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CHARACTER LIST [more to be added] ~

Ylva [protagonist]

Einarr [cursed prince]


Gudfrid [Ylva's brother]

Vivienne [sorceress]



She was human. He was part-wolf. The blood of a wolf ran through his veins and nothing could change that. No matter how much he wanted it to, it wouldn't change completely. He watched her from a distance as he was a wolf by day. He could only be human by night. It was a part of his curse. He had not aged for over five hundred years because of it. He was forever young until the curse would be lifted. Immortality was an abomination, not a blessing and Einarr had come to realize this over time. Over the several centuries of his curse, Einarr had met too many people who would rather destroy him than liberate him. Somehow, he knew that this girl would be the one to set him free. Einarr watched the girl as she ran with her sisters in the meadow by the stream. He did not know her name yet but he would one day.

Even being hidden in the shrubs of the trees and moss, he could see her beauty. Her golden hair fell past her shoulders in waves. She had bright blue eyes, like the crystal clear lake beyond the forest and near the mountains. The girl was slightly taller than her sisters and slender. Einarr loved the way she laughed and smiled. It was contagious. And if he would have been human, he would have smiled. She turned her gaze towards the forest. Her sisters stopped laughing and looked over as well. He could see them speaking to one another but he knew nothing of what they were saying. They all began to walk away, turning their backs to the forest and disappearing into the long, thick blades of field grass.

Einarr sighed and lifted his nose into the air. There was a forest animal nearby and it would become his lunch. His paws padded quietly across the forest floor. Einarr crept over twigs, leaves and tree roots that stuck up over the ground. He despised this desolate forest. He had been here for over a month, watching the human girl and her sisters by the river. Einarr was keeping an attentive eye on her, observing her. Doubts wavered through him. What if she was not the one to break his spell? No. He could not think like that. He had waited long enough for this.

His pace picked up into a light trot as the wolf hunted for his lunch. Einarr managed to snare two rabbits and a squirrel. It was hardly filling but it would satisfy for now. The wolf had hoped to hunt for something far larger like a wild boar or an elk. But, the humans that lived in the town not far from the forest hunted everything. Once he had finished eating, Einarr got up off the forest floor, the fur on his stomach damp from the moist ground and moss. He listened as the wind gently whispered through the leaves.

Einarr continued his journey further north. If he continued his quickened pace, he would reach the foot of the mountains by nightfall. He needed to hurry. Einarr could not be seen transforming into a human by night. He didn't want to risk it. The last time anyone saw him transform from wolf to human, it ended badly. Even though it happened a little over a century ago, it was still fresh in Einarr's memories. It had been in a quaint village, much like the one near the borders of this forest. There had been a girl there and her brother. The girl, Ebba, had been said to be the girl in the prophecy. How wrong he was. Ebba had only done harm in exposing his true nature. The villagers tried slaying him but to no avail. The wolf in him refused to be killed. Once the villagers realized this curse, they went mad with rage. He sighed just thinking about it. Why had he been so thick? To clear his thoughts, Einarr broke into a swift run; easily dodging everything in his path. If this girl he witnessed earlier today was the one to set him free, she would have to prove herself. She would have to destroy the sorceress who cursed the prince. Find the golden arrow. Pierce the heart. Free the prince. That is how the prophecy went. Einarr would not forget it. Once the savior had been awoken, so would be the sorceress who cursed the prince.

Several hours had gone by when Einarr arrived at a cave near the foot of the mountains. In the west, the sky was a dark orange, yellow and red. The last rays of sunlight seeped through the leaves and trees of the forest. Soon, the light would be engulfed by darkness. The dark indigo sky would be covered with billions of little stars and the half moon. Einarr would become human in the caves. As he hid himself, he felt his bones pulling and stretching. The change was a pain to him — his muscles and human body ached from the transition. It was not pleasant but the only thing keeping him sane was the fact that one day he would be liberated. Even if it had been only a small chance of hope, Einarr still believed. Einarr cried out in pain as his bones snapped into place. He lay on the ground, gasping for breath and shivering from the slight chill. Once the pain left him, Einarr stood up and wrapped a robe made from animal hide around him and made a fire. He sat down beside the fire, constantly seeing the girl from the field in his thoughts. Einarr smiled as he threw a twig into the fire pit. Find the golden arrow. Pierce the heart. Free the prince. You must set me free.