Disclaimer: For one of my classes I was told to advertise a product for T.V. The teacher would not explain more, and I had NO idea what she meant, so this is what resulted. Just picture all those cheesy "bye me!" commercials and you may appriciate it. Enjoy!

Are you sick and tired of having to get up every five seconds to change the channel or adjust the volume? Then may I introduce to you the new, improved, shiny, plastic remote! It changes channels at the speed of light! Go from no sound to full stero in under three seconds! Yes, it's amazing, it's death defying, it's only NINETEEN NINETY-FIVE! That's right, call now and you will receive your brand new, slightly-used, plastic remote for only $19.95!! But, if you call in the next five minutes, we'll send you another remote AND BATTARIES free of charge! That's a fifty dollor value for only **$19.95!!!!** So pick up that phone and dial 1-800-A-REMOTE. That's 1-800-A-REMOTE. Sorry, no COD's.

End. Scary, wazn't it? If you're to horrified to review, I understand.