Chapter 1 PT1

The patient slowly woke from his peaceful slumber, dreams slipping away into the recesses of his mind. He opened his eyes, only to be struck by a blinding light from above. His eyes instinctively shut and he cringed as the memory of the light seared its way through his eyelids before fading to nothing. It was with caution that he opened his eyes next, and to his great relief the light had faded to a tolerable level. He sluggishly turned his head to try and make out his surroundings. It looked like he was in an operating room, with the silver clean walls and floors. The table with surgical tools was the biggest giveaway to the purpose of this place, but this just served to fill him with even more confusion. Why was he in a hospital? Surely that detail wouldn't have been forgotten by a bit of sleep.

He tried sitting up but felt resistance around his arms and legs. To his horror he saw straps around his limbs holding him to the table, along with a gag in his mouth. Someone dressed in surgical attire entered his field of vision. He tried to ask them what was going on, but thanks to the gag all that came out were muffled. The surgeon reached a hand into his pocket and removed a small grey device. He pushed a button on its head, and spoke into it.

"Patient 39 displays symptoms of infection. Estimated time until first transformation," He paused to look at his watch, "Three and a half hours."

The patient's eyes widened in fear as the surgeon delicately lifted a scalpel from the side table and ran his finger along the edge. "Making first incision now. Patient has woken earlier than predicted, but chances of the change being triggered are slim." The surgeon put the recording device down with the other surgical tools, and the patient's panic reached whole new levels as he spied a saw amongst the surgical instruments. The surgeon moved over to him and brought the scalpel down to make the first cut. As the man's eyes helplessly followed the blade, every second stretched into eternity and he desperately began trying to get loose. He thrashed at his bonds and writhed on the table, screaming as best he could against the gag. This didn't stop the scalpel from piercing his flesh at his sternum and slowly tracing a line down to his belly. His contortions suddenly became even more frenzied as the excruciating pain filled his mind, spurred on by the sight of his blood slowly leaving his body. It came as a mercy when he blacked out.

When the vivisection was complete, the man was dead without any shadow of a doubt. His rib cage was propped open and his organs had been removed, now placed in containers. The surgeon was once again speaking into the device, only now his apron was stained with blood, and the gloves had been thrown into a wastebasket.

"Examination completed 15 minutes early, despite initial difficulties. Subject showed all the usual markers of infection and this was confirmed." He said before turning off the recorder, placing it in his pocket and leaving the room. The bloodstained apron was handed an orderly who was on their way in to deal with the clean-up. In minutes the captive man's corpse would be wheeled away and forgotten about. There was always more work to be done.