Witness A Downfall (A Sestina)

There is a certain kind of sadness

I have seen in myself and others,

The confusion of bitter minds,

The fear of drowning in the shallows.

I cannot possibly throw out

The feeling of not knowing my own bones.


Have you heard that bones

were made to be broken? The sadness

Of being completely without

risk, without damage, is other-

wise known as the shallowness

Of dissolving minds.


I wonder, do you mind,

if the future cannot be seen with bones,

will the heart of a girl as shallow

as I be able to predict the way out of your sadness?

I wonder, has there been others?

I wonder, am I the only one you can do without?


I have seen you sit, out

By the ocean, trying to quiet your mind

and listen to the words of others,

the toys made of flesh and bone.

Oh, they don't understand that you try to drown your sadness

In the crashing waves, in the ocean shallows.


I'm not calling you shallow,

I'm calling you out.

I'm calling you selfish. Can't you see past your sadness?

You have to mind

Our brittle bones

For we have no others.


There is no other

option for me, except to lie in the shallows

and think on the bones

I have exposed, dug out

Of your shattered mind.

I do not feel your sadness.


There was no other way out

of the shallows. You lost your mind

Following the bones, and lost yourself in the sadness within them.