her shirt and soaked into the carpet. By her left hand was a revolver. Frau Davenport removed her shawl and pressed it tightly against Violet's arm.

"Brian! Up here! Quick, liebling, she's bleeding!" Kirsa shouted to her husband who sped up the stairs and immediately dropped by to his knees already in calm doctor mode. The good doctor turned to his daughter and took her little hand.

"Liesl, my sweet, go to the station house and see if you can get hold of your brother or Detective Rain and fetch Daddy's bag too. Then I want you to come straight back here, do you understand?"

"Yes Papa." Liesl gave her father a kiss to his cheek. Her father placed some coins in her hand.

"I want you to take a cab it's the quickest and safest for you. Now go, there's a good girl."

Liesl nodded and ran down the stairs and out onto the street. It did not take the eight year old long to find a cab which she instructed to go to her house and then to the station house. The cab driver asked if she was a little young to be taking a cab on her own, and Liesl shook her head smiling politely that her biggest brother was a boxer and a policeman and had shown her a few moves for when the boys in her street picked on her. The cabby nodded and the journey to her house was a short on by cab, but to the little girl it felt like forever. She couldn't stop thinking about Violet. She really liked Violet, the older girl had been teaching her ballet for a while now so she could get into a prestigious school and also on the side when her Mutti and papa weren't around a few martial arts moves that added to the right hooks her brother had shown her. Liesl twiddled her thumbs, hoping the older girl was ok, she was meant to be taking Liesl to buy her a pair of ballet shoes from the same place she had got hers and she couldn't go if she was unwell. The little German girl was so lost in her thoughts that she barely noticed the carriage had stopped outside her house and that the cabby had told her they were here. Liesl took his hand as she climbed out of the carriage and told him to wait here, she wouldn't be long, and shoved the rest of the coins her PaPa had given her into his gloved hands. When she came out of her house carrying her father's bag, the cab driver scurried over to take it from her and help her back in the cab and she was quickly on her way again. Liesl thanked the man again and he smiled and tipped is hat to her before she burst into the station house carrying her fathers bag in her arms.

"Dietrich? Please, I'm looking for my brother Dietrich! Is he here?" She asked every constable she passed, but they all looked at her blankly. Wait... Nobody called him by his Christian name here, they all used his nickname given to him because he looked far too Irish to be half German or have a German name. "Please, I'm looking for my biggest brother! I'm looking for Trevor, he's very cockney and ginger! Is he here?"

Finally the Sargent at the desk looked over at her and took pity. He called her over and told her to take a seat, he knew exactly where her brother was. A few moments later, her brother emerged with a half drunk mug of tea in one hand and a barely smoked cigarette in the other. He walked over to her and Liesl threw herself at him, crying into his uniform.

"Liesl, girl, what's the matter? Why you crying, darling? Is it them boys again?" Dietrich asked, kissing her blonde hair.

"Nein, Nein. Papa sent me to find you! It's urgent!" Liesl burst out. "You must come quick! Hurry, Dietrich!"

"Father sent you? What's happened? Is it Mutti? Freddie or Casper?" Her biggest brother gulped as she shook her head. That only left one person. "Is it Vi? Is she unwell?"

"Ja, Dietrich! She's been hurt! There was so much blood everywhere! I heard Papa tell Mutti she's been shot!"

Liesl was told by her brother to wait there a moment whilst he went to get his superior, Violet's brother. She saw the two men exchange words through the glass window of his office and saw the blonde detective grab his hat and coat and hurriedly put them on. Her brother scooped her up into his arms and Detective Rain picked up her Papa's bag before they ran all the way to Violet's house. Liesl held on tight to her brother and only hoped they weren't too late.