AN: So this was just something that I found when I was looking through my old flashdrives. I wrote this Sophomore year in my creative writing class and I read through it and fixed it up a bit and decided to post it The title's pretty lame because I literally just came up with that like two seconds ago. So yeah, I guess that's pretty much it.

Friends Are Always There


Lauren: 18, Senior in high school, volleyball,

Taylor: 17, Senior in high school, Lauren's friend, was on the dance team

Michael: 17, Taylor's twin brother, football team

Kevin: 17, Senior in high school, Michael's friend, basketball

Destiny: 16, Junior, hates Taylor,


Scene 1

(Michael and Taylor enter. Michael is frustrated with Taylor. Taylor is annoyed that he won't leave her alone.)

Michael: What is going on with you lately?

Taylor: I don't know what you're talking about.

Michael: (aggravated) Well, you should know. It is you I'm talking about… It's like I don't know who you are anymore, and you're my sister. That's kind of a bad thing.

Taylor: (sits in the chair) I'm the same person I've always been, Michael.

Michael: You're acting different.

Taylor: No, I'm not.

Michael: (Frustrated) Yes, you are…Your mood's changed. You even quit the dance team. Why? What's up with that?

Taylor: Am I not allowed to quit something?

Michael: You loved dancing

Taylor: Yeah Michael, loved, as in past tense. It was a waste and I got tired of it, so I quit. Is that a problem?

Michael: But all of a sudden? (Concerned) I'm worried about you.

Taylor: Well, don't be. I'm fine. Absolutely fine. I don't need you worry about me. I can take care of myself and my own business.

(Awkward silence)

(Phone rings)

Taylor: That's (mumbles) I promised to meet her. I've got to go. (Stands up) I don't need you worrying. Honestly, I'm fine. (Walks off stage as the lights fade out)


Scene 2

(Michael is sitting at the table. Kevin and Lauren walk in)

Kevin: So what did you want to talk about?

Michael: Taylor

Lauren: What about her?

Michael: You're her friend Lauren.

Lauren: (Sarcastic) Well, of course. Thanks for stating the obvious there. I'm pretty sure all of us here know that.

Kevin: Classic Lauren.

Michael: Seriously though…She must tell you mostly everything. Right?

Lauren: Sure, I mean, there are probably some things that she leaves out, but overall, I'm sure she does.

Kevin: What is this about?

Michael: I'm just worried about her.

Kevin (confused) why?

Michael: She's acting different.

Kevin: (Still confused) so?

Lauren: Is there something going on with her?

Michael: She hasn't mentioned anything to you?

Lauren: Not like anything specific, no…Why?

Michael: Well, we know that she quit the dance team.

Kevin: That's what you're going with? Just because she quit a team, you're assuming that there is something going on with her.

Lauren: She did absolutely love dancing, intensely. She put her heart and soul into. It was like she was obsessed with it.

Kevin: (confused) And that's a big deal?

Michael: Kev, don't hurt yourself…Just don't.

Kevin: Wait, does this have anything to do with Destiny?

Michael: I hadn't really thought about it. It might, she does hate Taylor.

Lauren: I'll talk to her and see what's up. If she'll tell me anything. (Leaves)

Kevin: What now?

Michael: We wait. (Walks off stage, Kevin slowly follow him)


Scene 3

(Taylor enters. Destiny behind her. Destiny is aggravated. Taylor is annoyed and ticked off.)

Taylor: I so don't want to deal with this now.

Destiny: I don't really care. We're going to deal with this now. It's your fault anyway.

Taylor: (Snaps around) Oh, really?

Destiny: Yes, really. Obviously, you're the reason that it all happened.

Taylor: No, I think that it was your boyfriends fault. After all, this is centered on him.

Destiny: It wouldn't have been, if it weren't for you. Acting all needy and desperate and worming your way into his life, not to mention his—

Taylor: Don't even start with blaming the whole thing on me. Do you think I'm happy about it? (No response) Well, I'm not. What happened happened and none of us can change it. So why don't you just deal with it.

Destiny: I will not deal with it because it never would have happened if it weren't for you. You've been trying to get into his friends circle ever since middle school.

Taylor: Is it wrong to be friends with someone?

Destiny: It is when you do what you did, with my boyfriend.

Taylor: If I remember right, he dumped you. Get over it. You don't own him; he can do what he likes and if you don't like it, oh well.

Destiny: You really are a terrible person.

Taylor: Oh, am I? I don't think I'm the one making such a big deal about being dumped and is taking it out on the other girl.

Destiny: Because it's your fault. If you hadn't been messing around, it never would have happened and then he wouldn't have felt liked he owed it to you to start going with you.

Taylor: I didn't tell him he had to, if that's what you think. I honestly didn't care if he did or didn't. I don't really need him in my life; I would have had enough support from my family and friends. I didn't need him. He just did what he thought was best and I guess it was this.

Destiny: Whatever. You still caused it.

Taylor: Whatever. I don't have to deal with this. I'll see you whenever. Hopefully, not anything soon. (Walks off stage and the lights fade)


Scene 4

(Lauren is sitting at the chair. Trying to get a hold of Taylor.)

Lauren: (punching numbers in on her phone)


Lauren: (Looks up) There you are

Taylor: You wanted to talk to me?

Lauren: What's going on with you?

Taylor: Has Michael talked you into this?

Lauren: Mostly, but I am concerned about you. Seriously, I am

Taylor: Well, don't be.

Lauren: (Stands up and walks over to her) I'm not going to just stop being concerned, Taylor….Does this have anything to do with Destiny and what happened with her and Ryan?

Taylor: (Doesn't know what to say) Um….I…um, no.

Lauren: You sure about that?

Taylor: Yeah

Lauren: Well, I'm not.

Taylor: You don't think it was because of me, do you?

Lauren: Kind of. Well, look at the facts…She was all peppy and all that crap and then all of a sudden, Ryan has stopped talking to her and she's always giving you death glares and well, hates you.

Taylor: That's her problem.

Lauren: No, I think it's yours, too


Taylor: What do you want from me?

Lauren: The truth.

Taylor: Let's find Michael and Kevin. I don't want to have to repeat it more than once.

Lauren: Ok, (Walks off stage, Taylor follows, as the lights fade)


Scene 5

(Michael, Kevin, Taylor and Lauren are all sitting at the table)

Michael: Well, what's going on?

Taylor: You must know most of it.

Lauren: Something to do with Ryan and Destiny.

Kevin: Wait, Who's Ryan.

Taylor: Destiny's boyfriend—well, ex-boyfriend

Michael: What's going on?

Taylor: Well, she blames me for him dumping her, because he started hanging out with me all of a sudden, she thinks I'm the cause of it.

Lauren: Wait, you're not, well— (eyes widen) are you?

Kevin: Not what!

Michael: Tay?

Taylor: It's not like I planned it or anything or what happened.

Michael: So that's why Ryan broke up with Destiny and starting talking to you a lot more. Because of the kid?

Kevin: Wait, you're pregnant.

Lauren: (sarcastic) No, the Easter bunny is.

Kevin: (Sarcastic) Very funny

Michael: Well, that's a good thing. That he's stepping up.

Taylor: That's why she hates me.

Lauren: Because he's stepping up and wanting to actually be a dad.

Taylor: Basically.

Lauren: Do you want me to deal with her.

Michael: Lauren!

Lauren: (Shrugs) Well, no one likes her.

Kevin: Moving on….

Lauren: You know we'll be there for you.

Taylor: I know

(Lights fade to black as the curtain falls)