Nonconformity; think about it. Break it down into parts. Non meaning not, comform meaning to be or become similar. So actually to be a nonconformist isn't only refusing to conform to a group, attitude, or an idea it's actually being who you are. Strange isn't it? One simple word that can mean so many different things but they are all sending the same message. The message is, "If you try to be everyone except yourself you just might succeed but you also won't be happy." Let me explain the reasoning behind the message.

For starters, if I have to be like everybody else to be accepted then I'd rather be denied any time! Whose brilliant idea was it that it's "cool" for everyone to act exactly the same? Their slogan should read "Why be yourself? Be everyone else!" For people to give up who they really are just so they can "fit in" with a particular group doesn't make any sense. If that group won't let them in because of who they are why would the person think that they'd enjoy being in that group? They'd have to conform to someone elses ideas and opinions and then supress all of their own. I don't understand how some people call that "having a good time", but if they want to destroy their own unique personality to replace it with someone else's only to regret doing so later on than who am I to stop them?!

Now, nonconformity can be explained many different ways with many different long and confusing words but the basic principle is being different. Of course, it doesn't mean for a person to go out of their way to be different, but for that person to just be himself and not try to be what everyone else is or wants him to be. For example, if all of Jordan's friends like art better than skateboarding but Jordan doesn't, then he should do what he likes best. Which means drop the pottery, grab your board, and start showing everyone where your passion lies. Another example is if a group of girls from school are going out to a party where "everyone who's anyone" is going to be there but Mari would rather stay home and read a good book, then Mari should curl up on her bed, start reading, and stop worrying what everyone else thinks.

If I wanted to compare what conformity does to a person's psychy I'd probably use clothes as my comparison object. Let's say that a certain fashion, we'll say a shirt, was "in" during a certain time period but a few years later it's not. So someone takes the shirt and updates it to the new style and then some years later the process is repeated and so on and so forth until the shirt's been changed so much that no one can tell what it origionally was. Now take this exact same process and switch the shirt with someone's personality, and violla! You've created someone who doesn't know who they are because they spend all their time trying to "fit in" with everybody else and not taking the time to find someone that "fits in" with them.

So in conclusion, I must restate the fact that no matter what people say, it is okay to be different but most importantly it is okay for people to be themselves. If someone tries to hide who they are, who they truly are, then that person will eventually forget their true nature and turn into nothing more than a robot programmed to follow someone else's way of living. So don't forget who you are. Live as you are and be as you are meant to be. Don't give in to the pressures of the world. Shine bright and colorful. Let the world know just what it is trying to hide.

I wrote this for my graduation speech. It was a little different for the actual ceremony because I gave credit to the school. I hope you all have liked this new addition to my 'collection'. I'm working on a new story and hopefully the first chapter will be uploaded soon. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed this.