The Winter Woman

By Grayson Boren

There once was a grove that was covered in snow

'Neath the twinkling stars above

Where a brideless groom cried out to the moon

"What does it mean to be loved?"

He screamed and he riled like a blinded young child

And begged to the drifting snow

To look at his heart, at what set him apart

Just to see if love could grow

The moon and stars observed all the scars

That poisoned his guiltless young soul

And the tears on his face, that where frozen in place

Burned him like fiery coals

So the winter decided, its time it united

To answer this grieving boy's prayer

Then the moonbeams and ice, did something quite nice

They met up together with care

And a feminine form from the snowflakes was born

In a dress that was sewn from the frost

Her skin glimmered white as he held her in sight

And discovered the spark he had lost

Then she glided in the mist where he'd shaken his fist

And crystals did crown her fair head

Her eyes were like dew with a beautiful hue

And with voice like the raindrops she said

"I've looked at your past seen the wounds you've amassed

And I've come to take them with me

All the hurt and the pain washed away with the rain

I've come to set your heart free"

Then she pressed her pale lips like a lunar eclipse

Against his without hint of a sin

She drew out the ache and lingering heartbreak

And the darkness began staining her skin

Upon seeing the black he kissed her right back

Retrieving his sorrow and woe

She looked so surprised that he smiled and sighed

His face was quite simply aglow

He cradled her face with a tender embrace

And stroked her cheek with his thumb

Thank you my dear for coming down here

From whichever bright heaven you're from

For reminding me the reason why I went through that season

To experience the moments like this

As the sun starts to rise and she closes her eyes

She leans into one final kiss

As she melted away in the light of the day

A smile played 'cross her face

And she was forever glad that the this brideless groom had

Found the thing that he, had misplaced